Top 10 Books on Change Management (2020 edition)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Change management is so important for making sure that the change you deliver is embedded in the organisation. Here’s my list of top change management books for leaders. Leading Change by John P. Communicating Change by Elizabeth Harrin.

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How Change Management Fits Into Projects

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article, How Change Management Fits Into Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Way back when I started managing projects, change management was a specific role in large organisations. Big projects – and lucky project managers – had their own Business Change Manager. This person’s role was to integrate the change delivered by a project into the operations of the company. Change Management has Changed.

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7 Best PRINCE2 Books for 2022 (Including PRINCE2 Agile Books)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article first appeared at Rebel's Guide to Project Management. When I did my Foundation and Practitioner exams, I only used the two official PRINCE2 handbooks: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2. and the partner book: Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2.

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Shine [Book Review]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

As the book is ultimately about being remembered in a positive way, that’s important. This subtle change in the language shows you have tried to recall it and can’t and this should feel a bit better for the other person. Lewis talks about how to build confidence, kill complacency, deal with conflict and handle change. The book is packed with icons and I thought it would be annoying but I soon got over that. Book review: So What? “Do Better Meetings Books

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How to “Brexit Proof” Your Project Strategy

Arras People

DADA has provided a free Ebook detailing the events key points. The speaker line-up included Rohit Talwar who was a keynote Futurologist speaker at the Association of Project Management Conference 2018 as well as Stuart Easton, CEO of Transparent Choice. The event kicked off with an opening address from Sachin Melwani, Managing Director of Dada Enterprises, who gave an overview of the Brexit timeline, the various Brexit options available and the potential project delivery impacts.

Unlock All Your Team “Kan” Do With a Kanban Template


In 2001, software developers changed project management forever by introducing Agile to the world with the Manifesto for Software Development. Agile is an umbrella of methodologies that boost productivity by empowering teams to operate with more flexibility than traditional hierarchical styles of project management. Japanese for “visual signal” or “visual card,” Kaban is centered on managing workload capacity. Ready to leverage the Kanban style of project management?

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? You can see a list of all their books in one place here. I’m sure you take away tips and ideas for making this your best year yet managing projects at work. So I made you an ebook. You can scroll down and get the highlights, and then read all the advice in the How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects ebook.

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PMI-RMP® Certification


Overview: The Project Management Institute's Registered Risk Manager Program (PMI-RMP®) is a risk management certification for project managers. It focuses on project management for IT professionals. Communications Management. Project management fundamentals.

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Using Quizzes In Project Communications

Rebel’s Guide to PM

And that includes communicating and embedding the change to try to ensure the best result for the business. Are you ready for the changes coming at the end of the month? That supported the act of having the newsletter and meant that I wasn’t just communicating boring software changes. I wrote a book about how to use emerging technologies , so I am not one to turn down the chance to play with new software! How is that at all relevant to our work as project managers?

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A Project Manager is a Superhero (or, their Mild-Mannered Alter Ego)


If one reads the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (or as the cognoscenti call it, PMI’s PMBOK) you’d think there was just one way to be a project manager; a heavily waterfall approach that the cool kids think is old fashion. The experienced project manager needs to have a variety of tools to manage a variety of situations. You can also read books and blogs (like the LiquidPlanner blog!), eBook: How to Manage Chaos.

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

Online PM Courses

#PMOT is the Twitter hashtag used by Project Managers on Twitter. If you want to follow project management conversations on Twitter… Or if you want to keep up with the latest articles, or products… #PMOT is a good tag to follow. It’s not the only tag project managers use. But, as the hook for a roundup of some of my favorite Project Managers of Twitter, #PMOT is as good as any. Project Management People. Project Management: @ PMArticles.

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How to Master the 5 Phases of the Project Management Life Cycle


Let’s explore the typical project management life cycle and how you and your team can maximize each phase for a killer project. . Project management life cycle phases. The Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines the project life cycle as “the series of phases that a project passes through from its initiation to its closure.”. You can also figure out what project life cycle management software or other tools you’ll use to streamline the process.

80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


Where can you go to talk Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, and Agile workflows to your heart’s content with other project management aficionados? There’s a treasure trove of valuable information available online for anyone looking to sharpen their project management skills. . We’ve compiled a list of over 80 of the very best online resources for project managers, including online training sites, podcasts, ebooks, tools and templates, blogs, and more. .

12 Useful Project Management Boards on Pinterest


Our recent “ 11 Ways to Use Social Media to find PM Resources ” blog post tells you HOW to find great project management resources on the social media site, but now we’re taking it a step further. Here’s a list of our favorite project management-related Pinterest boards to check out when we want to find new PM strategies, awesome infographics, project management images or PM humor on those days that just need a laugh. General Project Management Boards.

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Communicating Change: A New Book From Elizabeth

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article, Communicating Change: A New Book From Elizabeth , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Change management and communications used to be part of “someone else’s job”. Project managers weren’t hands on with communicating about their project. The sponsor did it, or the change manager, or even the business lead. “ I loved the book! Communicating Change is available only as an ebook.