From Order Taker to Opportunity Maker…IT’s Digital Transition for Driving the Business

Leading Agile

Professions such as Medicine, Law, Beauty, Teaching, Transportation, Security, Accounting, Engineering, and Project Management all have one thing in common; certifications and internal governance. Teams delivering on a predictable cadence earn the trust of the business. Hold Teams, as well as overall organization, accountable for producing a working tested increment of product on a regular cadence.

Is Your Agile Project Healthy?

Project Management Essentials

I recommend that agile teams have a product owner who has an understanding of the business needs, along with strong influencing skills. If the product owner is not available to work with the team full-time, then look for second-best options: Assign someone to be responsible for the administrative tasks associated with the product owner role; Establish a regular cadence where the product owner meets with the stakeholders to build and review the product backlog; and.


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Webinar Recap: Winning Presentation Skills


Within your history, you can print or download your transcript and certificates of completion, including the one for today. Somebody stopped him, gave him that little shard of advice, and the reason I know this is because if you listen to the way he presents, if you listen to his cadence and the cadence of his speech, what you discover is, oh, my gosh, he’s pausing a lot.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Influences on IT Strategy: How IT Strategy Impacts the Development of Systems Based on COTS Products , Strategy is creating fit among a company’s activities. Control Account Management Notional Interview Questions , here's a set of question Control Account Managers need to answer when they are being interviewed by DCMA, PM-30, or the CFA when the program or the firm is seeking EVMS Validation or Certification. These were developed from successful actual EVMS Certification Reviews.

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