Project Management Processes & Phases

If so, it might be time to start implementing proven project management processes and phases at your organization in order to bring your company’s workflow under control. Definition: Here you break down the larger deliverables into smaller ones, which will help with managing them.

The Definitive Guide to Project Management Methodologies


A project management methodology is essentially a set of guiding principles and processes for managing a project. In this article, I’ll give you a complete overview of different PMMs and how to choose them. PRINCE2 is based on 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes.

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Project Manager Responsibilities: The Definitive Guide (+Roles)

PM Basics

In this article, I will clarify the roles and responsibilities of a PM. Again, PMI has its own definition: The project manager is is the person assigned by the performing organization to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives.

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Risk Response Strategy (Definitive Guide with Examples)

PM Basics

But let me simplify it for you in this article. Definition of Risk Response Strategies. Risk Response Planning is a process of identifying what will you do with all the risks in your Risk Register. By PMBOK® Guide the process is called Plan Risk Responses.

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Having a Definition of Ready: Harmful or Helpful?

Leading Agile

Mike Cohn’s August 2016 article, The Dangers of a Definition of Ready describes certain problems that can occur when a team uses the concept of a Definition of Ready. Mike worries that a formal Definition of Ready can lead to a stage-gate process.

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Definition of Done

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The common definition of the Definition of Done in agile software development is (mostly from the Scrum Alliance and other official Scrum sites): A simple list of activities (coding, comments, unit testing, integration, release notes, design documents, etc.) Related articles.

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What is Scope Creep in Project Management? Definition, Causes, and Solutions


This article will help you understand scope creep, its causes, and its solutions. It is a list of all that you’ll produce by the end of the project, and the work you’ll do in the process. The definition of scope creep is contained in the term itself.

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The Definitive Guide to Why a Good Online Project Management Course Beats Live Training

Online PM Courses

If you are about to start a new project, then you can review the project definition modules before settling down to work. We use a variety of formats to supplement users’ learning, as well as giving away free tools, templates and articles. And you also want to enjoy the process.

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The Magic 7 Project Portfolio Management Process Steps

Countless business articles have provided you viable information regarding project portfolio management , accompanied by its objective, the roles of the portfolio manager, and the benefits of the project portfolio management as a whole. There are the basic ways to steer it to the right direction, but is there a definitive step to it? And the answer to all of these is in the guise of project portfolio management process steps.

How to Craft a Perfectly Streamlined Document Approval Process


A document approval process is crucial for streamlining your operations and bring order to your creative workflow. Learn how to create one in this article. This is why developing a document approval process is crucial for every agency. A document approval process.

Project Failure – Why it Happens

Online PM Courses

These have been among our most popular and heavily-read articles, so I hope you’ll enjoy them. We have written a lot of articles (and we’ll continue to do so) on how to make your projects succeed. These articles include: How to get Better Project Management Results.

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What is Stakeholder-led Project Management?

Girl's Guide to PM

These could be business transformation projects and have a definite requirement to engage large numbers of influential stakeholders. Worsley also excludes steering group members from ‘engagement’ saying that the governance process is enough for them.

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What is a Workflow? How to Create a Winning Workflow for Your Process


We do the same steps, go through the same process, and start from scratch expecting something different to happen when we could save hours a week implementing workflows. How processes help you work smarter, not harder. How processes help you work smarter, not harder.

4 Unusual Reasons Why Stakeholder Management Is Important

Girl's Guide to PM

Read next: The Definitive Guide to Project Success Criteria. There won’t be any surprises as they’ve seen the process the whole way through. Stakeholder Engagement This article contains affiliate links Why is stakeholder management important to project success?

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Top 10 Books on Change Management (2020 edition)

Girl's Guide to PM

In other words, if you want people to use what you create — or to shift their ways of working to the new standards and processes you implement — then you have to help them through the transition. Books This article contains affiliate links

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10 Career-Limiting Mistakes To Avoid

Girl's Guide to PM

You will not revise and standardize your processes. However, not working with a sponsor is definitely career-limiting. They aren’t always up-to-date with the latest processes and practices. Build a Career This article contains affiliate links

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Coherent Design and Development Process

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Planning , controlling, and applying sy s tem engineering to transform a contractually defined operational need into a system / end product definition and an optimized design that incorporates equipment , personnel, facilities , computer programs, and procedural data. The definition should be in terms of required system / end product performance parameters and planned technical approaches tailored to the program requirements. Related articles.

How do you know when your agile ceremonies are Done?

Kiron Bondale

In last week’s article, I wrote about the benefits of having a Definition of Ready for agile ceremonies as one method of ensuring that they are adding value and not being perceived as just more wasteful meetings.

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Client Onboarding Process Coupled With Project Management


Client onboarding is the process of introducing new clients to your firm in an effective and organized way. The process commences at order placement and continues up to three months or so depending on the complexity of the product.

Might earned VALUE be an oxymoron for projects following a predictive life cycle?

Kiron Bondale

(As is often the case, one of the learners in a course I taught this week provided the inspiration for this article, so thanks Maca!). ” Notice that the word “value” does not show up anywhere in that definition.

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The Process of Choosing the Best Project Management Software

Paymo App

It might work for very simple projects, or in some isolated cases, but as soon as the project gets a bit complicated and several people are involved, you’ll definitely need a software or a combination of several apps (keep reading to see exactly why).

8 Free and Low Cost PM Resources

Girl's Guide to PM

Did you know that Enterprise Environmental Factors is an input to 27 PMBOK® processes? I definitely need this) and found the syllabus was all schedule management techniques (no! Check out my past archive of articles and reviews of different training courses.

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How To Motivate Your Project Team

Girl's Guide to PM

We do it as children, we do it as teenagers (often terrifying our parents in the process) and we do it as adults. Strengths-based project management is an approach to project management that focuses on the people rather than the process.

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

External factors around projects are constantly changing at a breakneck speed which makes it challenging to definitively control the outcome without frequent course correction. When projects get tough, it’s relationships not processes that make the difference between success and failure.

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Why We’re Not Afraid to Write Generic SEO Articles


Make note that this reasoning is going to appear more than once in this article. The ranking process has two very basic steps: Target website audit. You don’t need to go through the entire blog to see what kind of articles are published.

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Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. If you want to understand the ITTOs then this is a fully interactive tool that will definitely do the job.

7 Productivity Tools for Teams That You’ve Never Heard Of

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, 7 Productivity Tools for Teams That You’ve Never Heard Of , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. So we spend a fair amount of time working out solutions to problems, process re-engineering and all that. Software This article contains affiliate links

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Mathematical Definitions - Again Misused to Convey Unsubstantiated Information

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Forecasting is the process of making a forecast or prediction. Estimating is about the past, present, and future outcomes of a process, a model, or some external observation. Related articles. It's popular in the #NoEstimates community to claim Forecasting is not E stimating. Using English Dictionaries, they build a case using logical like this.

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What is a Programme in Project Management? 3 Types of Programme

Girl's Guide to PM

Here’s a definition. The outcomes of projects in mandatory programmes are likely to be new policies, updating terms and conditions, implementing process changes to comply with regulation and similar. What is a programme in project management terms?

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Get Your Projects Fit with The Lazy Project Manager

Girl's Guide to PM

The new book is a look at the reason, the value, the process and the opportunities to assess the ‘health’ of your projects in order to sleep easier at night, safe in the knowledge of inevitable project success (and I am using the word ‘inevitable’ with the common meaning of ‘more likely than before’ you understand). Project processes. Books This article contains affiliate links This interview was first published in 2014. I am not fit.

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Clear Project Brief (10 Things to Include)

Online PM Courses

A Project Brief is a somewhat less formal version of your Project Definition. For this article, though, I’m going to consider a project brief as an earlier – and therefore less structured – phase of thinking than a formal Project Definition.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. They should find out what motivates people on the team, engage them in the definition and planning stages and take the time to create a team charter.

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The Twins – Communications Management and Stakeholder Management


In this article, we will look at two key knowledge areas: Communications Management and Stakeholder Management. This article is less of a discussion on Communications Management or Stakeholder Management, individually, per se. This process ensures the optimal flow of information.

How to Delegate Tasks With More Confidence and Less Stress

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How to Delegate Tasks With More Confidence and Less Stress , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. This is a guest article from Simon Harris from Logical Model. Long ago I found being delegated to was often a confusing process.

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How to Manage a Team Member With A Negative Attitude

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How to Manage a Team Member With A Negative Attitude , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. This article was inspired by Ben Snyder’s book, Everything’s a Project. Manage a Team This article contains affiliate links

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3 Easy Ways To Make a Gantt Chart (Giveaway + Free Excel Template)

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article you’ll learn how to create Gantt charts using PowerPoint and Excel: tools you most likely already have. We'll process your data in accordance with our privacy policy. We'll process your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

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How to Create a Project Team Culture with Colin Ellis

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How to Create a Project Team Culture with Colin Ellis , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Read more great articles about project management at Girl's Guide to Project Management - Get projects done with more confidence and less stress.

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A Deep Dive into Risk Matrix Reporting


In this article, we will learn about one particular report, the Risk Matrix Report. In the following article, I’ll first outline the foundational blocks of creating the risk matrix, followed by building a risk matrix scoring scheme (instrumental in plotting the risk matrix).

Webinar Recap: PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?


So for the first time the PMBOK guide is shifting from a process based standard to a principle based standard. Such as, framework, methods, approaches, processes, knowledge areas, process groups, inputs, tools, techniques, outputs. But, when you take processes.

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4 Fallacious Reasons to Estimate and Why Those Are Fallacious

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Similarly, product lifecycle management (PLM) integrates people, data, processes and business systems. The audit, surveillance, performance reporting, measurement are at the core of all business processes. First - backlog prioritization is essentially a sorting process.