Project Management Processes & Phases

If so, it might be time to start implementing proven project management processes and phases at your organization in order to bring your company’s workflow under control. This involves another set of processes: Scope: Make sure the project deliverables have been completed as planned.

Planning a Budget for a Proposal in 5 Easy Steps (+ Example)

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This is a guest article by author Edoardo Binda Zane. We start with 5 steps for how to put a proposal budget together and then Edoardo shares a worked (fictional) example to show you what the budget would look like once it is completed. Below is an example of how it all comes together.

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The Battle Between Process and Progress

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As Project Managers, we’re all familiar with process. In fact, sometimes it can feel as if a project manager’s world is but a never-ending universe of interlocking processes and procedures. After all, project managers are not process monkeys. It needs processes.

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Delphi Technique In Project Management (How to + Example)

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Delphi Technique Example. Delphi Technique Process. There is a step-by-step process: Select the expert that you would like to question. ” It takes some skill to continue the information gathering process casually. It speeds up the process.

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Project Management Process & Phases

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In simple terms, the Project Management process is the art of managing all components of a project from starting to closure using a structured scientific methodology. Let’s learn about the whole process while discussing 5 project management steps of a project life cycle.

Risk Response Strategy (Definitive Guide with Examples)

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But let me simplify it for you in this article. Here you will find examples of risk responses for both threats and opportunities. So, I would suggest you review examples of dealing with different risks on a real project first. Introduce new processes and workflows.

Planning a Budget for a Proposal in 5 Easy Steps (+ Example)

Girl's Guide to PM

This is a guest article by author Edoardo Binda Zane. We start with 5 steps for how to put a proposal budget together and then Edoardo shares a worked (fictional) example to show you what the budget would look like once it is completed. Below is an example of how it all comes together.

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Project Scope Example: Scope Baseline, Project Scope Statement

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For example, defining 100% of the required work is problematic. Today, I want to explain how to do it faster and in a more reliable way AND with a real-life example. Real-Life Project Scope Example. Below is the project scope example for a small real project. (I

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12 Kanban Board Examples for Beginners

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If you’re struggling to find some relevant Kanban board examples, we’ve put together this list of real-life situations when you might use them. If you don’t yet know how the Kanban process works, find out more about it and its usage from our extensive Kanban board guide.

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Brilliant SMART Goal Examples for Managers


Goal setting is a fundamental part of the project planning process. Let’s take a closer look at what that means, along with some SMART goal examples for managers. Example Two: The sales team for a popular electronics chain wants to increase its sales of the new XYZ tablet.

Top 7 Leadership Articles: Winter Edition

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If the sales rate decreases, think over all the parties participating in this process. To understand the figures, there’s nothing better than talking to the heroes involved in the process of data production. The post Top 7 Leadership Articles: Winter Edition appeared first on Epicflow.

Risk Management Examples: 9 Behind the Scenes Stories

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These risk management examples will help you to broaden the understanding. List of Risk Management Examples in This Article. I recommend you to read the whole article. If it’s too big for you – choose a story from the list: Fixed Deadline Risk Management Example.

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Don’t over-process your project management communications!

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I wrote an article in October 2015 describing how the eight forms of waste (a foundational lean tool) can affect project teams. Let’s do a deeper dive into the waste of over-processing. So what are the impacts of over-processing on the project manager’s part?

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Project Budget Example: How to Create an Accurate Project Budget for Junior Project Managers

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Do you want to see a project budget example? We’ll review the project budget example in just a minute. If you don’t understand it yet consider reading suggest articles. Moreover, in the project budget example below, we’ll be using work packages and deliverables to sum up costs.

4 Signs Your Project Intake Process Is Outdated


Does this sound like your current work project intake process? Here are 4 signs your project intake process is outdated and some simple steps to build a well-defined project intake process that’ll take your team into the future.

Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. In a Stage Gate process, you break your project into stages, or phases. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work.

Government Lessons in People Over Process

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I was given a book called “ How to Manage Change Effectively: Approaches, Methods, and Case Examples ” by Donald Kirkpatrick that changed my career. Something I was not aware of at the time is how the career development process works within the government.

9 Steps to Build a Go To Market Strategy (Framework and Examples)


For brevity’s sake, in this article, I’m going to use the word “product” to represent anything you’re looking to launch—a product, service, offering, or brand. For example, you integrate with more tools they already use, or you have a mobile version.

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Risk Register Example – All You Need to Know About It

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Simple Risk Register Example. For example, linking to the top-level item means threats to the project outcome. For example, you can use the following: The common ones: scope, schedule, cost, quality, and HR. Risk Register is the most important document in the project management.

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How To Create A Simple Project Plan (Project Planning Process)

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Nevertheless, project planning is a structured and logical process. In this article, I’ll show you a proven workflow. At each moment of the process, you’re in need of information that you don’t have yet. You need to evaluate each process.

6 Best Gantt Chart Examples For Project Managers


Say Hello To These Gantt Chart Examples Finishing a project on time and on budget is every manager’s goal. Whether you’re building a new home or starting a new product development process, every project starts with a good plan.

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How to futureproof your PPM software selection process


When you have to upgrade your solution, When you have to slow down operations to upgrade your project management solution, it can cause some disruptions due to retraining, changes in processes, and technical adjustments.

User Onboarding: 9 Steps to Perfecting your Onboarding Process


Let’s take a deep dive into what makes a powerful user onboarding process, the tools and resources you have at your disposal, and some of the best practices used by your favorite startups and companies. Here's how we've structured this article: What (exactly) is user onboarding?

Control partners should have skin in the game!

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I finally completed reading Nassim Taleb ‘s book Skin in the Game which I had written about in a recent article. For example, in some companies, project management standards are set by a centralized department such as a PMO.

How to Craft a Perfectly Streamlined Document Approval Process


A document approval process is crucial for streamlining your operations and bring order to your creative workflow. Learn how to create one in this article. This is why developing a document approval process is crucial for every agency. A document approval process.

Gap Analysis Template | Gap Analysis Example


For this purpose, a Gap Analysis Template can be used.Check out article with Gap Analysis Example in excel and word. Gap Analysis Process The first step in a gap analysis process is to identify where you would like your project to be.

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Project Management Trends [2020]

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But knowing a methodology isn’t the pinnacle of achievement, as Kevin Longergan points out in this article. Perceived customization is another example of a growing consumer marketing and tech trend that will find its way into how we manage change.

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Government Lessons in People Over Process

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I was given a book called “ How to Manage Change Effectively: Approaches, Methods, and Case Examples ” by Donald Kirkpatrick that changed my career. Something I was not aware of at the time is how the career development process works within the government. The project went much smoother after these changes and it taught me an important lesson in never trying to introduce a process or practice without considering the people elements first.

What is Stakeholder-led Project Management?

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Worsley also excludes steering group members from ‘engagement’ saying that the governance process is enough for them. I will often not specifically ‘engage’ senior steering group members because they have already heard the information from me through our governance processes.

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What is a Workflow? How to Create a Winning Workflow for Your Process


We do the same steps, go through the same process, and start from scratch expecting something different to happen when we could save hours a week implementing workflows. How processes help you work smarter, not harder. Workflow examples: 7 places when and where to utilize workflows.

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10 Career-Limiting Mistakes To Avoid

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Here’s an example. You will not revise and standardize your processes. They aren’t always up-to-date with the latest processes and practices. Build a Career This article contains affiliate links

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How has project management changed?

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Robotic Process Automation is here to stay, along with AI, natural language processing, big data and all the other data-driven processes. And less on following rigid processes. If you want to know how technology has changed project management, this is another example.

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Top 10 Books on Change Management (2020 edition)

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In other words, if you want people to use what you create — or to shift their ways of working to the new standards and processes you implement — then you have to help them through the transition. Books This article contains affiliate links

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How do you know when your agile ceremonies are Done?

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In last week’s article, I wrote about the benefits of having a Definition of Ready for agile ceremonies as one method of ensuring that they are adding value and not being perceived as just more wasteful meetings. But, as usual, caveat agilist: Focus on the outcomes, not the processes.

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Take Your Questions From Good To Great: 15 Examples

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You may be focused on squeezing out incremental gains – how can we process 2% more transactions per day through this system? You need to gather examples and facts before you make a move. A powerful article from Tim Ferriss (one of my favorite authors).

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10 Steps To Streamline Work Process And Improve Workflow


Whether its work allocation, quality inspection, project monitoring, or simply going through a to-do list, project managers and teams often complicate processes which are easy to implement. You need to know how each process in every division or department of your business operates.

How Organisations Can Set up New Project Leaders for Success

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The evaluation of the new leaders should dictate the subject matter and process of the training. The new leader assimilation process helps overcome problems occurring in all of these areas, as detailed in the next section. Build a Career Software This article contains affiliate links

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PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition Knowledge Areas And Process Group


Are you confused with new terms like Knowledge Areas, Process Groups, and a Process? In this article I am answering: What are the processes? What are the Process Groups for? What are the processes. A process is a set of activities to produce desired output.

How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

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Processes – this is where all the technical PM skills will sit. It is not a case of the process domain having all the agile questions, for example. Build a Career Training PMI PMP Training This article contains affiliate links

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5 Strategies to Improve Team Productivity on Projects

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You’ve read all the articles, you’ve got ideas about how things could be better. Sharing round a link to one more ’10 ways to be more productive’ article just isn’t making change happen. Lead by example.

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