5 Tips for Better Decision Making (With Process)

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Get it On the next screen you'll also have the option to subscribe to the GirlsGuideToPM.com newsletter with weekly(ish) project management tips. Something you can do to make decision making easier is to have a process for it. A process helps you step through the different options to give yourself confidence that you’ve covered all the angles and are ready to make the decision. The Decision Making Process. Here are some tips.

The Battle Between Process and Progress

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As Project Managers, we’re all familiar with process. In fact, sometimes it can feel as if a project manager’s world is but a never-ending universe of interlocking processes and procedures. But what happens when the need to follow organisational process inevitably conflicts with making project progress? After all, project managers are not process monkeys. We are not process workers, production line operations – or trained gerbils. It needs processes.

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Top 7 Leadership Articles: Summer Edition

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Go on reading to learn about the best leadership tips and insights of this summer. In his article, Adam Roseman suggests using a system of managing remote teams. Remind your people of their common goal and the importance of the contribution they make to the process. .

Top 7 Leadership Articles: Winter Edition

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Let’s take a look at leadership tips that world experts prepared for you this winter. If the sales rate decreases, think over all the parties participating in this process. To understand the figures, there’s nothing better than talking to the heroes involved in the process of data production. The author suggests several tips for leaders to be fair-minded when managing their employees: . What tips are to the point for you?

Task Management for Teams: 15 Tips for Staying on Track

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In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about task management and how to keep your team on track managing their tasks. Task management is the process of identifying, recording, doing and closing a task. Here are 15 task management tips for effectively doing your work. 15 Tips for Task Management. Thanks to our sponsor, Toggl , for making it possible to bring you this article on task management tips. Projects are made up of tasks.

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5 Tips To Re-Energize Your Daily Standup Meetings

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Int his article, I’ll look at 5 activities you can try in your daily team standup meeting. Here are 5 activities we tried to re-energize our project standup meetings, with tips for you to try them with your project teams too. Tip: It does help to have someone facilitating these activities so that they actually get done. One of the team members said they would make sure a process is written down before tackling any job.

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9 SEO Experts Offer Their Best SEO Tips


So, I reached out to nine SEO experts that I admire and asked them for their best SEO tips. Below are the SEO tips these experts want to share with you. Often, people tend to overcomplicate the process. With two million-plus articles written globally every day, search engine optimization is the effort needed to ensure your content is visible. Related: Ecommerce SEO Tips for Easy Organic Wins. ” Bonus SEO Tip.

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10 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses That Cost $0


Before spending money on marketing projects that could be spent on something else, consider trying these ten marketing tips for a small business that cost nothing but the time it takes to learn and maintain them. One of the easiest things you can do as a business owner is to make sure your website is in tip-top shape with the basics of SEO. Incorporating some or all of these $0 marketing tips for your small business is sure to make a major impact.

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30 Quick Risk Evaluation Tips

Project Risk Coach

” In this article, I share 30 risk evaluation tips to help you tap into your genius. Right size your risk evaluation process. The post 30 Quick Risk Evaluation Tips appeared first on. Winston Churchill said, “True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation, uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.” Enjoy! One of the top reasons for evaluating risks is to determine which risks are most significant.

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8 Tips for Estimating Resources in Project Management


Tips for Calculating Resources in Project Management. Find the right formula for your resource calculations, then take into consideration any expected decreased productivity (such as during the summer and holidays when vacations are likely to disrupt the productivity process).

Ten Ways to Solve Dysfunctional Communication Processes


Communication is the life force of each and every project and business so it needs to be fully effective to enrich the process. A dysfunctional communication process will undermine what you are trying to achieve. Tip : Communication comes in many forms.

3 Tips for Optimising Your Project Plan

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Today’s post is a guest article from Deltek, they’re part of Arras People’s project management software directory and always have good insights to share when it comes to the technical aspects of project management, in this case project planning. In other words, if the software told us to make a change in Process #7, but we know it can’t be done there, that feedback wouldn’t be valuable. The post 3 Tips for Optimising Your Project Plan appeared first on arraspeople.

How To Create A Simple Project Plan (Project Planning Process)

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Nevertheless, project planning is a structured and logical process. In this article, I’ll show you a proven workflow. At each moment of the process, you’re in need of information that you don’t have yet. Most of the processes are interrelated, and you don’t know where to start from. You use outputs from the previous steps in the next step in the process. You need to evaluate each process. Here, I focus on project planning process only.

15 Tested & Practical Tips from Women in Project Management

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This article, 15 Tested & Practical Tips from Women in Project Management , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. On International Women’s Day I wanted to share some tips from the fabulous women in project management whom I have interviewed on this blog. Here are 15 practical tips from our community of amazing women, all tested and proven by the women themselves. Read the whole article with Pam Shergill here. #6:

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Managing Team Clashes: Tips and Strategies for Conflict Resolution


Here are some tips and strategies for preparing for and managing conflict as a project manager. Did the checks and balances in your process work as intended? The post Managing Team Clashes: Tips and Strategies for Conflict Resolution appeared first on MPUG.

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The 30 Most Popular Project Management Articles from 2017


We scoured the top online publications to find the 30 most widely read and shared project management articles. Check these out for some of the most well-read best practices, tips, and lessons learned. These three articles share some of the best practices and how-to articles to help your business reduce risks and avoid costly mistakes. Here are two articles that provided in-depth coverage of some of the most common and recognized project management certifications.

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Expert Tips on Lessons Learned [Video]

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This article, Expert Tips on Lessons Learned [Video] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. ” One of the things that you do within value management is come up with a framework, which will help you to say, “These are the outcomes that we need from this project,” and then you can use that to guide you throughout the project management process to help you figure out what is the best option to deliver, and get you that outcome that you need.

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How to Develop a Strong Governance Process with These 6 Tips ?


Projects involved a lot of planning , implementation , and not to mention tracking or detecting issues and problems within the team or the project, and surpassing the following process. The two governance processes should be implemented constantly to keep track of the scope creeps, risks , opportunities, and also safeguard the following resources from running out. To stay within deadline means having a governance process that everyone will adhere to.

How to Simplify the Decision-Making Process


Too many organizations make their internal processes more complicated than they need to be and waste a lot of time trying to ensure compliance. Here are some tips to get you started. Simplicity is more of an art form than we realize.

Availability is Not a Skill Set! 5 Tips for Resource Allocation

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Here are my five tips for working out who is best placed to do the work. However, if you have a choice of resource, let location play a part in the decision-making process. A version of this article first appeared on the 2080 Strategy Execution blog way back in 2014!

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4 Real-Life Tips For Choosing Collaboration Tools

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This is what happened to Dara Ingoldsby from Prophix, a firm that develops software to automate financial and operational processes. I found out more about what happened and used Dara’s experience to pull out 4 tips for everyone else in the same situation. Tip #1: Know why you are embarking on a project to change or upgrade your software tools. Tip #2: Know what you are looking for before you start looking. The Processes: Getting Everyone Doing The Same Thing.

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7 Ways to Sell Agile to Project Stakeholders


Whether you’re making the move to Agile project management in your development group or creating an Agile process for your in-house project management methodology, chances are you’re going to have to sell this change to executives in your organization.

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Small Business Funding: 10 Tips for Getting the Money You Need


Below are some tips for getting small business funding, no matter how much you need to start or grow your business. This step is listed first because it facilitates all the other tips after it. Work on a Better Sales Process. If you want to raise the money yourself, you can also look at improving your sales process to grow your sales and revenue. The post Small Business Funding: 10 Tips for Getting the Money You Need appeared first on ProjectManager.com.

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5 Reasons Why Using Spreadsheets is a Horrible Way to Manage Projects


Here are five ways spreadsheets make project management a more horrific process than it has to be. Spreadsheets don’t give teams commenting features and audit trails that are essential to tracking how information and processes change over time.

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Discover 10 Easy Resource Allocation Tips for Project Managers


Top 10 Proven Resource Allocation Tips For Project Managers Poor resource allocation is one of the main reasons behind failed projects. Follow these ten proven tips to avoid over or underutilization of your employees to ensure your projects are delivered successfully on time, every time. As the name implies, resource allocation is a process of planning, managing, scheduling, and allocating your resources to project tasks to maximize efficiency. “In

Five Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder


Working smarter (not harder) could mean the difference between a so-so project and a successful one–this article will explore five tips for working smarter, not necessarily harder. To get a better idea of what we mean here are some tips on how you can start working smarter.

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Agile project management: 16 tips for a smooth switch to agile

Moira Alexander

The methodology, which makes use of short development cycles to provide continuous improvement in developing a product or service, is being used across many industries due to its highly collaborative and efficient processes. The following tips and strategies will aid you along the way, greatly enhancing the chances that your organization will pull off a shift to agile without a hitch. To read this article in full, please click here

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User Onboarding: 9 Steps to Perfecting your Onboarding Process


If you’re like most companies, you might send out a few half-hearted emails or give a quick ‘tip tour’ the first time they log in. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes a powerful user onboarding process, the tools and resources you have at your disposal, and some of the best practices used by your favorite startups and companies. Here's how we've structured this article: What (exactly) is user onboarding? The essential elements of a great onboarding process.

Top Tips for Reducing Risks as a Construction Project Manager


When construction projects involve owners, designers, and contractors, the project delivery system exists to describe “how these participants are organized to interact, transforming the owner’s project goals and objectives into a finished project,” explains an article for ProjectConnections. They plan, control, and optimize the project delivery process in order to ensure a high-quality result — i.e. a project that meets expectations and is completed on schedule and under budget.

Five Tips to Help Project Managers Make Better Decisions


By definition, decision making is “the thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options.” A simple decision making process goes something like this: Identify that a decision needs to be made. Ok, there are the steps, but what about making the decision process a little less daunting? Tip: While you want to gather all of the facts that will help you make the best decision, it’s also important to minimize the data you’re using. Decision-making.

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10 Steps To Streamline Work Process And Improve Workflow


Whether its work allocation, quality inspection, project monitoring, or simply going through a to-do list, project managers and teams often complicate processes which are easy to implement. You need to know how each process in every division or department of your business operates.

10 Tips for Good Meeting Minutes

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In this article we’ll look at why minutes are worth doing and then dive into the 10 tips for taking effective meeting minutes. 10 Tips for writing meeting minutes. Here are 10 tips for meeting minutes that will ensure your documents are a good record of what actually happened, without taking up too much of your time. This is my favourite tip for meeting minutes!

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16 tips for a smooth switch to agile project management

Moira Alexander

The methodology, which makes use of short development cycles to provide continuous improvement in developing a product or service, is being used across many industries due to its highly collaborative and efficient processes. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story Shifting to agile project management can greatly increase your project’s prospects for success.

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Coronavirus: Work From Home Software & Tips


That means you get a word processing program, spreadsheet and slideshow software for free. Pocket lets you save articles whenever you come across something interesting. When in the course of your day you see an article or video that catches your interest, Pocket allows you to save it, no matter where it was published. Tips for Working From Home with Remote Teams. The post Coronavirus: Work From Home Software & Tips appeared first on ProjectManager.com.

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What is a Workflow? How to Create a Winning Workflow for Your Process


We do the same steps, go through the same process, and start from scratch expecting something different to happen when we could save hours a week implementing workflows. How processes help you work smarter, not harder. Bonus: Use the Agile board to move your articles through the workflow. How processes help you work smarter, not harder. Simply put, a workflow is a clearly defined, sequential process of the optimal way to get things done.

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Automation for Boosting Digital Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Brad Egeland

We have just the tips and tricks to get you started with digital marketing automation in this article. You don’t have to manually synchronize data across multiple platforms and can instead use PieSync to automate this process. Automation is a process, not a one-time thing.

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7 tips to ensure you meet project deliverables dates

Moira Alexander

Talk with key subject matter experts about not only what the assumptions were predicated upon, but how the assumptions were determined during their thought process. Related story: 6 tips to identify project management red flags ]. Deliverables that have dependencies are identified and sequenced for specific and needed reasons, making it disastrous to by-pass without factoring in the impact and including in the change control process.

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Time Tracking in Project Management (Part 2): Three tips on how to create acceptance


In the first article of this series we came to the conclusion that time tracking should be understood and used as a tool to improve planning and resource allocation in projects.

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The PM Skills You Can Forget About (And the Ones You Really Need to Know)


So what processes and techniques will catapult your career and what are the areas that you can… overlook? In this article I’ll look at 5 project management techniques, processes and skills that you will no doubt have heard mentioned time and time again.

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Top 10 Books on Change Management (2020 edition)

Girl's Guide to PM

In other words, if you want people to use what you create — or to shift their ways of working to the new standards and processes you implement — then you have to help them through the transition. Leading Change (2012) is a comprehensive guide to his 8-step process for managing change. These books will give you a rounded view of change management, and plenty of practical tips for making organisational and project change run smoothly in your business — and stick.

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