Budget 2020: What Does it Mean for the PM Domain?

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I’m sure like me, many of you were keeping an eye out for Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s first Budget presented last week, keen to learn what implications it would have for the PM domain going forward as well as coronavirus. Here are some of the main headlines: IR35 goes ahead as planned.

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True Enterprise Governance – its more than just PPM!


The introduction of detail planning techniques, other than traditional “waterfall” and the rapid adoption of Agile, in recent years indicates we are approaching another significant market re-definition. These items do not have tasks or other attributes of detail planning.

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How to Keep Your Projects On-Time and On-Budget

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And now more than ever, projects that are over budget, behind schedule or are not delivering the value originally promised are in jeopardy of being cancelled. companies and government agencies an estimated $145 billion per year!

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The Risk Management Plan

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Warning – do not use the same plan for every project. Work with your team to right-size your risk management plan. The risk management plan should be commensurate with the size and complexity of your project. For large, complex projects, the plan may be much longer.

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25 of the Best Planning Quotes


It seems that people have been writing about planning for as long as people have been writing. No enterprise, whether it’s assembling the space shuttle or getting dinner on the table, is done well without a plan. He’s referring to the necessity of including risk in any thorough plan. “By

How to Make a Contingency Plan


You’ve heard the phrase, “Always have a Plan B.” ” Well, “Plan B” is just common vernacular for what’s known as a contingency plan. The use of contingency plans is widespread and applies to any business venture.

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Vendor Showcase Recap: Triskell Software for Enterprise Governance


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Rich Murphy’s showcase session, Triskell Software for Enterprise Governance, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. We do plan to answer those for you after each segment of the presentation.

Everything You Need to Know About Project Management Governance

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One of the major reasons is the lack of project management governance. . This is precisely where project governance comes to the picture. . Meaning & Definition of Governance. The first of which is to have a solid understanding of what project governance is.

Capacity Planning: What It Is and How to Do It


Capacity planning is an issue of supply and demand: one that can decide the fate of your project. Read on to learn how to plan your resources, and make sure your team members are working on the right task at the right time. What Is Capacity Planning? Capacity Planning.

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Your Basic Guide to IT Project Governance Framework


IT project governance framework has since been the answer to this equation, but people seemed not to fully grasp its function. This article tackles the importance and significance of IT Project Governance Framework and its impact on the projects in the organization. Project governance is crucial component of every project since the responsibilities that come with it are interconnected with different business cases, as well as the project’s overall success.

Lean Portfolio Management: Lean Budgets and Investment Funding


Funding practices—that is, the way budgets are allocated throughout the organization—dictate nearly every business outcome. This is where Lean budgeting comes in. In traditional organizations, funding decisions are project-based, meaning budget is allocated on a per-project basis.

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Transport for London’s Signal Failure – £886m more than planned*

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The above costs come from a report published by Budget and Performance Committee of the London Assembly. Optimistic planning bias strikes again? Horrible headlines and a horrible situation.

Scope Management Plan: Everything You Need to Know

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So for a formal project, you’ll need a good Scope Management Plan. But a Scope Management Plan is a tiny part of project management. Why a Scope Management Plan is Important. In other words which comes first scope management plan or project management plan?

Project Cost Management – The Essential Things to Know and Do

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But there’s little your project sponsor, your client, or their Finance Director care about more than your budget and how closely you can stick to it. What is not negotiable is the budget. The governance considerations for project cost management. Determine Budget.

Off-Payroll Working Legislation (IR35) Update

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Tonight the Government announced that the reform to the off-payroll working rules that would have applied for people contracting their services to large or medium-sized organisations outside the public sector will be delayed for one year from 6 April 2020 until 6 April 2021.

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Project Failure – Why it Happens

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– 2 – Governance. Governance is hardly the most sexy of project management disciplines. Good governance is a cornerstone of project success, so poor governance inevitably leads to project failure. Lack of Governance Structure. – 3 – Planning.

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Securing The Houses of Parliament for Future Generations

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Whilst exterior works are underway a £3.5bn interior project has been planned to take place in 2025. The cost of both moves falls under the £3.5bn budget. The biggest challenge to this project is keeping it within the agreed budget.

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The Top 5 Resource Capacity Planning Tools For Teams Of All Sizes (Free & Paid)


Resource capacity planning tools help ensure that your business and projects always stay on top of resource requirements and capacity challenges. In this article, you’ll learn about the tools that help you plan and manage your team’s capacity. Why is capacity planning important?

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How to Develop a Strong Governance Process with These 6 Tips ?


Projects involved a lot of planning , implementation , and not to mention tracking or detecting issues and problems within the team or the project, and surpassing the following process. It also means successfully identified the stakeholders and risks and the project are already in the plan, ready for implementation. To stay within deadline means having a governance process that everyone will adhere to. Cet article How to Develop a Strong Governance Process with These 6 Tips

Developing Your Benefits Realization Plan

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Is it possible to deliver a project on time, on budget, and to scope and still have an unsuccessful project? The Benefits Realization Plan (BRP) is an instrumental part of benefits realization management. Some suggested topics you should include in the plan: The purpose of the project.

Scheduling and Cost Control in a Complex Environment

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

The recent UK Government’s enquiry into the management of major projects was cut short by world events, but the interim report and oral evidence make for interesting reading. [1] And of course, for our projects and our organisations, we don’t have Governments to bail us out.

The Ultimate Quick Guide To Building a Risk Management Plan

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Risky Business: What is a Risk Management Plan? A risk management plan is put in place by project managers to reduce risk in the project. The aim is to minimize any negative impacts on your roadmap , project deadlines, and budgets. How to Build a Risk Management Plan.

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The Best Strategic Planning Software for Teams


Making plans is an essential part of everyday life. This applies perfectly to the concept of preparing a strategic plan for your business. A strategic plan encompasses everything from a company’s vision, all the way down to each individual team members goals.

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The Best Strategic Planning Software for Teams


Making plans is an essential part of everyday life. This applies perfectly to the concept of preparing a strategic plan for your business. A strategic plan encompasses everything from a company’s vision, all the way down to each individual team members goals.

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Become an Adaptive PMO: Advance Agility Across Planning and Delivery


Success requires becoming a more “Adaptive PMO,” evolving how you plan, govern, and empower delivery teams to do their best work. This graphic depicts the progression of becoming more agile across planning and delivery. Move toward continuous planning and incremental funding.

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Impacts of traditional project funding models on agile delivery

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Traditional project funding models are anchored to periodic (annual, semi-annual or quarterly) portfolio re-planning exercises which ingest updated forecasts for active investments and funding requests for new ones.

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Project Design in Project Management: A Quick Guide


Project managers rely on a good design to avoid pitfalls and provide parameters to maintain crucial aspects of the project, like the schedule and the budget. In this stage of the project, the decisions about how to manage and govern are made. What’s the Contingency Plan?

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Project managers, just say no!

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There is a huge demand from senior managers and stakeholder and clients to deliver quicker, with the same level of quality and of course, on budget! Stakeholder management and communications plans – ensure you have them and use them both to communicate.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Planning and Scheduling (#PS). Integrated Master Plan and Master Schedule (#IMPIMS). Governance (#Governance). Without those, progress to plan can only be measured with the passage of time and consumption of money. Planning and Scheduling . Governance.

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Project Versus Product in Agile Development

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If the development work has no deadline , no not to exceed budget, no Minimal Viable Capabilities in the sense of MVP's meaning without these CapaCapabilitieslemented by there Features we cannot Go Live on the needed date for the needed budget, then the phrases in the quote may be applicable.

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Rogue Project Sponsor: What to Do when Sponsorship goes Bad

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So the counter to this is to set and agree clear expectations for progress, budget, and delivery of outcomes right at the start. At its simplest, I’ll set a: Planned, or baseline, set of outcomes, budget, and progress rate. You will simply follow your plan.

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How to Create the Perfect Project Management Plan


A project management plan is the plan a team follows to complete a project. A useful project management plan includes the targets and goals of a project and provides a clear definition of roles to be played by everyone involved. The anticipated budget for the project.

Deconstructing the Hertz and Accenture Debacle

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Hertz spent months planning the project. What did these plans look like? Were they based on the established planning processes for complex Software Intensive System of Systems? We play this role in ERP acquisitions for commercial and government clients . Handling plans.

How to Build a Robust Project Risk Culture [8 Steps]

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Patterns and trends may start to emerge, that you can use to optimize your risk planning and processes, and inform benchmarks and metrics. This will hep you improve your budget and schedule estimates, and therefore reduceover-runs. Access resources and budget.

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How to Talk About Estimates

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If I'm risking two weeks of work for the Scrum team of 5 people it's a much different need from the risk of a $10B manned spaceflight program being supported to congress for budget authorization. . What is an estimate?

Cautionary Tale of Resource Capacity Planning: #1 Reason for PSO Project Failure


When reviewing vendors to meet that need, these PPM pros had better factor effective capacity planning processes into the mix. The Project Group recently offered a great working definition of capacity planning that clearly delineates the difference between resource planning and capacity planning for the enterprise: “Tactical resource planning is the coordination between project and line managers.

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Scrum vs. Kanban Board: Which One Is Better for Building a Project Plan?


However, there are a few methodologies that come to mind when you’re looking to create a project plan. But first, it helps to know that any good project plan provides 3 things: Transparency – Everyone involved knows the status of each moving piece and can jump in when needed.


Agile Project Management Methods

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They have not to exceed budgets , they have emerging requirements built on baselined Capabilities. There is a lot of unsubstantiated claims going around about how agile should or should not be applied. How estimates are or are not needed. How the team should or should not be managed.

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What's Missing from the Agile Software Development Paradigm

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Systems Engineering assess the processes for achieving stakeholder functional, physical, and operational performance requirements in the intended use environment over the planned life of the system within cost, schedule, and internal and external constraints.

The CIO's Contribution to Project Failure

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IT project failure starts with demanding the project maintain its budget and delivery times in the absence of a Plan to go along with the Schedule of the work. Missing capabilities and a credible plan prevent the schedule from being credible.

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