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The 10 Commitments Of An Agile Leader

Agile has become more than just a buzzword in our complex world. Agility is a mindset, a skillset, a culture, and a driving force behind successful, flexible, and responsive organisations. The Agile Leader's commitment goes beyond mere lip service to the Agile Manifesto. In the Agile world, this couldn't be truer.

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From Servant Leadership to Shared Leadership

Leading Answers

This is part one in a series on leading agile teams from the Beyond Agile book. We will examine what leadership entails and how it applies to agile teams. Then discuss the transition from servant leadership to shared leadership.   EQ as a Foundation for Leadership.


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How the 12 principles in the Agile Manifesto work in real life

Agile is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of frameworks and approaches to value delivery in complex environments. The word agile came into widespread use following the creation of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. The Agile Manifesto includes four values and 12 principles that describe a better way to approach complex work.

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Improving Private Equity Outcomes using Agility / Evidence-based Operating Systems

In this article, I’ll explore the need for and the attributes of an agile business operating system related to Private Equity (PE) portfolio companies. Dealing with common business challenges through agility. Business/Organizational Agility - The New Business Operating System.

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Agile Negotiations — Life Is a Negotiation; Why Would Scrum Be Different?

So let’s have a look at some typical agile negotiation scenarios. ?? Zur deutschsprachigen Version des Artikels: Agile Verhandlungen – Das Leben ist Verhandlungssache; warum sollte Scrum anders sein? ? You can sign up here for the ‘Food for Agile Thought’ newsletter and join 46,000-plus subscribers.

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Current State and Future Prospects of Scrum and Agile Development in Japan

Since I became a Professional Scrum Trainer in November, I have been asked a lot about the current state, and the future perspectives, for Scrum and agile development in Japan, where I’ve worked for the last six years. Yet, Scrum and the principles of agile development are not as common in Japan as they are in other parts of the world.

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Professional Agile Leadership Certification Course - An Audio Experience Report

after he has participated in one of my recent Professional Agile Leadership (PAL-E) certification courses in Munich Germany. In this episode we spoke about the value of the exercises in the course and the facilitated group work. More importantly we connected the facilitation techniques to the leadership role. Listen here.

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