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Starting a PMO


PMI describes the Project Management Office (PMO) as a strategic driver for organizational excellence. The PMO seeks to enhance the practices of execution management, organizational governance, and strategic change leadership. Company A might not have a PMO, company B could have a PMO where the project managers (PMs) do not report to the PMO, and Company C could have a mature PMO where the PMs report to the PMO. Beginning a PMO.

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Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

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The PMI has titled its 2018 Pulse of the Profession report: Success in Disruptive Times. You can download your copy of Success in Disruptive Times from the PMI’s website. The PMI’s Annual Project Management Survey: The Pulse of the Profession. Our regular readers will know that, for the last two years, we have extracted the marrow from the bones of the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession survey. Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016.

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Webinar Recap: Want To Be A PMI-ACP? The Primary Steps to Take


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Satya Narayan Dash’s session, Want To Be A PMI-ACP? If you want to be a PMI-ACP, here are the primary steps to take. Today’s session is eligible for one PMI-PDU and the technical category.

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Become an Adaptive PMO: Advance Agility Across Planning and Delivery


The answer may not surprise you: “Organizational agility.” The Project Management Institute (PMI) asked this question for the first time ever for its 2020 Pulse of the Profession ® report, knowing that organizations are rewiring to innovate and deliver competitive products and services quickly. Success requires becoming a more “Adaptive PMO,” evolving how you plan, govern, and empower delivery teams to do their best work. Organizations increase agility on a continuum.

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How Do You Prioritize Your Work as a Savvy PMO?


First, let’s acknowledge that it’s not easy to establish an effective prioritization process when your PMO and teams are in high demand. In fact, according to PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession report , while 87 percent of PMO directors characterize such processes as “very important” or “essential,” only 12 percent state that they are already “excellent” at prioritizing initiatives. [1]. Just enough governance involving the right people, timing, criteria, and methods.

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Action! Four Ways to Build a Customer-Obsessed PMO


Get rolling on a new maturity plotline for your PMO, with four competencies that script a strategic change. Fall movie season is upon us and like your favorite new flick, your PMO might be undergoing a plot-twist as the year wraps up. Hopefully you don’t turn your PMO into a horror movie along the way, but you might be able to create a thrilling ride as you focus on customer outcomes and prepare for the changes ahead. Governance.

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Webinar recap: Agile Project Management with Microsoft Teams and Planner


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Dux Raymond Sy’s Agile Project Management with Microsoft Teams and Planner webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Agile Project Management with Microsoft Teams and Planner. Today’s session is eligible for 1 PMI PDU in the technical category. Dux is the CMO of AvePoint of Global Microsoft 365 partner that helps organizations migrate, govern, and protect their data in Microsoft 365.

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What’s The Future of Project Management? (2020)

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PMI says that by 2027 employers will need nearly 88 million people in project-related roles. While PMI is an organization for project managers predicting the importance of their own community and you do want to take their figures in context, I do think they have a point.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

For the agile enthusiast, this scrum gathering takes place twice a year since 2013. There are presentations and interactive sessions led by experts that explore current implementation best practices and creative applications of agile and the scrum framework. Agile & Beyond . The speakers and panels are still being confirmed at this time, but in the past this conference has tapped every aspect of agile. The PMO 2020 Conference. PMI EMEA Congress.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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It is an important part of project governance that looks both backwards and forwards. We’ll examine the case for applying the stage gate principle to Agile projects towards the end of this article. The Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) PMBOK 6th Edition: Phase Gate : A review at the end of a phase in which a decision is made to continue to the next phase, to continue with modificatin, or to end a project or program. Senior PMO staff.

Project Cost Management – The Essential Things to Know and Do

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The governance considerations for project cost management. The Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) Project management Body of Knowledge (the PMBoK) has Project Cost Management as one of its ten Knowledge Areas (or KAs). Anything else… You’ll also want to add in whatever else your Project Management Office(PMO), your Project Board, or your Project Sponsor asks you to include. The PMI’s PMBOK is weak on governance throughout.

Project Quality Management: All You Need to Know

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These may be: External standards imposed upon you by third parties like Governments, regulators or customers in your value chain. Project, program, or portfolio management standards imposed by your PMO (Project, Program, or Portfolio Management Office). of the PMBoK (PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge) 6th edition. If your project is subject to a PMO or part of a wider program or portfolio, you may have certain quality design decisions set from the outset.

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Key Themes at IPM Day 2019

International Institute for Learning

Today, projects take up an incredibly important role within a business and, as discussed by Sunil Prashara, President and CEO of Project Management Institute (PMI), this will only increase as we further evolve into the Project Economy. Agile Project Management. In the past decade, Agile has finally established is rightful place in Project Management. One example of this is PMI’s acquisition of Disciplined Agile and FLEX.

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Dr. Harold Kerzner Q&A: How Changes in Project Management Are Supporting Agile and Scrum

The IIL Blog

This past November as part of IIL’s IPM Day online conference , Dr. Harold Kerzner delivered a keynote on “ How Changes in Project Management Are Supporting Agile and Scrum. This appears to be true for continuous improvements in Agile and Scrum activities. and we are excited to share highlights here, organized in the following categories: Agile and Scrum . AGILE AND SCRUM. Can the traditional PM role still exist in an Agile world?


The 2021 Project Management Report

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Agile ) methods together. However, this finding is markedly different to what VersionOne found in their 14 th Annual State of Agile report in 2020. Their research found that only 9% of Agile practitioners were using hybrid methods.

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Radio Show Transcript - The Man Who Changed My Career - Rob Thomsett - Recorded March 23, 2018

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Morris: I've now become certified in Agile. And everybody thinks Agile is brand new. I wrote a book which Jordan Press published in and print and print us all in nineteen eighty called people in project management which is long out of print a very small book but it reflected the learning side had from 10 years in the federal government here in Australia are trying project managers.

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Project Management Questions I Get Asked Most

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Should I Join the PMI/APM etc and Take their Qualifications? There's more to membership of PMI, APM, IAPM and other than the qualification, of course. The PMI is the Biggest Player, Globally. But, internationally, there is one association that is bigger, better-known, and more valued by employers: the Project Management Institute (PMI). So, should you seek one of the PMI's qualifications? The PMI. Is Agile still a trend? What is Agile?

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What Makes Organisations Fail to Execute Their Strategy?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In its 2018 Pulse of the Profession report ‘Success in Disruptive Times’ , the PMI showed that organisations classed as Champions [5] used projects to fuel their success, with mature project portfolio management systems, an investment in project management talent and development, and a strong project management culture. Executives should ensure strong governance. Strong project portfolio management and strong project management are underpinned by strong governance.

How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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It’s a lot to read, so here are some spoilers drawn from common themes I heard time and time again in the interviews: Agile – if you don’t know enough about it, you need to start learning. Going with the flow seems to go against years of traditional project management thinking, but we have found it easier to do by focusing on our bigger purpose and values, all while remaining agile day-to-day so we can adapt quickly. Agile project management is on the rise.

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The Insights Behind the Project Management Trends

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Strategy Execution released the top ten trends for 2019 a few weeks ago and my first thoughts were; we’re seeing a lot of them in the PMO community which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. For many in the PMO community, project data analytics is seen as something with great potential yet there’s a fear there that it’s a big job to tackle; it’s going to need a whole host of new skills and tools (Python, Azure.);

Come and join your Tribe at #ThePMTribe

The Lazy Project Manager

Ellis – Colin started his career as a project manager in 1997 and worked his way up through program manager and PMO manager to eventually head up large project departments in the private sector and government in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. She’s the author of the PMI bestselling book, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers (and a bunch of other books). His books include the Agile Almanac trilogy and, most recently, Enterprise Agility in Healthcare.

The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Agile: A project management methodology that focuses on delivering work in an iterative fashion. The agile approach is usually used in software projects where the scope is not always known and adaptability is prioritized. Project management terminology can be complicated.

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What is a Project Management Certification? And Why Do I Need It?

The IIL Blog

To achieve certification, candidates need to meet certain eligibility requirements and pass a certification exam developed by a governing body or professional association, such as the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, and the exam content corresponds to a global standard – such as PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Government contracts will require a certified project manager.

The #1 Challenge in Project Management (According to the Experts)


Morris, PMP, is a certified Scrum Agile Master, Human Behavior Consultant, best-selling author, mentor, and evangelist for project management. Many organizations that we meet with think it is hard to align the business to the strategy and place governance to the process of project selection. I have met with many organizations that state, “We just hired a new PMO manager, now they are not from the Project Management discipline, but we think they will do a good job.”

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The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In The Project Revolution , revolution means ‘popular and often forceful revolt against a government or social order’, here the traditional ‘silo-based’ nature of most organisations, and the absence of a ‘CPO’ that is, Chief Project, Program and Portfolio Officer, amongst the more commonly found C-Suite officers (I have just realised that this new officer should really be called C3PO, but no joke was intended!). This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog.

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Project Management Blog Roundup: The Best of 2021


As well as giving access to those interested in PMI® Certification. With topics ranging from staying agile, to project governance, and ways to deal with stakeholders. Community leader Margaret Meloni has a background in IT Project Management and PMO Leadership.

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Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


Today’s session is eligible for 3/4 of a PMI PDU in the strategic category, and the code to claim that is on the screen now. Is it your PMO, individual project managers, or others? 55% PMO, and 45% individual project managers. Tad: Well good, clearly it is the PMO that is landing much of this, but it’s actually the innovation or strategy groups that start much of this activity. Is this because the PMO’s not adding enough value?

#ThePMTribe: A Community with a Difference

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He started his career as a project manager in 1997 and worked his way up through program manager and PMO manager to eventually head up large project departments in the private sector and government in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. He has delivered over 350 lectures around the world in over 25 countries, and works today helping organisations become ‘business agile’ through speaking, training, coaching and consultancy. John is the Agile guru on the faculty.

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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Project management methodologies – Agile, Waterfall, PRINCE2, PRiSM, Six Sigma, Critical Path, and many more. Perhaps one of the most commonly known project management certifications, the Project Management Professional certification, provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI), sets the standards for project management. The UK government developed PRINCE2, so if you’re planning on working in the UK, you might want to give this certificate a go. Agile.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Agile Project Management. 19% say Agile techniques. Agile Project Management. 38% of organizations report using agile frequently. [6]. 75% of highly agile organizations met their goals/business intent, 65% finished on time, and 67% finished within budget. Compared to organizations with low agility, where only 56% met their business goals, 40% finished on time, and 45% finished within budget. [6]. Most Popular Agile Tools and Processes: Scrum – 43%.

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Webinar Recap: Leveraging the Latest Office 365 Project Tools & Capabilities


Today’s session is eligible for one PMI PDU in the technical category, and the MPUG, the activity code for claiming that is on the screen now. Tim is an accomplished speaker, consultant, educator and PMO expert, supporting PMI for over 25 years. We’ll talk about that hybrid, best of breed that may be a great solution for organizations that maybe aren’t super big or have a massive enterprise PMO.

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Webinar Recap: Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019


Today’s session is eligible for one PMI PDU in the Strategic category and the code for claiming that with PMI is on the screen now. He’s a PMI chapter founder, Microsoft-certified professional and IIL Blue Belt and Orange Belt certified. It segues into this next slide, which Microsoft has really gone a little further than the entire PMI. It’s all about infuse every company with more agility.

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Webinar Recap: Microsoft Project Do’s, Don’ts, and Cool Customizations


PMI PDUs in the technical category and the MPUG activity code for claiming the session was on the screen now. If you’re using project is in a portfolio or PMO, any of the enterprise level projects, consult with your administrator before you just start changing anything in project that you may see here today that you desperately want or desperately need. The next item here in our presentation is don’t just dismiss agile tools.

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Webinar Recap – Visual Awesomeness: Enhance Your Project Online Power BI Reports with Custom Visuals


Today’s session is 45 minutes long and eligible for three quarters of a PMI PDU in the technical category. So what’s more relevant in terms of how the hours are distributed within my governance workflow? And the people who would be seeing these reports would be, for example, resource manager who wants to see the availability of his or her team or even a PMO team member, for example, that wanted to get an overall overview of the data.

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