Virtual Leadership [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

That’s why I was keen to read Virtual Leadership by Penny Pullan, and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy before it hit the shelves. So, in the normal style of my book reviews, let me tell you more about what’s in the book and what else I thought about it.

Leadership KPIs

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to set up leadership key performance indicators (KPIs) to do just that. In Review – Leadership KPIs. Signs of Successful Leadership. Increase leadership emphasis on cultural alignment. Increase leadership communication.

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Business Leadership for IT Projects [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

Before I’d got far reading Gary Lloyd’s Business Leadership for IT Projects I realised he was offering a critical assessment on the Standish report on project failure – thankfully. The book introduced me to the concept of value-based delivery. Books Expert Views

Book Review: The Power of Project Leadership


I just finished the last chapter of Susanne Madsen’s piece on The Power of Project Leadership (2nd edition). I closed her exceptional book completely inspired and itching to get a copy in the hands of both LiquidPlanner employees and our customers.

Leadership Challenges

Scores of people talk about leadership and its benefits, but few mention the obstacles that leaders face. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, discusses common leadership challenges, what the role looks like to the team and the larger organization, and how one must constantly adjust in order to succeed.

Top 5 Leadership Theories

Leadership is a quality that’s important for success and yet so difficult to define. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, cuts through the noise and reveals five of the best leadership theories. In Review – Top 5 Leadership Theories. Leadership Defined. What is leadership?

Leadership Building Activities

Leadership is a combination of innate and learned traits. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you three key leadership building activities that will help you become a better leader. In Review – Leadership Building Activities. These are the building blocks of true leadership.

The Conscious Project Leader [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

I have been a bit lax with project management reading recently but one book that I have made time for is The Conscious Project Leader: How to Create a Culture of Success for Your Projects, Your Team and Yourself. Leadership. See all my project management book reviews here.

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How to Build Trust in Virtual Teams [Book Review & Tips]

Girl's Guide to PM

Wise’s book, Trust in Virtual Teams. For me, this was the big revelation from the book. leadership support. ” My view of the book. The book includes stories from his own experience but no external case studies.

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Bridging the PM Competency Gap [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, Bridging the PM Competency Gap [Book Review] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. The book won’t tell you what competencies your team needs, but it does lay out a roadmap for helping you work that out for yourself. Do You Need This Book?

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The Project Manager’s Little Book of Cheats [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, The Project Manager’s Little Book of Cheats [Book Review] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. There’s no such thing as cheating in project management,” writes Beth Spriggs , “but if there were it would be this book.”. The book’s cover.

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Best Leadership Books for Project Managers

Girl's Guide to PM

What are the best leadership books for project managers? These are books I have read over the years that I turn to time and time again for inspiration and because I know the strategies in them work. It’s a great choice for people who are suddenly put into a leadership position.

Announcing "Agile Illustrated" Book

Leading Answers

It is a short, graphical overview of agile and agile team leadership published as an Amazon Kindle eBook. It also serves as a great executive summary for instilling an agile mindset and teaching the leadership behaviors to serve agile teams.

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Review of Product Development Books

Leading Answers

This is where product development books can help. As I was working with clients experiencing the transition from projects to products I was lucky to engage with several authors of product-first, #NoProjects books and chat about the challenge areas and potential solutions.

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Leadership in Project Management: The Complete Guide

PM Basics

This is complete guide on leadership in project management. Here you’ll learn: What is leadership in project management in practice? Key Concepts of Leadership. Leadership Without Authority. Leadership In Project Management: What Does it Mean? Leadership

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Project Leadership In Uncertain Environments with Carole Osterweil

Girl's Guide to PM

And Carole Osterweil has written a book about it. Her book, Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience: A Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog , was published in early in 2019. What’s the difference between project management and project leadership? What do you hope for the book?

What are the Best Project Management Books?

Online PM Courses

But, for a new project manager, project management books are still a great way to learn. And for those of us with experience under our belts, the right project management books can offer new insights and ideas. Next step books on specific project management disciplines.

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Top 7 Leadership Articles: Winter Edition

Epicflow Blog

You can’t know too much about leadership. Let’s take a look at leadership tips that world experts prepared for you this winter. 4 Basic Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills Overnight. The post Top 7 Leadership Articles: Winter Edition appeared first on Epicflow.

Virtual Leadership: Interview With Author Penny Pullan

Girl's Guide to PM

In this video I interview author Penny Pullan about her new book, Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams , which is out this year. Jeff Furman, author of The Project Management Answer Book, has just.

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Project Management and Leadership Competencies: A Snapshot

The IIL Blog

The Project Management Institute (PMI) ® Talent Triangle ® has addressed the need for project leadership competencies. 3) Leadership. Below is a contrast between project management vs. project leadership competencies. Leadership Technical Competency. Leadership.

Project Management Q&A: How Do I Develop My Leadership Skills?

Arras People

I’d like to focus on my self-development this year, especially on the leadership side. With the leadership side of the Talent Triangle it’s all these behavioural skills like influencing, negotiation, team building and so on. Many project practitioners opt for short bursts of knowledge from books, seminars, webinars and TED talks seem to be a firm favourite. The post Project Management Q&A: How Do I Develop My Leadership Skills?

Leadership -- introverted

Musings on Project Management

And, my experience aligns well with Susan Cain's popular book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Indeed, mixing in a group discharges an leadershipThe introverted leader: is this an oxymoron? In my experience: definitely not. And by introverted, we mean: Someone who gets more energy out of quiet time--loner time, even if in an open plan--than they do mixing in a group.

The Best Self-Help Books to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

But we do know that when it comes to business, leadership, personal productivity and work-life balance, a slew of seriously helpful self-help books has recently been published that can help you make 2020 your best year yet. Best Self-Help Books About Business. Buy the book.

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The Best Self-Help Books to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

But we do know that when it comes to business, leadership, personal productivity and work-life balance, a slew of seriously helpful self-help books has recently been published that can help you make 2019 your best year yet. Best Self-Help Books About Business. Buy the book.

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Leadership vs. Management w/ Ross Beurmann

Leading Agile

In this episode of SoundNotes, Ross Beurmann joins Dave to talk about the difference between Leadership and Management. Books Mentioned In This Podcast. Leadership is Language – L. Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go!

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Project Managers at Work – Expert Guidance for All Project Managers [Bruce Harpham book review]

Project Bliss

I recently read Bruce Harpham’s new book, Project Managers at Work. And before I knew it, I’d read the entire book! The information covers topics such as decision-making, leadership, influence, and managing teams. I loved the book concept and layout and wanted to know more.

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Do We Need ‘Agile’ Leadership?

Agile Coach

Yesterday Adriana Girdler and I presented Timeless Leadership at the Toronto Agile Tour. Our intent was to show that everything we need to know about leadership has already been invented, we just need to stop and look around once in a while instead of jumping on the next agile fad.

Communication Skills for Project Managers | The Best Books

Online PM Courses

Luckily, there are many great books to help you. So, in this article, I have set out to share some of the brilliant books that have helped me learn along the way. Communication Skills for Project Managers – The Best Books. I love Leil Lowndes’ books.

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Overseeing 135 book reviews, what stands out?

Henny Portman

I provided book reviews for all eight issues of a Dutch Project Management Magazine (Vakblad Projectmanagement). I used, for these eight reviews, book reviews that I wrote for this blog and Many books are about business agility, culture and / or agile transition.

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The Four Essentials of Project Team Leadership

Online PM Courses

Team Leadership itself is not hard. In this article, I want to hone down to the four essentials of project team leadership. The Four Essentials of Project Team Leadership. Leadership isn’t something you are born with, like brown eyes.

Top 7 Leadership Articles: Spring Edition

Epicflow Blog

We’ve analyzed this spring’s leadership articles in top business publications including MIT Sloan Management Review, Inc., Choose the Leadership Style That Suits You Best. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, shares a life lesson of modern leadership.

Earning Leadership PDUs for PMIs Certification


Leadership PDUs are a valuable asset to embrace your leadership skills. Once you earn these leadership PDUs, you can apply them to PMP® certification or any other PMIs certification renewal. Leadership PDUs are one of the categories of the Talent Triangle.

Best Books for Women in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

In this video I share my four favourite books for women in leadership and women in project management positions. Watch the video, or scroll down to read more about these book choices. She has a very interesting career story which is covered in this book.

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7 Most Important Leadership Behaviors for Female Project Managers

Girl's Guide to PM

While I was researching my book, Customer-Centric Project Management , I came across a piece of research in the Project Management Journal about women’s leadership skills. Most important leadership behaviors for project managers. Leadership has a huge effect on projects.

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Leadership Lessons

Herding Cats

I wrote a paper in 2005 for our Program Management Office Project Managers about Shackleton's ventures from the book Shackleton's Way. Developing Leadership Skills. Get rid of unnecessary middle layers of authority, direct leadership is more effective in emergency situations. Thoughts on Leadership from Shackleton . Leadership is a fine thing, but it has its penalties.

Develop your project leadership skills in the new year

Susanne Madsen

To continue to develop your project leadership skills, have a look through the eight topics below. ​Diversity and inclusion can increase team performance Project Leadership - challenge the status quo Is your mindset preventing you from being a project leader

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Top 10 Lean/ Kanban Books for IT, Software and Knowledge Work!


Irrespective of where you are in your Kanban journey, here is a comprehensive list of the top Kanban books that will help you with knowledge, insights and experience related to Kanban and ensures an empowered journey towards achieving your business goals. Are you new to Kanban?

Lean 96

One Minute Manager and 6 Apps to build Self-Leadership


The Book carries a time-based theme throughout, and the main focus is on the little things that can result in very substantial results. Brown are the perfect examples to share their insights about the three most important lessons of self-leadership to the young employee.

The 9 Best Leadership Games for Skill Development

Leadership is not an academic pursuit. That doesn’t mean that book smarts are a waste of time. We’re talking leadership games. The following leadership games can both make you a better leader, and improve the leadership qualities of your team members.

The Science of Growth [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the premise behind the book. The book presents interesting case studies of pairs of companies where one has been successful and one hasn’t. Leadership consistency and stability at the top. Books General

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