Reasons to do a PRINCE2 Certification

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In this post, guest blogger Simplilearn explore just why PRINCE2 is the most popular project management certification in the UK. There are several project management certifications out there in the market and most people aren’t sure of which certification course to take.

The Top Five Project Management Certifications in the UK

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In this guest post, Simplilearn , a global training provider (who are also part of the Arras People training directory), give us an overview of which certifications are the most popular in the UK today. PRINCE2 Certification. How much does the PRINCE2 certification cost in the UK?

Project Management Training To Help You Achieve Certification in 2017

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If your goal this year is to put yourself in that bracket and get studying for a certification, then I’m here to help! Certification: CAPM®, PMP®. Certification: PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-ACP®. Certification: PMP®. Certification: None particularly.

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Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year

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This article, Project Management Training to Help You Achieve Certification This Year , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Are you looking to do a project management training course or take a certificate course this year? Certification: CAPM®, PMP®.

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Processes and Project Management

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We regard Processes as the bedrock for successful Project Management. And not just our Project Management Processes (Schedule/Cost Management etc) but the technical delivery aspects also. So what's in a Process? What is your experience of Processes? Process Management

PMP Certification – Are You Waiting for a Guarantee?

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Becoming a certified project manager through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and coming out with your project management professional (PMP) certification in hand requires time, money, commitment, and dedication to your profession.

Mnemonics for PMP and CAPM Certifications

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PMP Study Aids: Does PMP Certification require memorization? PMP and CAPM aspirants use mnemonics heavily to memorize everything from Process Groups to Knowledge Areas, Process Names to ITTO's, CAPM Mnemonics PMP Tips

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Process Reduces Agility? Only on De Minimis Projects

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A popular toss off aphrase in some agile circles is process reduces agility. In this domain today, Agile processes are the basis of engineering those systems. IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW ACQUISITION PROCESS FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS.

PMP Application Audit - Step-by-Step Process

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PMI PMP application audit is probably the most feared part of PMP Certification. Most fears are uncalled for and probably stem from the confusion around the audit process. If you understand the. Application FAQ PMI PMP PMP Audit

Do You Actually Need a Project Management Certification?


You’ve probably heard about all sorts of project management certifications and wonder whether it’s worth having one. If you want to manage projects better, certification won’t help you much. The most popular project management certifications. A certification is different from a degree. Certifications, on the other hand, are awarded by professional organizations and focus only on one area. Each certificate is different. Certificates promote bureaucracy.

What does project management mean to YOU?

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Being in the middle of changing roles, the thought process I went through to decide to make a change caused me to revisit a question which I’ve asked myself more than once over the past two decades. ” – Agent Smith Tagged: certifications , improving project management.

Project Closure: Your Complete Guide to How to Close-down Your Project

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I think it is fair to say that PMBoK has little to say about its ‘Close Project or Phase’ process group, which it describes as: The process of finalizing all activities for the project, phase, or contract.’. There are five activities in the Closing a Project process.

80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


Index: Online Training Programs & Certification Prep. Online Training & Certification Prep. IIL conducts virtual and on-demand courses on topics like project scope, risk management, and Earned Value Management systems, plus prep courses for a variety of certifications.

Get Ahead Quickly: The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (Book Review)


Those looking to earn project management certification can benefit from this read, as the book gives ample preparation tips for PMI ’s Project Management Professional exam.

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The 11 Best Project Management Online Courses


Different approaches to project management have been developed over time, and proper training and certifications are fundamental if you really want to accomplish your project with success. After that, why not go ahead and get full Project Management certification too?

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Criminal Record Checking for Project Management Contractors

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A lot of the public sector contracts in project management in the UK require a criminal records check as part of the standard checking process. proof of your identity, for example a passport, valid driving licence or birth certificate (if you haven’t used GOV.UK The application takes up to 14 days to receive your certificate. Once you receive your certificate, you’re ready to go ahead and start applying for contracting opportunities in the public sector.

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Agile Project Management Methodology Explained


In this article, we will explain what agile project management is, define its process, tell you why agile might be right for your next project, and finally a few downfalls of this methodology. This is a popular process for aligning development with customer needs. The Agile Process.

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Should I Choose PMI’s PMP?

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We were talking about PMI’s PMP certification – the article was recently published entitled Is PMP certification necessary for small businesses? Is PMP certification one of them? Is PMP certification equally valuable across diverse industries and team sizes?

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PMP Study Notes PDF (PMBOK 6th Edition)


Additionally, a few processes have been added and a few processes will get their names changed. We have compiled together a series of study notes that will help you prepare for your upcoming PMP certifications.

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5 Ways to Go from being a Good Project Manager to a Great Project Manager

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and look at 5 ways their process and methods can take you from being a good project manager to a great project manager. Cheetah Learning are providers of various training and certification programs but perhaps best known as the provider of an excellent PMP certification program that gives you 4 days of incredible and intense training followed immediately by the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam and a guaranteed pass.

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The Million Dollar PM Question.To Certify or Not Certify?

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Where do you stand on the topic of project management certification as a way to be the best, show you're the best, and give yourself the best chance at project success and project customer satisfaction? Is PMP certification a career goal of yours? But certification gives a validation you can't easily show in any other way – there is no question about that. So let's consider 5 advantages to obtaining PMP certification.

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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How to become a project manager- education and the most important PM certificates you can get out there. You can always switch the project you’re working on, the team you interact with, the industry you’re involved in, and even the processes and tools to ease your work. Certifications.

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Book Review: PMP Project Management Professional Exam

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Beyond the exam content it also covers the application process so it will take you through the whole journey from deciding to take the exam to walking out of the exam room. I also felt the processes by process group table was really helpful.

Project Management Trends (2018 Edition)

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Long-time readers will know that I believe certification schemes to be useful, but not the only thing that a successful project manager needs. As the demand for project management work grows, certification schemes are a simple way to differentiate candidates.

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Cheetah Learning is the January 2018 Project Management Application or Service Provider of the Month

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Concepts and processes that will make you more successful as a person, as a project manager, as a member of society. Cheetah Learning isn't just about training you and getting you to your goal of project management professional (PMP) certification. I have once again selected them as my App/Service Provider of the month and you should definitely consider them for your training and certification needs. Cheetah fast – that's how you want to learn important things, right?

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Survey - How Certified is Your PMO and How Effective is the PMO Leadership?

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Please note - this survey is sponsored by Cheetah Learning , providers of excellent project management training and certification services - they even guarantee you'll pass the PMP exam so check them out if you're thinking of becoming certifiable! Let's have a little fun and do a new survey.

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43 Learning Resources for New and Experienced Project Managers


Certificate Programs. Sigmon gives project managers a defined process to not only break bad news, but also improve communication over the long-term. Coursera: Applied Project Management certificate. Courses and Certifications. Scrum Certifications.

Professional Recognition in Project Management Matters

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After all that training and CPD you have done, the qualifications and certifications you worked so hard to achieve, other people outside the profession don’t get the difference between being a professional project manager and simply managing everyday projects in your life.

How to Create Your Own PMP Study Plan


When you decide to get PMP certified, you should treat obtaining your certification as a mini-project. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the world’s leading certification on project management. Studying for the PMP can be a lonely process.

5 Things You Should Know About the PMI-RMP®

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The PMI-RMP certification process greatly enhanced my knowledge and skills and prepared me to better serve as the Director of Enterprise Risk Management for a large property and casualty insurance company. The certification exam has 170 multiple-choice questions and you have 3.5

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The Benefits Of PRINCE2 For Better Projects And Organizations

Some people assumed that PRINCE2® belongs in a waterfall method—it’s actually not a ‘one size fits all’ process; rather, it’s an outline tailor-made for projects, regardless of type and size. In the case of PRINCE2, its processes are based on their seven principles and concepts and in turn enable them to determine the risks involved, as well as estimations, planning , and stakeholders needed for the projects. PRINCE2 Benefits #4 – Makes Every Process and Task Consistent.

Five Tips for Improving Your Project Office

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nearly 6 out of every 10 respondents thought their PMO was not really doing its job in terms of taking care of the project managers career growth needs, various training needs, process and methodology needs, and overall project customer needs.

10 Things New Project Managers Should Know

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Whether that’s through ongoing Agile retrospectives or by talking about continuous process improvement as you go, keep thinking about what you could do better. Then you can tweak what you are doing to improve the project and the processes.

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The 20 Education Venues for Online Master of Project Management

An online master of project management is one of the best investments one has in order to advance his or her certification levels or acquire one. Organizations need project managers who can juggle different operations and processes, all the while achieving the end result of the projects. One of the degrees that they offer is Master’s in project Management with a Project Management certificate. This also helps students become qualified for a PMI Certification.

What You Need to Know About PRINCE2 2017

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According to Axelos , the guidance has been updated – the principles, themes and processes remain the same – to concentrate on the application of PRINCE2 and how best to tailor it. Axelos announced that there will be a new update to PRINCE2 later this year.

5 Best Project Management Books for Beginners and Accidental Project Managers


Griffith , management professor and technology expert, teaches managers how to stay involved in each of the three work dimensions: people, technology and organizational processes. In project management, it’s mission-critical to balance your team, tools and processes.

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What it Means to be a Digital Project Manager


Today’s most effective project managers are the ones who have moved their teams and processes online. Digital project management is a streamlined process of managing online projects from concept to completion within budget and using a certain amount of resources.

An Introduction to Operations Management


Operations managers solve the puzzle of how work gets done: uncovering the biggest bottlenecks, fine-tuning processes to save time, fixing their team’s most persistent frustrations. Do O perations Management Jobs Require Training or Certification? .

Introducing the PRINCE2 Principles

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Since the author holds both the PMP and PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification , it can sometimes be insightful to compare and contrast the two approaches to see what stands out in both. Then there is the PRINCE2 "Processes", equivalent to the PMBOK "Process Groups" - essentially the flow of phases throughout the Project Life cycle. They aren't detailed processes or procedures, they aren't step-by-step plans or rigorous methods.

How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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It can serve as a baseline, but most project managers ought to layer some sort of agile certification on top of it. Executives are starting to realize that process is only one small component of success and that executing to a strategy takes more.

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