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Conducting a PMO Assessment

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My favorite is the PMO assessment. Whether considering standing up a new PMO or revamping an existing, doing an assessment is a key initial step to setting one up. Though there are PMO maturity models, which are all good, I don’t like to talk about those right away. Yeah, I talk about this a lot when discussing PMOs.

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The Value of an Agile Project Management Office


Welcome to the concept of the Project Management Office or PMO. In this article, we will learn about PMOs as organizational structures, about various types of PMOs, and about traditional roles within a PMO. PMO Definition. As noted in the definition, a PMO is an organizational structure.

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Connecting Business with IT to Achieve Agility in the Financial Sector


Joaquim’s response: The starting point was providing a governance framework that aligns the work of different roles to company objectives, KPIs, and cadence, with a good balance of rigor and flexibility. The report shows scope, benefit, time, and budget and is used in online meetings prior to senior management review.

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The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Projects might additional calendars as well to show resource availability, communication cadence, etc. Capability: In project management terms, capability refers to the ability to realize a specific outcome. Integration Management Plan: This plan documents the project's approach to integration planning and change management.