4 Signs Your Project Intake Process Is Outdated


Does this sound like your current work project intake process? Here are 4 signs your project intake process is outdated and some simple steps to build a well-defined project intake process that’ll take your team into the future. Lax communication might work well for smaller teams, but as business scales, you need a project intake request process that helps you manage both your current and incoming work properly. Here are some project intake process best practices.

The Most Popular Project Management Hacks Articles of 2016

Project Management Hacks

In that spirit, it’s time for me to write my final article of the year. I’m going to revisit the most popular articles of the year. All of these articles attracted over 2,000 readers this calendar year. It’s great to see that many articles in the archives continue to attract attention including a few from 2014. I was inspired to write the article as I reflected on a terrible corporate meeting I had one Friday afternoon that just kept going and going!

2016 33

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Agile & Project PPM: The Better Together Story


It has been and is being used for manufacturing, engineering, construction, testing, and many other project processes that require iterations or iterative working sessions leading to a final result. In a recent article by Forbes , Microsoft is reported to have internally helped reduce their bulk and bureaucracy by leveraging Agile practices. As we know, Agile, like any methodology, helps to create processes, procedures, and ultimately results. Agile PPM & Project.

Agile 73

How to Plan an Event


For this article, let’s focus on large events. That can include radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertisements. You’ll need communications to inform them of event information, payment processes to collect fees, emails to stay in touch, directions, badges and access points.

Successfully Pivoting Your Sales Strategy


Our co-founder and CEO, Yuri Sagalov, recently authored an article in Selling Power magazine titled Successfully Navigating a Sales Pivot. Selling Power provides an online magazine, a blog, events, a TV channel and other resources to help sales teams lead their sales forces to deliver higher revenues. In the article, Yuri shares some valuable lessons that we learned when we redefined our go-to-market sales strategy when we launched Amium.

Buyer Persona: How to Make One that Actually Helps


This Google support article breaks down some of the information you can find. . Buy magazines that your target market would buy. For this article, we are going to explore and build some personas for a hypothetical glove company — BrownGlove Outdoor. Subscribes to 2+ gardening magazines. The process of trying to understand them, however, gave me a better respect for who they may be.

2019 209

Looks Like a Three Dog Night - Be Careful with Project Terminology

Brad Egeland

In 1967, the lead singer's girlfriend suggested the name after reading a magazine article about indigenous Australians, in which it was explained that on cold nights they would customarily sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a dingo, or wild dog.

2020 109

Product Manager vs Project Manager: The Main Differences


What is the Role of a Product Manager According to CIO magazine, the job of a product manager is a complex, cross-functional role in information technology. According to an article on the website Medium, a product manager’s primary focus should be on managing the product, rather than the team.

AI Assistants for Project Managers

Leading Answers

While writing this article, AI in Microsoft Word and the add-in Grammarly helped protect you, from the bulk of my spelling and grammar mistakes. June was Technology month at Project Management.com, and there have been a few articles about AI taking away project management jobs.

AGILE NXT 3rd edition

Henny Portman

In this third edition of AGILE NXT — a magazine designed by Xebia’s thought leaders and experts to inspire and inform you, offers 15 new insights: The Ultimate Model for Managing Performance in Agile Environments (Daniel Burm). The 4th revolution requires radical innovation, where organizations experiment with new revenue models and structures, automate all repetitive actions, eliminate bureaucratic processes and employ the latest technologies in an open and transparent environment.

Agile 49

All Set for International Project Management Day 2018? The only Project Management guide you need


Get instant access to definitions, history, and processes, and get drilled in globally followed international standards with all the references and links that you need to become a successful project manager. Publications, Journals, Articles.

2018 95

Expert Tips on Lessons Learned [Video]

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, Expert Tips on Lessons Learned [Video] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. ” One of the things that you do within value management is come up with a framework, which will help you to say, “These are the outcomes that we need from this project,” and then you can use that to guide you throughout the project management process to help you figure out what is the best option to deliver, and get you that outcome that you need. Project magazine?

2017 178

#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

Online PM Courses

If you want to follow project management conversations on Twitter… Or if you want to keep up with the latest articles, or products… #PMOT is a good tag to follow. This article is going to be different to most of ours. PM Today Magazine: @ ProjectMToday.

2018 109

AI Assistants for Project Managers

Leading Answers

While writing this article, AI in Microsoft Word and the add-in Grammarly helped protect you from the bulk of my spelling and grammar mistakes. June was Technology month at Project Management.com, and there have been a few articles about AI taking away project management jobs. This article focusses on ways AI can help project managers which will happen as AI develops and before it can replace jobs. Where I should probably be more worried is in writing articles like this.

Top 10 Project Management Blogs to Follow In 2019


Thankfully, many bloggers are helping project managers to stay updated with the latest tools, techniques, methodologies, processes and much more through their blogs. In this article, you will learn about 10 most popular project management blogs that every project manager must read in 2019. Informative and how to articles make it a blog that every project manager should bookmark. Related Article : Top 10 Project Management Trend Predictions.

2019 95

All Set For International Project Management Day 2019? The Only Project Management Guide you Need


Get instant access to definitions, history, and processes, and get drilled in globally followed international standards with all the references and links that you need to become a successful project manager. Publications, Journals, Articles. PM Network – This monthly magazine reviews the latest tools, techniques, and best practices leverage by top-level project managers.

2019 53

Innovation: Running Experiments and Learning

Leading Answers

In my last article on  Incubating Innovation , we explored the culture and mindset of accountable experimentation. This article focuses on actionable tools and approaches. Yet where’s the focus on experiments, the learning process and trials for the next iteration? In it they describe a five-step process: Set the stage  – Help people focus on the task at hand; check that people are ready and willing to contribute.

The Future of Resource Management: Are You Prepared?


In a recent article in Pharmaceutical Executive magazine , resource constraints were discussed. The default approach has been to do this according to the raw number of documents processed – so if one year 1,000 documents were authored, and the next year the number was 900, there was an expectation that this should cost less. Three ways resource management moves toward continuous delivery success.

2019 60

6 major factors affecting resource capacity planning in 2019

Resource Guru

For example, a 2016 Forbes article highlights that senior management is far more open to change than “frontline professionals” (otherwise known as “the majority of the office”). Any disruption to that process will necessarily affect the latter because the workflow has changed. Harvard Business Review featured the framework on its May 2018 magazine cover. Agile can help ensure company-wide process and methodological alignment.

2019 69

Brilliant SMART Goal Examples for Managers


Goal setting is a fundamental part of the project planning process. A nonspecific goal might be: “Increase the magazine subscriber count” while a specific goal would be “Sign up 50 new subscribers per day for the next three months.”.

The Best Project Management Software for 2019


This article will help you understand how the right software can keep your team organized and on schedule. Putting together the Christmas issue of your fashion magazine is a project. With the fashion magazine example, you start by assembling your team.

2019 67

Should You Hire a Hacker?

Brad Egeland

Conducting an organization-wide inventory assessment As part of the preparation process, conduct a thorough inventory of your organizational assets. At a minimum, this process should include a thorough and robust background check, multiple character reference verifications, and past customer recommendations. Legal considerations It’s also important to involve the organization’s legal team in the selection and vetting process. Article by Kenneth Williams, Ph.D.,

2019 87

Why do most projects fail?


Harvard business review has written an interesting article titled why even good projects fail anyway. Forbes magazine also opined about the high rate of project failures recently. . All stakeholders who have an active role in completing the project should be involved in the planning process. The CIO magazine has a good article on this subject. We have covered why collaboration is so important to the success of projects in several articles. .

2018 87

The Urge to Strangle(The Strangler Pattern)

Leading Agile

Business processes may become dependent on these resources. For example, in one organization where I worked a team was pressured to make use of a certain business process engineering package when the solution really didn’t require that type of product.

2018 101

Board Meeting Agenda and Best Practices


magazine. A recent Harvard Business Review article explores how Netflix disrupted more than just the at-home movie economy. You see how the topics that have been discussed, resolved, and reported on in a board meeting actually got processed. Critical Activity for CEO.

2008 36

Forest for the trees


The following quote comes from a popular business magazine (to be revealed later in this post): “as customers and other stakeholders increasingly express interest in sustainably produced products, …organizations are paying more attention to the big picture ”. In some cases, it’s direct, such as Carillion’s case which is actually making this part of their project compliance process. And by the way, did we tell you where the article came from?

2015 28

3 Biggest Causes Of Project Failure


We want to take a few steps back in history in this article. That way they'll feel more engaged in the decision-making process. A transparent planning process is also beneficial to the sales team. According to The Space Safety Magazine, NASA had a conference call with Morton Thiokol, the manufacturer of the O-rings. Project failure. It’s a subject that’s discussed over and over again.

2018 73

How to Promote Accountability in the Workplace Without Driving People Insane


My team was supposed to produce a special anniversary issue of a client’s magazine. This article explains why and how. I simply got angry, and in the process sent the message that lower standards were acceptable. I was doing my hardest to stay calm, but it was a losing battle. I was so angry that I could feel my face burning. Kelly, our lead graphic designer, had just told me that only half of the photos were ready.

2019 53

How to Stay Relevant At Work (Hint: It’s Called Upskilling)


Upskilling is the process of continuous learning so you can minimize skills gaps and master new abilities. According to a study by Training Magazine , U.S. It has even been integrated into the onboarding process at some companies: new hires can scan AR symbols with their phone and get instructions for carrying out their new responsibilities. Check out our article on 50 productive things you can do when you’re not feeling to productive and bored.

2019 40

Knowledgeline: Building e-Discovery Teams:: by Tom Baldwin


Vendors are popping up all over the globe to process data, on-line review tools are being heavily touted and more additional forums are now available to get religion on e-discovery. The best e-discovery processing tools cant ensure that the collection efforts are solid. I also have a debt consolidation loan related blog with some useful articles about the topic. At SBALowDoc centers, the agency processes completed applications within 36 hours.

2005 40

Resources for Cone of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

The planned uncertainty not only needs to decrease over time passing, but this reduction diminishes any impacts of risk on the decision-making processes. From his article in an IEEE magazine often quoted by No Estimates advocates. . For those with IEEE Membership, be sure to read the Letter to the Editor about the Cone of Uncertainty article published conjecturing the COU does not follow the data for the projects. Related articles.

2007 32

Principle Based Management

Herding Cats

Developing principle-based management processes doesn’t start with individuals. Welch's GE Work Out process removed the Bureaucracy to reveal the incompetent. PCI for credit card processing, HIPPA rules for medical applications. Derived from Fire and Rescue Magazine , May 2010. Related articles. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is. If it disagrees with Principles, it’s wrong. Richard Feynman.

FedEx Project Manager Profile: Leigh Espy

Project Management Hacks

In today’s article, you will hear directly from Leigh Espy about her journey into project management success at FedEx. I led an effort to develop a risk-based software development process. We developed the process with input from the user community, including business partners as well. We are working on plans to integrate them into our tools and processes. Leigh Espy, FedEx Project Manager. What is like to work as a project manager? The easy answer is “it depends.”

2016 44

Cut, Cut, Cut: Elimination Strategies To Boost Productivity

Project Management Hacks

Before you start the elimination process, you need a positive aim. Review current subscriptions: are there magazine subscriptions to eliminate (I find 1-2 per month goes a long way). In that case, use the same process as point 6 above to pursue elimination. To get started with the process, choose the easiest one to eliminate (i.e. Before you finish this article, take action to put maker time on your calendar.

10 Best Organization Software Options for Teams


Why You’ll Love It: Brochures, Magazines, and Newsletters! The templates and drag-and-drop process make it a snap to put together letterheads, posters, banners, and much more. You can share everything from news updates and articles to promotions about new products and pending changes to the business. Their system gives you insight into the hiring and onboarding processes, as well as compensation and other human resource needs.

2019 40

Smarter Faster Better Book Review: 4 Lessons Learned

Project Management Hacks

” In this article, you will learn a few insights from the book. Duhigg also does excellent work in summarizing academic research articles from various fields and pulling out the relevant insights. Innovation remains a mysterious and powerful process in many organizations. Pick up a magazine for an industry or topic that you know nothing about and start reading it. Above and beyond the specific insight, there is a more general process at play.

2016 29

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru: Interview With Joe Berlinger

Project Management Hacks

In 2014, I started the process of seeking permission to make a film. Reviews and Article About Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. The POV Interview: Joe Berlinger on ‘Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru (POV Magazine). Tony Robbins is a larger than life figure who has been leading seminars around the world for decades. Some people remember Robbins from his TV infomercials.

2016 42

80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


This on-demand series provided by the Project Management Institute covers the foundational concepts of project management, including key terminology, an explanation of the project lifecycle, project constraints, an overview of 47 project management processes, an introduction to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMB O K ), and prep for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. Project Management Magazine on Flipboard.

Estimating is a Learned Skill

Herding Cats

The same process for estimating is applied to multi-billion dollar projects we work. And the same process is applied to the Scrum development processes on those projects. . Here's some materials that provide the tools and processes needed to learn how to estimate. Group Processes in Software Effort Estimation,” Kjetil Moløkken-østvold and Magne Jørgensen, Empirical Software Engineering, 9, 315–334, 2004.

Software Estimating Resources

Herding Cats

So start here to build your academic foundation, that can be put to work to build a foundation of validated experience of making estimates in the presence of uncertainty and protect yourself from fallacious claims that estimates are a waste, not needed, and produce bad resulting in the decision making process for those paying you to produce value. Alexander, “Estimation of the New Agile XP Process Model for Medium-Scale Projects Using Industrial Case Studies,” M.