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Is Software Development Art or Engineering

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I started my career as a Software Engineer , writing Fortran 77 signal processing algorithms to find and track missile launchers in the middle eastern desert. This skill was an extension of the signal processing work I did as a grad student looking for information in the data stream of a particle accelerator. The PDP-15 was a machine that ran Fortran but also Focal, a language suitable for formula calculations needed for signal processing. Related articles.

Project Budget Example: How to Create an Accurate Project Budget for Junior Project Managers

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I need accurate estimates. If you don’t understand it yet consider reading suggest articles. You can guess and make the high-level estimation that has a bullet-proof buffer. But here’s the truth: If you want accurate numbers, you need to do the bottom-up estimate.

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Knowledgeline: Building e-Discovery Teams:: by Tom Baldwin


Vendors are popping up all over the globe to process data, on-line review tools are being heavily touted and more additional forums are now available to get religion on e-discovery. The best e-discovery processing tools cant ensure that the collection efforts are solid. David Cain is currently the Chairman of the advisory board to TTI (Texas Transportation Institute). I also have a debt consolidation loan related blog with some useful articles about the topic.

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Best Productivity Applications, Extensions and Add-Ons for Project Managers

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