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Capabilities Release or Cadence Release

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In the traditional project management world, that phrase is deliver as planned. . If the business has a needed Capabilities, that Capability has a bookable value from a financial management point of view. So a deadline or a milestone of when the business cam start accruing the benefits of the investment (the cost) of the capabilities is a core business management function. So do we pick a Capabilities Release or a Cadence Release? IT Risk Management.

System of Delivery: An Intro to Our Governance Model

Leading Agile

Our governance model and team design may look a little complicated at first glance. In this presentation, our Chief Methodologist, Dennis Stevens will remove the noise and walk you through our governance model and team design to help you better understand the LeadingAgile system of delivery. When you first look at our governance model or some of our team designs, it might look complicated, it might look really busy. The first one is the one around risk, around scope rather.


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Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

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Managing Cost, Schedule, & Technical Performance Risk Is The Basis Of Good Project Management. Risk management is essential to the success of any significant project. The emerging risks that can be identified early in the project that impact the project later are often termed “known unknowns.” These risks can be mitigated with a good risk management process. Hope is Not a Strategy. Risk management structure.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Management Processes (#MP). Project Performance Management (#PPM). Agile Project Management (#APM). Risk Management (#RM). Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance Management (#CSTPM). Governance (#Governance). Strategy (#Strategy). Earned Value Management (#EVM). Integrating Agile and Earned Value Management (#AEVM).

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GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide Applied to Agile

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These capabilities are connected to the business strategy. They implement that strategy. The order of the needed Capabilties in defined in the business strategy. . Either a Cadence Release Plan or a Capabilities Release Plan. Uncertainty creates risk. Risk Management is how Adults Manage Projects - Tim Lister. Conduct Schedule Risk Analysis. Uncertanty creates Risk. The GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide has 12 steps.

Project Boards and Project Steering Groups: An Introduction

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Here’s an introduction to these important groups as part of the governance framework so you can get yours set up and working on your project. A project board provides oversight and governance for the project. What you need is adequate governance for the project.

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The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Project management terminology can be complicated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working towards your PMP certification or simply managing projects casually in your organization, knowing core project management terms always helps. All Project Management Terms.

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Project Management Fundamentals and Key Concepts 


A diversity of projects can benefit from project management. Let’s review key project management fundamentals and concepts to demystify common jargon associated with each. Be mindful of external forces in risk mitigation like government policies or contracts already in force. This article provides more information on the pros and cons of various project management methodologies. Capturing and Escalating Project Risks. Managing Project Budget.

Why Your Annual Operating Plan Is A Lie and What To Do About It

Leading Agile

Imagine you’re a CIO, CTO, IT Leader, or Finance Manager. You are given unfunded mandates related to risk, compliance, and cyber security. One definition of strategy is the alignment of necessarily finite resources against potentially unlimited aspirations.

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Customer Q&A - Office Depot


In a recent virtual event, Ruth Bedingfield, PMO Manager at Office Depot was asked questions from attendees about her experience using KeyedIn and specifically in their ability to apply agile principles at the portfolio level. Cost impacts managed to demonstrate real time savings.

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From Order Taker to Opportunity Maker…IT’s Digital Transition for Driving the Business

Leading Agile

Professions such as Medicine, Law, Beauty, Teaching, Transportation, Security, Accounting, Engineering, and Project Management all have one thing in common; certifications and internal governance. Teams delivering on a predictable cadence earn the trust of the business.

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How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


SAFe is designed to give teams flexibility and help manage some of the challenges larger organizations have when practicing agile. These challenges make it difficult in: Managing inter-team dependencies to deliver an Increment. What is SAFe agile.

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How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


SAFe is designed to give teams flexibility and help manage some of the challenges larger organizations have when practicing agile. These challenges make it difficult in: Managing inter-team dependencies to deliver an Increment. What is SAFe agile.

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Transformation, Business Architecture, and Scaling

Leading Agile

How do you go up into Portfolio Management? How do you go up into investment management, that kind of a thing? What do you do with planning cadences? And it’s like, the complexity has gone up so much we have all these people run around managing complexity.

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Beginner’s Guide to Kanban for Agile Marketing


Compared to Scrum, Kanban is a young work-management method. They allow teams to visually observe work-in-progress and self-organize, assign their own tasks, and move work from a backlog to complete without direction from a project or line manager. In fact, many Scrum teams use this type of visualization to manage their work. Instead of using timeboxes to govern their work, as a Scrum team does, a Kanban team uses WIP limits. Measure and Manage Flow.

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Agile Still Works

In an effort to curb productivity leakage, some managers are turning to software to monitor their people. But, we will most surely not overcome the challenges we face by turning our management layer into the company police force. . Management Innovation.

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Leveraging Agile to Get Predictable

Leading Agile

And so, from how we do governance and how we do project planning and how we do organizational structure, all those kinds of things, right, so there’s this big hop. If you’re an organization that needs three to six months out, this is valid strategy.

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Agile Unplugged: EP 02 | Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens

Leading Agile

In this week’s episode, LeadingAgile Chief Methodologist, Dennis Stevens, sits down with Mike Cottmeyer to discuss Capability-based organizations, Systems of Delivery vs Systems of Transformation, managing dependencies, and more. – Talk about project management and things like that.

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