Project Management Certification – A guide


This article is a guide on how to obtain a project management certification and resources you need to do so. This is a live document and I will update it as we gather more information talking to people who take the certification exam. If you are planning to get a project management certification, this article is for you. There is a lot of studying and preparation involved to get your PM certification. Who needs project management certification?

Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

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The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) membership magazine – PM Network – has just released the January issue with a report – 2020 Jobs Report – available for project management practitioners to take a look at (currently only available for members).

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Do You Need to Go to University to Gain a Career in Project Management?

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Times have certainly changed, project management knowledge, best practice, skills, accreditation, certifications, books, training courses – and of course, specific criteria for entry into a project management position. This article originally appeared in PMI’s PM Network magazine – the magazine for members. The short answer is no – there are plenty of people working in project management today that haven’t been to university.

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How To Make Time for Professional Development

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Examples of quick fix training opportunities include: Reading magazine articles. Even if you have your favourite industry magazines and websites you are still reliant on what they have published recently. Making Time to Study for a Project Management Certificate.

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Project Management Careers Q&A – Becoming a Business Agile Coach

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There are few practical steps to consider, the first would be the pursue the next certification, the Certified Enterprise Coach, especially if it is a “top-down” coaching role you are pursuing. Equally the certifications offered by the Agile Coaching Institute should also be considered – there are two there to check out – Agile Coach and Enterprise Agile Coach. This Q&A originally featured in PMI’s PM Network magazine – June 2017 edition.

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Project Management Careers Q&A: Moving from Manager to Project Manager

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I am currently pursuing a PMP certification after completing training. At the moment you’re also currently without the PMP certification too. The key thing here for you is to gain that formal project management experience (as well as the PMP certification) – it’s the first stepping stone or hurdle to overcome. This Q&A originally featured in PMI’s PM Network magazine – June 2017 edition. I have what may be a unique situation.

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Product Manager vs Project Manager: The Main Differences


Project manager certification is another credential that can boost your chances for landing a project manager job or advancing your career.

Seven Priorities for Project Managers in 2019

Related: Which Project Management Certification is Right for You? And you cannot even read a decent professional magazine in that time. Anyone who tells you, with 100% certainty, what 2019 will look like at the start of the year is bonkers. The best we can do is to recognize that the seed of each new year was planted in the previous year. If you want to know what your priorities should be for 2019, look at the way your world was at the end of 2018 and at the start of this year.

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80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


Index: Online Training Programs & Certification Prep. Online Training & Certification Prep. IIL conducts virtual and on-demand courses on topics like project scope, risk management, and Earned Value Management systems, plus prep courses for a variety of certifications. All instructors have at least a decade of project experience, and many hold an impressive list of certifications. They also offer a Professional Project Executive (PPE) certification program.

PMI Education Contact Hours and PDUs: Your Essential Guide

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Self-certificated. PMI-ACP Handbook Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Handbook. PMP Certification: What You Need to Know [Complete Review]. If they select yours, you’ll get an email before you need to pay your certification fee.

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Farewell to Black Sabbath

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Plus, there is a vibrant wealth of knowledge out there (books, websites, blogs, podcasts, communities of practice, magazines such as ‘Project’ and so on) that project managers today can tap in to. On the 4th February 2017 I will attend, with my daughter, the very last ever (well they promise it will be the last ever, ever, ever) Black Sabbath gig, nearly 50 years after it all started.

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

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Has a wide portfolio of professional training certifications & cyber security solutions. PM Today Magazine: @ ProjectMToday. PMP Certification Training for Professional Development – workshops for corporate partners.

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Top 10 Project Management Blogs to Follow In 2019


Additionally, you can also find useful material to prepare for your certification exams on this blog. It is a web-based magazine dedicated to project management. Project management has evolved from few basic principles into a domain of knowledge. Thankfully, many bloggers are helping project managers to stay updated with the latest tools, techniques, methodologies, processes and much more through their blogs.

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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

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This is a magazine site that seems to make its money through site adverts and affiliate links. They offer some of the industry-leading certifications, like PSM and PSPO.

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The 7 Best Executive Assistant Conferences to Attend in 2019


Executive Secretary Magazine hosts Executive Secretary LIVE , a leading international event for senior and aspiring administrative professionals and executive assistants. Finding the Best Executive Assistant Conferences to Attend in 2019.

Mind Mapping: What are you good at?

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For example if you mentioned “creating” – you can mention writing blogs, clicking pics, creating travel vlogs, writing articles for magazines, becoming an author. If you belong to a certain domain or hold a fancy job title- does it mean that’s the only thing you are good at?

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The Most Popular Project Management Hacks Articles of 2016

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If you have the PMP certification, you are obligated to earn PDUs. It’s one of the world’s best news magazines. A news screen at the gym informed me that there are less than 30 hours left to go in 2016! In that spirit, it’s time for me to write my final article of the year. I’m going to revisit the most popular articles of the year. All of these articles attracted over 2,000 readers this calendar year.

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Webinar Recap: Winning Presentation Skills


Within your history, you can print or download your transcript and certificates of completion, including the one for today. He is the US correspondent for the British project management magazine, Project Manager Today, and serves on the board of directors for

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Knowledgeline: Building e-Discovery Teams:: by Tom Baldwin


Put them through a certification program, Kroll and Applied Discovery both have excellent ones. He was named to Texas Monthly Magazines list of Ten Best Legislators, the Dallas Morning News said he was one of the outstanding legislators of the 73rd session, and the Texas Department of Transportation awarded him the Russell H. Knowledgeline Friday, August 12, 2005 Building e-Discovery Teams There has been tremendous coverage, almost ad nauseam, about e-discovery issues lately.

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