Free project management certifications

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Six Sigma and Lean: Quantitative Tools for Productivity and Quality - covers how to master Six Sigma and Lean fundamentals to improve productivity and quality in your organization and earn a TUM Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. Advanced Leadership for Engineers: Leading Teams, Organizations, and Networks - A $190 course designed for engineers aspiring to become effective leaders and enhance leadership skills through captivating concepts and challenging assignments.

What is a Project Management Certification? And Why Do I Need It?

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Project Management certification demonstrates an individual’s experience, knowledge, and skill in project management – and in many companies, it’s a requirement for new and current project managers. Questions increase the relevance and value of the certification.

Survey - How Certified is Your PMO and How Effective is the PMO Leadership?

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2) Who's leading your PMO and how effective is that leadership and the PMO in general? How Certified and is Your PMO or PM Infrastructure and How Effective is the Leadership? Let's have a little fun and do a new survey. This time I'd like to look at two things.

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Online Certification in Construction Management Program – Is It Worth It?


Is a certification necessary to get into construction management ? However, if the recent trends are anything to go by, a construction management degree or certification have almost become a requirement. Online Certification in Construction – An Overview.

Conference Updates

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Agile Project Management Certification Events Leadership TravelIn the last couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure to attend and present at the PMI Global Conference in Chicago and the PMO Symposium in Houston.

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Got Your CSM, Now What?

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Of course, learning is not tied to credentials, many people are anti-certification and that is an understandable choice. I want to disclose upfront that I have been involved with the development of ICAgile, PMI-ACP, and DSDM Leadership credentials so I likely have some bias and preferences.


Seven Project Management Influencers to Watch

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From the UK, Susanne Madsen is an internationally recognized project leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. She is the author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook and The Power of Project Leadership. Leadership

80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


Index: Online Training Programs & Certification Prep. Online Training & Certification Prep. IIL conducts virtual and on-demand courses on topics like project scope, risk management, and Earned Value Management systems, plus prep courses for a variety of certifications.

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Do You Really Care About Your People?

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Furthermore, some project managers believe their education, training, and certifications put them above others. Leadership Project Integration ManagementDo you really care about your people? I mean really.

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Seven Project Management Influencers to Watch

Project Risk Coach

From the UK, Susanne Madsen is an internationally recognized project leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. She is the author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook and The Power of Project Leadership. Leadership

How 1 + 1 = $20,000 in Project Management

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That certification helped her make the leap from what was a ho-hum job for her in accounts payable to a leadership role in Event Marketing in her company. 1+1 = $20,000. Wait, that doesn't make much sense does it? Have I lost my mind? Are you reading this correctly? No, neither of us have lost our minds, let me show you how the math works out: A worker bee named Barb wanted to get ahead in her career, but she didn't know how.

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The Million Dollar PM Question.To Certify or Not Certify?

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Where do you stand on the topic of project management certification as a way to be the best, show you're the best, and give yourself the best chance at project success and project customer satisfaction? Is PMP certification a career goal of yours? But certification gives a validation you can't easily show in any other way – there is no question about that. So let's consider 5 advantages to obtaining PMP certification.

Managing Virtual Teams Successfully

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In this example, I will look at Grateful Leadership by Judy Umlas. 15 lunch gift certificate at a popular restaurant) could be associated with the highest score at the end of the month. Leadership Project Management leadership project teams team building team performance virtual teams

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Program Manager Job Description – Plus! Cut & Paste Example

Education and Certification for Program Managers. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification. Certification notes that they’re result-oriented and that those results align with the strategic goals of the organizations.

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Why PMPs Should Actually Read the PMBOK 6th Edition

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I’m glad I got my certification behind me.” PMI conducts Role Delineation Studies for each certification every five to seven years. The project manager’s role has been mapped to the PMI Talent Triangle — technical project management, leadership, and strategic and business management.

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Upcoming Monthly Articles on Top Project Management Tools and Services to Try

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PM leadership want to hear about the different options available to them, but they need someone providing it to them on a regular basis so they can download free trials, get demos and ask questions.

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Why PMPs Should Actually Read the PMBOK 6th Edition

Project Risk Coach

I’m glad I got my certification behind me.” PMI conducts Role Delineation Studies for each certification every five to seven years. The project manager’s role has been mapped to the PMI Talent Triangle — technical project management, leadership, and strategic and business management.

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Podcast 79 – How to manage a team of project managers

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Julie is a senior project and program manager with CPPD certification and Prince2 training and experience, acknowledged for […]. Podcasts Art of Project LeadershipLet’s talk about: how to manage a team of project managers In this podcast, Julie Goff, a very experienced leader of teams of Project Managers, speaks with me about how to successfully manage a team of project managers.

The Essential Project Management Competencies: A 2017 Perspective

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I don’t have the time (or the requirement) to take a certification course, but I’m always prepared to develop the competencies I need to succeed. Leadership. We’re part way through Quarter 1 and you’re thinking what a great year it’s been so far at work.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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Leadership – ethical, authentic leadership is what helps get work done and set you apart from your peers. Successful project managers are those that embrace the mantle of leadership. Susanne Madsen is an internationally recognised project leadership coach, trainer and consultant.

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8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018

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Attendees may take a preparation class for the PACE (Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence) Exam and even complete the exam right after the class to earn a PACE Certification. 8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018.

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So this is why project management is failing.

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Donnie MacNicol posted a link to a great article that goes some way into explaining why leadership development is not working. The authors focus on leadership however when I read the article I thought – for leadership read project management.

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Celebrating Project Success: 5 Things You Can Do


Certificates of Appreciation. Whereas letters of appreciation are to be used as recognition of a significant act between you and the recipient, certificates of appreciation are a great way to share individual recognition with the entire team. Project management equals leadership.

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Amy Hamilton

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It is written as a leadership fable and many of the traits of my main character are based on people I know and have worked with. Today I’m interviewing Amy Hamilton. Amy’s spoken at a TEDTalk, served in the US Army, and is writing a book. Truly a woman of many talents!

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Project Management Careers Q&A – PMO Manager Career Path

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There will also be work for you to do in understanding the latest thinking and guidance around Portfolio Management (the latest Thought Leadership pieces from PMI are a crucial place to start, as is the Certification for Portfolio Management ). From a more personal side– strong leadership, gravitas, firm but fair, holding their own, managing the politics, the buck stops with me.

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SCRUM Project Management Methodology Explained


Success requires more than good leadership. It requires a leadership that has the right tools to get the most out of their people. Scrum goes beyond the standard management command and control model, and instead hinges on an active leadership role.


The 20 Education Venues for Online Master of Project Management

An online master of project management is one of the best investments one has in order to advance his or her certification levels or acquire one. One of the degrees that they offer is Master’s in project Management with a Project Management certificate. Both the program and curriculum refer to The Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBoK®-Guide ), as well as serve to fulfill the Project Management Professional ( PMP )® Certification. Economics for Leadership.

Bridging the PM Competency Gap [Book Review]

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There is no shortage of certification courses (and if you’re looking for support in that area here are some suggestions of reputable suppliers ). As with many project managers in leadership roles, I have other responsibilities in my day.

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Have you got these Future Ready skills?

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While these may not be as specific as in ‘go to this course’ or ‘get this certification’ (don't by the way) -- there are some domains of expertise that will help us handle what’s ahead, no matter our role, project, team, enterprise or industry. agility business agility change fufuture of work leadership work skillsHow to get ready for the stuff that hasn't even happened yet.

The Alternatives to PRINCE2

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Do an industry recognised certification. That’s training and certification from people like PMI , APM and BCS. As you can imagine, we have a lot of conversations about PRINCE2 at Arras. Often its about enquiries from people looking for a new role in project management.

6 Tips for Becoming a Better Project Manager

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ending with you successfully taking the project management professional (PMP) exam for certification. There are always issues and discussing them with your leadership can be a humbling experience. We can always get better.

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Know the value of your change

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Ability to evaluate and judge – such is the essence of project leadership and decision making. Common components of Project Intelligence include: Project Management skills, maturity and certification (from project contributor through to senior project (or program) roles).

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Key Signs it MIght be Time to Certify and Move On

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There are often times a few signs here and there that it may be time to dust off your résumé, tweak it with your most recent accomplishments – like PMP certification training and maybe that $850,000 successful project you just finished - and start shopping it around.

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Online Training: RapidStart PMO Review

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Diab is the CEO of Leadership Formation, a consulting firm that focuses on helping organisations with strategy, alignment, execution and people. Project Management Training To Help You Achieve Certification in 2017 Are you looking to go for a project management certifications this year?

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Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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How to become a project manager- education and the most important PM certificates you can get out there. strong leadership skills. Certifications. Are project management certificates still worth it? What you must remember is that certificates are not everything.

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A View from the Top

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So, failure to deliver ‘X’ will result in a potential fine of ‘Y’, and/or a potential loss in self-certification of ‘Z’ and so on. Tailwind Project Solutions was formed in 2014 to provide a bespoke approach to project leadership development.

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5 Project Management Groups to Join on LinkedIn


Typical discussions in this group revolve around PMP certification, software recommendations, PM methodologies, team and leadership dynamics, and much more. PMI Project, Program & Portfolio Management : With 228,356 members, this is the official group of the Project Management Institute—the professional membership association known for its PMP certification. If you have questions about PMP certification, this is the place to ask them.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Attending Conferences

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You may think that the only benefits of attending conferences are to gain new knowledge on an area specific to your job title and earning professional certification credits. Don Roy presented on Thought Leadership and the opportunities that abound for you to assert thought leadership.

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Project Management Apprenticeships: A Game Changer for Business

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Apprentices benefit from industry best practice by rapidly learning project management skills such as leadership, procurement, planning and prioritising that can lead to a suite of professional qualifications right up to chartered status.

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The 30 Most Popular Project Management Articles from 2017


Certification. Here are two articles that provided in-depth coverage of some of the most common and recognized project management certifications. Top 11 project management certifications for 2017 (CIO).

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