Can Project Duration Estimation be done without Assumptions?


The mapping app will take mode of transport, route, current traffic, and current weather into consideration before giving you an estimate. Let us revisit the project example that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Articles Accuracy assumption duration estimationOne of the most frequently asked questions when someone is about to start a new task is likely, “how much time will it take?”. Time is limited.

All About…Project Manager Nomads


Gone are large, centralized and physical project centers; today you can easily manage projects from public work hubs, use software to teleport you offsite, and utilize Uber, the most efficient transportation system in history. Articles nomad project management project managerThe Day I Knew I Was One…. Ironically, it was while managing a program to provide upgraded yurts to nomadic people in Southwest China.

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A Short History of Project Management


This article will cover most of the major project management happenings throughout history. By default, these people were doing early project management by obtaining/transporting the heavy blocks of stones and related materials (procurement and quality management) and acquiring and scheduling the slave workers (resource and communications management) to do their work. Articles project management project manager

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The Perfect Storm for The Project Economy

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The housing may happen organically, but the infrastructure for transportation, power, water and hospitals all need projects to make them happen.   [Note: For more articles from Mike Griffiths, visit his blog at

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How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Nearly a century later, in 1956, The New York Times published an article describing the consequences of climate change with an understated last sentence accurately predicting “coal and oil are still plentiful and cheap in many parts of the world, and there is every reason to believe that both will be consumed by industry so long as it pays to do so.” Fortunately, there are a lot of transportation options if you are willing to get them a try.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Backup For Project Managers

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This is a guest article by Mauricio Prinzlau. While DVDs are easily transported around, tape drives can store very large volumes of data. This article was kindly sponsored by Cloudwards. Are you backing up your project and personal files effectively? Today’s practical option is a cloud storage solution. There are various types of data backup techniques. Conventional backup techniques use tape, DVDs and USB connected devices.

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Creed Over Greed: Motivation and Purpose

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A Bloomberg article Fired Tesla Workers Still Love Elon Musk recaps some of the comments. From a reverse perspective, a recent Science Direct article found that Employees who practice mindfulness meditation are less motivated, having realized the futility of their jobs.

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Project Budget Example: How to Create an Accurate Project Budget for Junior Project Managers

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If you don’t understand it yet consider reading suggest articles. Transportation expenses. Do you want to see a project budget example? A real one. The one that comes from practical experience ? Then, you are in the right place!

Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

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“ Software is eating the world ” claimed venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen in his 2011, New York Times article. Not just technology companies (like Google, Apple) but every sector is being disrupted by software including retail (Amazon), banking (PayPal, cryptocurrencies), transportation (Tesla, Uber), and travel (Airbnb). I first wrote this article for here ].

7 Productive Things to Do When Bored


The best thing about these podcasts is that you can listen to them taking a break, driving to your next meeting or commuting to work in public transport. Non-fiction such as how-to articles, daily newsletter, and community page can help you stay aware of your surroundings.

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How To Lead Your Manager

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This does not end with the want of a new car, or the need of transportation. One of the most popular Harvard Business Review articles is Who’s Got the Monkey , originally from 1974 but still relevant today. This is a guest post by Nick Nuss from VocationCultivation. Nick Nuss.

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Is Remote Work Really as Green as It Claims to Be?


There’s a lack of data on the modes of transportation digital nomads use; if they’re traveling mostly by ground, their impact wouldn’t be as big, but it wouldn’t be negligible, either. Traveling to three or more countries by air would put a digital nomad’s emissions above that, even without considering other factors like daily transportation, electricity use, and diet. Read the first article in Toggl’s series on green business and remote work.

12 Ways to Ensure Your Business Trip Goes Smoothly


The same technique applies to booking your trip and planning out transportation from the airport. The Teamweek blog features a wide variety of great topics and articles to help managers learn everything they need to be successful. Whether you travel every week or rarely have to leave the office, there are a few simple techniques to make sure things go smoothly every time you go on a business trip.

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Is Software Development Art or Engineering

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Our daily lives depend on complex software-intensive systems, from banking to communications to transportation to medicine. Related articles. I started my career as a Software Engineer , writing Fortran 77 signal processing algorithms to find and track missile launchers in the middle eastern desert. This skill was an extension of the signal processing work I did as a grad student looking for information in the data stream of a particle accelerator.

6 Steps Every Team Should Follow?—?A Project Management Guide for 2019


ProofHub features Discussions and one-on-one chats Custom Roles Workflows and Kanban boards Gantt chart tool Time tracking API access to data transport Project and resource reports Advanced activity logs Project calendars and stand-alone calendars Priority support ProofHub pricing Essential?—?$50/month customized (contact the vendor for a quote) Did you find this article helpful? 6 Steps Every Team Should Follow?—?A

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Best Productivity Applications, Extensions and Add-Ons for Project Managers

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If you often find yourself in a situation when you come across an interesting video or article and you’re extremely busy at the moment, you add it to bookmarks but then you just forget it, this Google Chrome extension is especially for you.

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Why ‘work from anywhere’ may just be the productivity boost your organization needs

In this comprehensive article on work from anywhere , we’ll delve into: The price we pay for an unhealthy premium on “productivity” What is working from anywhere, anyway? So successful, in fact, that many other companies are following suit and trying out the system, according to an Entrepreneur article. Employees spend a lot on transportation, and being able to work from home or from a more convenient location helps employees channel those costs into other things.

Knowledgeline: Building e-Discovery Teams:: by Tom Baldwin


David Cain is currently the Chairman of the advisory board to TTI (Texas Transportation Institute). Senator Cain represented Senate District 2 for eight years in the Texas Senate and Chaired the Senate State Affairs Subcommittee on Transportation and served nine terms in the Texas House of Representatives for District 107. During his twelve years as Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, Senator Cains efforts on behalf of the people of Texas have been widely recognized.

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