Influencing the eternal optimism of a delivery team

Kiron Bondale

For those teams which use an iteration-based cadence for their delivery such as those who have implemented the Scrum framework there have multiple feedback loops to help them improve. When I teach agile fundamentals classes, I frequently emphasize the importance of inspection and adaptation. Teams which don’t use feedback loops with their products and their processes should not consider themselves to be very agile.

The Virtuous Cycle of Trust and Influence

Leading Agile

In today’s blog, a continuation of the first in this two-part series, we’ll talk about building trust and influence, and initiating the trust-influence loop. Delivering on a regular, predictable cadence. Without trust, you are not going to get permission to influence.


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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


In this article, he outlines the similarities of the two as WIP Limiting, Pull-based systems – with cadences and a focus on learning – while also explaining their differences. A question that I often get while speaking with people is: What is the difference between Kanban and Scrum? Scrum. Value-system Influences. Both are heavily influenced by value-systems. Cadences. If you didn’t guess, this cadence is called the sprint duration.

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Minimal measures for minimal stability in a complex world (that will help you optimize your Scrum)

Gunther Verheyen

Scrum, in its more general definition, is a simple framework to help us address complex challenges. Scrum is increasingly being discovered as a simple framework to address complex problems and situations other than software and product development. Agile Scrum

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Break Down Silos! Enhance User-Centricity with UX on Scrum Teams

I often see User Experience (UX) Designers struggle to align focus, work, and approach with Scrum Teams building increments of product in iterations of 30 days or fewer. I'm trying to work side-by-side with the team, but I'm always a bit ahead of them, so what should we talk about in our Daily Scrum?". "I Why do I feel like I never have any influence?!?!". UX and Scrum: Better Together. But UX Designers don’t have to work in silos, away from Scrum Teams.

SAFe Simply Explained (Part 1): Core Competencies and Principles


In most cases, however, previous experience is based only on the small-scale use of Scrum or other agile methods in individual departments. SAFe picks up many already familiar elements and concepts from existing methods such as Scrum or Lean Project Management, which makes the transition easier for many companies. It is up to the management to create the right environment to positively influence teams and individuals.

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How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


The organizations start with few teams initially, and it is easier to follow simple & lightweight frameworks like Scrum or Kanban at this stage. The most important skills for an agile coach include: Strong understanding of Scrum and Kanban. Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS).

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Minimal measures for minimal stability in a complex environment

Scrum, in its more general definition, is a simple framework to help us address complex challenges. Scrum is increasingly being discovered as a simple framework to address complex problems and situations other than software and product development.


58 Product Owner Theses

TL;DR: The Scrum Product Owner in 58 Theses. The Product Owner theses also address the Product Owner’s part in Scrum events from Sprint Planning to Sprint Review to Sprint Retrospective, and the Daily Scrum. The Product Owner is also the most vulnerable Scrum role.

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Essential SAFe 4.0 – How is it Different from SAFe 4.0?


is highly influenced by systems thinking the approach and strongly recommends the organizational transformation to be top-down in this regard. Release Train and Cadence. Without an Agile Release Train, it would be impossible to have multiple teams delivering in Cadence, with synchronized sprint start and end dates. An RTE is to a Train (ART) what a Scrum Master is to a Sprint. Essential SAFe 4.0 was launched by Scaled Agile Inc.

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From Order Taker to Opportunity Maker…IT’s Digital Transition for Driving the Business

Leading Agile

It takes more than a few Scrum teams to solve the Transformation puzzle. Teams delivering on a predictable cadence earn the trust of the business. Hold Teams, as well as overall organization, accountable for producing a working tested increment of product on a regular cadence.

20 Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns

According to the Scrum Guide, the Sprint Planning answers two questions: “What can be delivered in the Increment resulting from the upcoming Sprint?”. Source : Scrum Guide, 2017. Read more on technical debt and Scrum.). Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns of the Scrum Team.

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11 Proven Stakeholder Communication Tactics

Run a quick mental exercise: Try walking in your stakeholders’ shoes, and ask yourself: Would you entrust your career a bunch of hoodie-wearing nerds, promising a big reward because they are practicing XP and Scrum? Scrum Events. Daily Scrums.

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Building Trust via Trustworthiness

Leading Agile

For an Agile team, being trustworthy is about having a stable and predictable capacity; for a Scrum team, that’s a stable velocity, for a Kanban team, that’s stable throughput. . Teams don’t keep a regular cadence of collaboration and review.

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Is Your Agile Project Healthy?

Project Management Essentials

In 2013, Mike Cohn coined the term scrum smells to describe the signs that a scrum team is in trouble. Scrum masters, agile coaches, and even team members can improve their teams’ performance by spotting these warning signs early and taking corrective actions. If the answer is convincingly Scrum or Kanban, they are probably following a process. Who is the Scrum Master or Product Owner? The Scrum Master and Product Owner play pivotal roles.


Improve Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) With Key Result Validation

When used as designed, OKRs can have a massive positive influence on organizations. Once about four or five key results are determined for each objective, it is the job of an OKR Champion (servant leader) to coach and guide the team in executing on a cadence towards the objectives. This role is very similar to that of a Scrum Master. A Scrum Master may decide to take on the role of OKR Champion as part of a servant leadership commitment to the organization and Scrum Team.

 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

And what that means to us is not just teaching people how to do agile or how to do kind of methodologies in this space like say for Scrum or what have you but really like how to create the kinds of organizations that really can do agile really well and really effectively at scale.

Systems Thinking episode #4: DSRP

Like many Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Agile Managers, I am beginning to understand organizations are complex adaptive systems. One of the powerful properties of Scrum is that it makes a very clear distinction in roles, events and artifacts. Let’s look at a Scrum example.

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Agile Unplugged: EP 02 | Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens

Leading Agile

You get super clear backlogs, you find out what the real cadences you’ve finished work that you start. And I was working at version one at the time and so like I’m like all in like, not like team level scrum. Cause I really wasn’t coming at it from a scrum standpoint.

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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

If you just do Scrum, you’ll get the goodness out of it. I don’t mean Scrum. And what we’re doing is in industry is we’re trying to figure out, we kind of come to conclusion, the team level Scrum is insufficient. We talked about a Scrum of Scrums.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Influences on IT Strategy: How IT Strategy Impacts the Development of Systems Based on COTS Products , Strategy is creating fit among a company’s activities. Agile Lifecycle - Product Roadmap, Release Plan and Responsibilities, Epics, Features, Stories, and Tasks developed for, State Health Care Enrollment System using Scrum for multi-million $ IT program.

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