7 Factors for running an effective Kanban Replenishment Meeting


In 2015, in a blog post called Kanban Cadences , David Anderson laid out a set of 7 Kanban cadences or meetings that provide comprehensive opportunities for feedback, planning, and review in an enterprise. or a simple Priority or Rank, usually defined jointly by the stakeholders, etc.

Releases and Deadlines in Agile

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Cadence Release - when a fixed period ends, go with what is ready to go. Cadence Release paradigm, is a flow-based approach. A predictive rhythm defines when the release will be released. The variability of the development work is minimized through the planned cadence.

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The Potential of Agile

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Quality should be defined from the outside in, just like your product. When you define quality as “how many bugs there are” you are thinking too small. Where the agile process enables higher quality – better fitness function – is through the iterative cadence.

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How effective is your benefits management framework?

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The specific frequency of these re-forecasts is context-specific, but a minimum cadence should be established at the portfolio level to support normal portfolio monitoring and reporting practices. Benefits management, like project risk management, is practiced poorly by most organizations.

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

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At the end of the day, it depends on how you define agility, or more precisely how you define “self-directed.” In support of that long term goal you may define a handful of strategic initiatives.

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Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

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This Plan needs to define: How the products and services will be “matured” as the project progresses? It serves no purpose to have a risk plan and the defined mitigations in the absence of a risk communication plan. Herding Cats: Capabilities Release or Cadence Release.

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Difference Between Agile Project Management and Scrum

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We recommend using Agile if: The final version of the product is not defined. Unknown end-goal: If your project’s end goal is not defined then Agile will work for you. Teams can ship software on a regular cadence by fixed-length iterations called sprints that last for one to two weeks.


Deliver Fast or Deliver as Planned (Update)

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The Plan for the delivery of value is shown in the Product Roadmap and implemented in the Cadence Release Plan, or sometimes in the Capabilities Release plan. Showing up fast is defined by showing up when needed. The need is defined in the Capabilities Based Planning process. .

GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide Applied to Agile

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The order of the needed Capabilties in defined in the business strategy. . Either a Cadence Release Plan or a Capabilities Release Plan. The GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide has 12 steps. These describe the increasing maturity of the project's artifacts.

Common Ground for a Conversation about Estimating

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Can these two Features 2015007 and 2015008 going to make into the next Cadence release, scheduled for the end of November?". It's been suggested Estimates are the smell of dysfunction , but not root cause is defined, nor any Corrective Actions. Neil Killick posted a good question, what's the common ground for talking about estimates. In this post I'd suggest predictability is very difficult to achieve in the presence of uncertainty.

Using Kanban in Marketing


Our Cadences. Each card in the Events lane has a pre-defined To-do list. The pre-defined To-do list provides clarity of the overall work that needs to be done, work completed and the remaining tasks to be done to complete each Event.

Agile Release Train (ART)


Program Increments (PIs) provide a development timebox (default 10 weeks) that uses cadence and synchronization to facilitate planning, limiting WIP, provide for aggregation of value and assure consistent retrospectives. Clearly defined, objective milestones are established.

Same Same but Different †

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Regular delivery of incremental business value - defined in a Product Roadmap, scheduled in a Cadence or Capability release plan. Much of the conversation in social media around agile techniques seems to be based on the differences between the variety of choices of a method, a process, or a practice and definitions of terms for those choices. There seems little in the way of shared principles, when in fact, there is a great deal of sharing of principles.

How do your pods divide and conquer?

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Component-centric pods divide work based on a defined solution design or architecture. A good practice with agile delivery is to keep team sizes small to reduce the number of communication channels.

Is Macroeconomics and Social Science the Same as Software Development?

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This is the basis of the Agile Product Roadmap and Product Release Plan (either cadence or capability based). People have defined skills and capabilities. There a popular notions in the agile development world that authors like Hayek and Taleb speak to how software development works. Let's look at one example. You Can’t Understand Agile Without Understanding Hayek. Let's look at Hayek's paper. " The Use of Knowledge in Society ," F. Hayek , The American Economic Review , Vol.