Reference Class Forecasting

Herding Cats

The reference class estimating process is part of that skill and experience. The mechanics of household goods has a reference class parameter for the size of 33,000 pounds. Related articles. Our long time friends have moved to our neighborhood here in Colorado.

How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

A stable and sturdy project management is one of the crucial factors to make a project process work. In the corporate world, an organization needs more than just top-notch tools and up to date process to bring the project to its full potential—it also needs a strong manpower, a human resource that has a particular set of skills and capabilities that will greatly contribute the entire organization. Cet article How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

Online PM Courses

The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. In a Stage Gate process, you break your project into stages, or phases. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work.

How To Create A Simple Project Plan (Project Planning Process)

PM Basics

Nevertheless, project planning is a structured and logical process. In this article, I’ll show you a proven workflow. At each moment of the process, you’re in need of information that you don’t have yet. You need to evaluate each process.

How to Simplify the Decision-Making Process


Too many organizations make their internal processes more complicated than they need to be and waste a lot of time trying to ensure compliance. If a problem arises, you know what needs to be done- refer to the team and stakeholders for recommendations.

Might earned VALUE be an oxymoron for projects following a predictive life cycle?

Kiron Bondale

(As is often the case, one of the learners in a course I taught this week provided the inspiration for this article, so thanks Maca!). I’m just questioning why we would use the word “value” when referring to what we have earned in the name.

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

I see a future where Project Managers will be able to reference a talent hub to see how freelancers have delivered work in the past as well as view client feedback. When projects get tough, it’s relationships not processes that make the difference between success and failure.

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10 GDPR Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Project

Girl's Guide to PM

And it has huge implications for people managing projects that store, capture or process personal data. In this article I’ll look at 10 questions managers should ask themselves before starting a new project. The DPIA looks at: The scope, context and purpose of the processing required.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. I see a future where Project Managers will be able to reference a talent hub to see how freelancers have delivered work in the past as well as view client feedback.

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How to Develop a Strong Governance Process with These 6 Tips ?

Projects involved a lot of planning , implementation , and not to mention tracking or detecting issues and problems within the team or the project, and surpassing the following process. The two governance processes should be implemented constantly to keep track of the scope creeps, risks , opportunities, and also safeguard the following resources from running out. To stay within deadline means having a governance process that everyone will adhere to.

How to Make Change Management Bearable For Everyone ?

It’s a process to enhance the organization’s performance, as well as paving the road to numerous opportunities such as changes in job roles, structure, and work system. With these changes come a set of process or approaches to take into account to ensure that changes benefit the organization. The Truth About Change: Why It Is A Complicated Process. People prefer monotony because they are used to it the whole process. Process Change.

Benefits Realization Management for Projects


In this article, I hope to provide you with a deeper understanding of these concepts. However, in this article, our focus will be on projects. Tracking and Reporting: Processes to record and report the status of benefits. References. [1]

Milestone Reporting Using Gantt Charts in MS Project


In my previous article, I talked about four methods, which can be used to customize Gantt charts in MSP. In this article, we will take a deeper look at ‘Bar Styles’ and combine them with milestones to create Milestone charts. Refer to the Figure below to see a task and milestone.

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Stories about Stories in Agile Development


The process is a complex one with many stakeholders involved over months, sometimes years. In this process, written requirements with written words are many times inadequate, sometimes even inaccurate, and most of the time said requirements don’t convey the real intent.

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What Should You Know about the PMP Exam 2019 Changes


Now that we know the change process for the PMP examination and we’ve covered the important dates, let’s get to what the changes actually are. Planning: Outlines the processes to establish the scope of the project, refine objectives on scope, time, cost, quality, etc.

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Network Analysis: The Best Practice for Calculating Duration


The “Network” part being a logic diagram of connecting nodes (details of the individual tasks and the relationships between them), and the “Analysis” part describing the process of estimating the duration of each task and then calculating the timings for each task.

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Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners


The retrospective process consists of two words: Retro – meaning recent past, and. You can define the retrospective process as: “A recurring workshop in which the team looks back on their work over a period, reflects upon it, and learns. References. [1]

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Split It Out (Part 1)


Indirect costs are often combined in various cost pools referred to as overhead. I’ll be sharing more ways to separate your projects into management chunks in Part 2 of my article. Articles project management separate splitHow to Separate your Project into Manageable Chunks.

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Microsoft’s Latest Version of Project is Finally Here!


The new version of Project, is being called by some “Modern Project,” or as I’ll refer to it “P4W” or Project for the Web.” Timeline View: This view replaces what has been refered to in the past as the Gantt Chart view. Articles Project for The Web

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A Short History of Project Management


This article will cover most of the major project management happenings throughout history. Also, PMI has many different publications, seminars/webinars, and a valuable Knowledge Shelf library which has a wide-range of articles on many different topics submitted by its’ members.

Why You Should Consider SharePoint for Project Management


Reference below a screenshot from a basic SharePoint Team Site. In a SharePoint site, you can add a list for all of these processes, too. Essentially, with each list you add, you are actually adding the project management processes that you need into your SharePoint site.

Integrated Change Control


Integrated change control (ICC) is the process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes, and managing changes to deliverables with documentation. Keep in mind that maintaining quality is an important part of this decision making process.

Lessons Learned from Pilots … for Safe and Successful Projects


In pilot parley, a memory item is a specific action (or set of actions), appropriate to the nature of the event, that are required to be performed before making reference to any printed or online checklists. Articles project management successful projectsWheels up!

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No Pain, No Gain?


Capital budgeting refers to the period of time required for the return on the entire investment if the returns are evenly distributed over the years with little or no salvage value. Articles internal rate of return net present value Project Financial Analyses return on investment

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Workflow Management vs. Project Management: Different but Both Critical


Whether those steps are dictated by procedure, born out of habit, or made up along the way, a workflow represents the process of getting things done. . Recurring processes and routine objectives are best served by workflow management because it’s repetitive. .

4 Reasons to Have a Professional Services Management Template


A recent GoSkills article spotlighted a critical gap professional services businesses need to be aware of if they want to achieve hypergrowth. Your team needs processes that empower members to be project management experts effortlessly.

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Why setup virtual PMOs and when should PM templates be standardized?

Kiron Bondale

Dear reader, don’t be alarmed – this IS your regularly scheduled article! In one of my past articles , I had written about the challenges of establishing and running virtual PMOs. I’m not referring to a PMO which is staffed by geographically distributed team members but rather one which has not been established as a staffed organizational entity.

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Repairing a Polluted Enterprise Global File


First of all, what do I mean when I use the term “polluted” in reference to the Enterprise Global? By following this process, notice in Figure 5 what shows up in the Enterprise Global: the local Work table, along with the new enterprise _Duration table. Background.

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What is gap analysis? Uncovering the missing links to successful performance

Moira Alexander

Gap analysis is a method of comparing the actual level of performance versus the desired level of performance for a business process, project, strategy or IT solution. Gap analysis process. To read this article in full, please click hereGap analysis definition.

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The 7 Questions Every PMP Exam Student Asks Their Coach


In this article we share the top 7 questions that every student asks us in our role as their PMP® exam coach. You should be aiming to score Moderately Proficient or Proficient in all process groups and an excellent PMP exam simulator will provide you with those scores. Articles

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A New Way to Recognize the Achievements of Project Managers

The IIL Blog

Weapons of war are more than words; they include schedules, budgets, specifications, requirements and other competing constraints as well as the organizational process assets. By Harold Kerzner, Ph.D. Senior Executive Director for Project Management, IIL.

Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 1 – Understanding & Incorporating Agile Project Management


So if you’re new to this or perhaps you’ve kind of been using it in a couple of different veins, maybe you’ve been part of a scrum team or you’ve watched it happen around you, or maybe you’ve seen a horrific implementation of an agile process, it isn’t necessarily the methodology, but sometimes you have to think about your culture, the environment, and what you’re trying to do. So individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Webinar Recap: Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019


” Even Satya references this; I’ll show you a quote here in a couple slides, but to have the Project service as an integral part of the Azure boards, and then in Dynamics 365, a lot of this was built directly with the Dynamics team. Articles

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Showcase Recap: Easily Capture and Manage Ideas/Demands with MS Project Online Integration


This is something that we even want to go a little bit left of initiation and then as we go through, and plan and execute, provide change, control processes and close out a project that, that can continue as well. Larry: This is just some of the reference-able customers.

Webinar Recap: Microsoft Teams – The Hub for Information in Office 365


For example, you can pin important files for quick reference, so the whole team can access them in one click. The Microsoft Teams developer platform enables integrations to existing business processes. There’s some great articles here. Articles

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What I’m Reading

Girl's Guide to PM

Given the authors’ sports background, there are lots of sports analogies and references to the NFL. Be prepared to compliment and indulge them where appropriate, so long as you don’t belittle your own skills in the process. General This article contains affiliate links

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Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 3 – Best Practices & Real World Use of Agile with MS Project / Project PPM


This is session number three, where we really kind of take our final kind of what I’ll refer to as an overall summary of the activities that we’ve done, and we bring that together. ” So want to continue to do that, and again, for those of you that are on the MPUG membership, there are other articles, videos and things that we’ve been doing over the last few years.

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Webinar Recap: How to Link Tasks Using a Master Project Schedule


The process of building a schedule is we start off with we define our activities, we break them down into smaller pieces and we build our work breakdown structure. This presentation will be available for reference as part of this webinar. Really the process is just the same.

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Webinar Recap: Using WBS Schedule Pro – By Critical Tools


And you can see as I click and start the drag process, it shows me a little shadow box and I put that task I’m dragging over another box, and it tells me, “Do you want to put it to the left of that, you want to put it to the right of that, or below that?”

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The PM Skills You Can Forget About (And the Ones You Really Need to Know)


So what processes and techniques will catapult your career and what are the areas that you can… overlook? In this article I’ll look at 5 project management techniques, processes and skills that you will no doubt have heard mentioned time and time again.

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