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Learnquest Scrum Master: Course Review

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Are you considering the LearnQuest Scrum Master Certification ? I’ve worked with Scrum teams and Agile development teams, I used Kanban during lockdown to help plan our days and the homeschooling, but I can’t say that I’m experienced in Agile ways. Scrum Master Specialization 4.5 Who is the Scrum Master Certification?

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The Product Owner in Scrum: Responsibilities, Certifications & Tools

Scrum is a framework for organizing agile teams, and it’s processes and guidelines are excellent for improving team productivity. One reason scrum is so effective is that it clearly defines the different roles of the team. They act as the project manager for the scrum team, although the agile community generally doesn’t use that term.


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Best 12 Project Management Certifications (2022)

There are several project management certifications that you can get to become a project management professional. Choosing the right certification and training program for your project management career is an important decision. That’s why we’ve compiled the best project management certifications of 2022.

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Is a Scrum Master certificate really needed?

Certificates are always a nice little debate; are they needed? Should you get one as a Scrum Master? This is a wonderful question for Professional Scrum Trainers like Evelien and yours truly to answer. Join the Mastering Agility Discord community! Does it make you better at your job?

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Scrum Certification – For or Against?

They do this by enabling people to apply Professional Scrum through training courses, certifications and ongoing learning. The certification aspect of this mission is somewhat controversial. Some people love certifications, others, not so much! Certification doesn’t guarantee success. At

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IBM Project Manager Certificate: My Student Review

Rebel’s Guide to PM

You’re here because you’re interested in finding out whether the IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate is right for you? Summary review The IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate is a good CAPM® alternative or course to use towards your CAPM prep. Who is the IBM Project Management Certificate for? Let me guess.

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Your Daily Scrum: What is the Best Scrum Master Certification Path?

On a recent episode of Your Daily Scrum , Professional Scrum Trainers Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley address a very popular question in Scrum circles: What is the Best Scrum Master Certification Path? Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller are the author of Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems.