The Virtuous Cycle of Trust and Influence

Leading Agile

In today’s blog, a continuation of the first in this two-part series, we’ll talk about building trust and influence, and initiating the trust-influence loop. Delivering on a regular, predictable cadence. Without trust, you are not going to get permission to influence.

Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Strategy (#Strategy). Here's how to connect dots between strategy, mission success, programmatics, and technical performance management in units of measure meaningful to the decision makers. Capabilities Based Planning (V2) - Capability-based planning fits naturally with Strategy Based Planning and Business Process Improvement. Successful Digital Transformation Starts with a well defined Executable Strategy for Success - PMI San Diego Chapter , 11 July 2018.

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SAFe Simply Explained (Part 1): Core Competencies and Principles


It is up to the management to create the right environment to positively influence teams and individuals. Lean Portfolio Management: Achieving business agility requires a modernized approach to portfolio management that aligns strategy, financing and operations by applying lean agile principles. These fixed, i.e. unalterable, ten principles aim to influence leadership behavior and decision making. Agility should no longer be a new term for most project managers.

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Creating a Risk-Adjusted Backlog

Leading Answers

These days, when I look at the overall effectiveness of our risk management strategies at the end of a project, it is not usual to see 1.5 – 2 times the value in achieved opportunities compared to avoided threats. Which risk avoidance or elimination strategies are working and which are not?

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From Order Taker to Opportunity Maker…IT’s Digital Transition for Driving the Business

Leading Agile

Teams delivering on a predictable cadence earn the trust of the business. Hold Teams, as well as overall organization, accountable for producing a working tested increment of product on a regular cadence.

How to Build Your Remote Management Workflow


The communication cadence is completely different. A digital marketing project might have one workflow for creating blog posts, another for identifying Instagram influencers, and another for starting a Facebook ad campaign.

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Building Trust via Trustworthiness

Leading Agile

Some other factors that keep teams from being trustworthy are: Teams are not cross-functional; they don’t include everything and everyone necessary to deliver results tied to strategy. Teams don’t keep a regular cadence of collaboration and review.

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How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


All frameworks for scaling agile share five main components: inspiration from the 12 Agile Manifesto principles, cadence, synchronization, Scrum, and quality development practices. What is SAFe agile.

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How to Manage Your Editorial Calendar with Project Management Tool


Content Discovery: List of all the blogs published over the internet according to your content strategy Team Management : Have roles assigned to each team member like who gets to publish the article and designer etc.

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11 Proven Stakeholder Communication Tactics

The good news is, that no matter whether both are perceived as a black hole by others, a well-orchestrated communication strategy has a good chance to win over the rest of the organization. TL; DR: 11 Proven Stakeholder Communication Tactics.

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Cultivating the Kind of Culture Employees Crave

Leading Agile

It sets the tone for the interactions that take place between team members and it heavily influences the values of the workplace. In turn, it heavily influences how employees feel about the company.

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58 Product Owner Theses

The Product Owner owns the “why” and influences the “what” and “who,” but never the “how.” The Product Owner is familiar with the six levels of agile planning: product vision, product strategy, product roadmap, release planning, Sprint Planning, and Daily Scrum.

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Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

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Hope is Not a Strategy. Although each uncertainty type is distinct, a single project may encounter some combination of four types: Variation – comes from many small influences and yields a range of values on a particular activity. Foreseen Uncertainty – are uncertainties identifiable and understood influences that the team cannot be sure will occur. The Plan for the project is the Strategy for its successful completion.

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 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

Not only at the team level, but at the program level at the portfolio level, at the strategy level, like at the macro level of governance and that was kind of the problem that we really set off to solve.

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Agile Unplugged: EP 02 | Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens

Leading Agile

You get super clear backlogs, you find out what the real cadences you’ve finished work that you start. I think mine and yours challenge with it, sometimes it becomes a late dependency, a late risk reduction strategy. Listen to the Agile Unplugged Podcast on the go!

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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

And I was working for this VP that was like really super cool, is very into agile and we were coming up with really creative things for like team formation strategies and agile governance, all stuff. We’re trying to connect a strategy.

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