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How To Implement Lean Portfolio Management?


Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) involves connecting strategy to execution by using lean principles. Budgets are allocated to execute an enterprise’s strategy by portfolio management teams. What Are The Key Components Of Lean Portfolio Management? The lean portfolio leadership team creates the goal of your company.

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Project Management: Principles, Practices & Context


Lean manufacturing influenced the quality movement, Agile , and DevOps. Lean Lean principles originated in Japan’s manufacturing sector after World War II but have since been adopted by various industries worldwide. Lean organizations achieve these goals through empowerment and incremental change.


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11 Proven Stakeholder Communication Tactics

There are plenty of opportunities for stakeholders to interact responsibly with a Scrum Team. The two formal Scrum events that come to mind are: Sprint Reviews. The Sprint Review is Empiricism at work: inspect the Product Increment and adapt the Product Backlog. Sprint Reviews are a zone free from death by PowerPoint.

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Comparing Nexus and SAFe - Similarities, Differences, potential synergies

Lean/Agile Leadership. Both SAFe and Scrum/Nexus emphasize the need for a different style of leadership - leaders who serve, have a growth mindset, lead by example, live and breath Lean/Agile principles and practices, and strive for relentless improvement. . The Nexus reviews, retrospects, plans, and refines together every Sprint.

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7 Factors for running an effective Kanban Replenishment Meeting


In 2015, in a blog post called Kanban Cadences , David Anderson laid out a set of 7 Kanban cadences or meetings that provide comprehensive opportunities for feedback, planning, and review in an enterprise. I believe this may be of interest to other teams as well, hence this blog post.

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A Deeper Look: Top Changes in the New 2020 Scrum Guide for Agile Practitioners


The new guide clearly informs that Sprint Reviews should not be considered “gates” for releasing value. As there can be multiple Increments, the sum of all these Increments are presented to the (key) stakeholder at the Sprint Review. Introduction of Cadence. The diamond shapes in the cadence stream denote the Sprint Reviews.

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Comprehensive Guide to Becoming A SAFe Agilist


SAFe® is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for achieving business agility using Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, and DevOps. A SAFe agilist leads a Lean-Agile Enterprise with the help of SAFe®. Vision and Implementation of the Lean-Agile Principles. Who is a SAFe agilist?

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