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How to Create an Event Budget

Having to make an event budget adds another layer of stress. But it doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you follow a few simple steps to creating an event budget. If you’re struggling with the event budget it can negatively impact the whole event. What Is an Event Budget? How to Create an Event Budget. Learn more.

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Top 5 Project Budget Management Apps You Need In 2022


We know how troubling it can be to keep track of your budget. Managing your personal expenses is already a stretch, but the budget of an entire business can be a bit too overwhelming. Thankfully, many project budget management apps can make your work much easier and more fun. How Can Project Budget Management Software Help You?

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Project Controls: A Quick Guide

Like the name implies, project controls are about controlling the project and keeping it from exceeding budgets and deadlines. Think of project controls as the mechanism that keeps a project on schedule when planning and executing, keeping costs within budget. Cost estimates. Therefore, it’s key for making accurate estimates.

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Creating a Project Budget in 7 Steps


Looking to create a project budget but have no idea where to begin? Cost estimation isn’t simple — but creating a project budget that works for you and your client is practically an art form. It drives your decisions, influences your clients’ opinions, and is at the back of your mind almost every turn.

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Construction Project Manager Job Description (with Free Example!)

A construction project manager job description seeks a candidate who can plan and oversee a construction project from initiation to close with the help of software , resources and a reasonable budget. Balancing the budget. Staying on Budget. Construction project managers monitor costs throughout the life cycle of the project.

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Cost of Production: Types of Production Costs

For example, if the cost of production is always higher than the profits that a company brings in, that product or service must be discontinued in order to keep within budget. Now you always know if you’re keeping to your budget or not. Here are some tools that monitor your production costs.

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How to Create a Performance Measurement Baseline for Your Projects

The performance measurement baseline (often abbreviated as PMB) is part of the project plan that sets the scope, budget and schedule. The schedule baseline is made up of project activities and the cost baseline is the budget allocated to those activities. This can include milestones , percentage of work completed or budget consumed.