Change management helps when implementing risk responses

Kiron Bondale

A student in a project management class I taught shared the concern that it was very hard for her to get risk responses implemented. This is a fairly common problem and is likely one of the reasons that the volunteers who updated the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition added Implement Risk Responses as a new process within the Project Risk Management knowledge area. Risk management requires investment from stakeholders outside of the project team to really make a difference.

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A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management

Project management is no different. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. If you have even a passing interest in the field, then you’ve bumped up against PMI. As an organization, it offers training and certification in project management, and it reports regularly on industry trends. The Project Management Institute also sets the standard for ethics in the field.

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Webinar Recap: Project Managers are Change Managers


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Walter Stinnett’s Project Managers are Change Managers webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Project Managers are Change Managers. You start projects to change things.

Webinar Recap: PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Satya Narayan Dash’s PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New? Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG webinar, What’s New With PMI PMBOK Guide’s 7th Edition Standard. It doesn’t change.

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Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

The Lazy Project Manager

As has been already discussed the reality out there in ‘PMO land’ is that there is not a plethora of wise and experienced PMO managers, directors, leaders, heads, etc., And there are communities you can connect to – on LinkedIn, through the project management bodies such as PMI and APM, etc. They must be enthusiastic about leading change and critically must have the strength of belief in their own uniqueness and that of the PMO they lead.

The 12 Principles of Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

PMBOK 7 is the short name given to The Standard for Project Management and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – ( PMBOK® Guide ) 7 th Edition , which are bundled together. The 12 Principles of Project Management. Read next: Managing in a VUCA world.

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3 Performance Domains in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – ( PMBOK® Guide ) 7 th Edition represents a major shift in the way ‘how to do project management’ is presented by PMI. This change has been a long time coming, and I welcome the shift. Support organizational change.

2021 359

LEAD: Your Four Project Leadership Priorities

Online PM Courses

As well as managing your project day-to-day, you’re responsible for the people. Fundamentally, a project manager is paid to deliver your project. Three Ways that Listening will Make You a Better Project Manager. Indeed, listening is one of the key skills in the craft of persuasion and influence. In conflict management , speaking can easily escalate things, but listening almost never does. Conflict Management: Dealing with Conflict in Projects.

Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Management Processes (#MP). Project Performance Management (#PPM). Agile Project Management (#APM). Risk Management (#RM). Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance Management (#CSTPM). Earned Value Management (#EVM). Integrating Agile and Earned Value Management (#AEVM). Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management.

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Project Communication Management: What is it all about?

Girl's Guide to PM

Perhaps that number (from research by PMI ) surprises you, but I’m sure you aren’t surprised by the fact that good communication management on projects leads to higher success rates. What is project communication management? WHY PROJECT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT MATTERS.

2021 290

How to Manage Project Scope Without Scope Creep (with examples)

Girl's Guide to PM

Scope creep in project management is where additional requirements are added to the project, beyond what was originally agreed and these additions are not formally authorized. It’s normal to make scope changes as you go. Scope creep is caused by lack of requirements management.

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Top 10 Project Management Conferences You Can Not Afford to Miss in 2020


The momentum at which project management is evolving is making it tough for project managers to keep pace with it. New project management methodologies , tools, best practices and trends replace old ones. Project management conferences help you stay updated with all the latest developments in the project management industry. Moreover, it also enables you to hone your project management skills so you can manage projects more efficiently.

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Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process


For Beginners, it is important to understand essential elements of Project Management. These are called constraints because, once fixed, we cannot change one of these elements without changing at least one of the others, may be two or may be all of them. Who is the Project Manager? A project Manager should own the following skills to succeed: Technical Skills (Knowledge of Subject matter, need not be an expert). What is Project Management?

2019 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss

Girl's Guide to PM

Project management conferences are a fantastic way to meet new people and improve your skills. If you are looking to attend a project management conference in 2019, chances are there is something happening near you that will be fun and meet your professional goals. PMI Sweden Passion for Projects: Stockholm, Sweden 11-12 March 2019. International Scientific Conference on Project Management: Riga, Latvia, 25-26 April 2019. PMINZ Project Management Conference 2019: TBA.

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My designation is not Project Manager – AM I eligible for PMP® Certification?


He told me that he handles technical end to end project management. He is not involved in managing and developing resources. Actually his main concern was – Am I eligible for PMP® certification as my designation is not Project Manager? Plan and manage product quality.

2021 83

Interview with Jon Clay [Video + Transcript]

Girl's Guide to PM

It’s International Project Management Day tomorrow! And that means PMI UK is hosting its flagship Synergy conference in London – so if you are off there tomorrow have a great day. Last week I interviewed Jon Clay, President of the PMI UK Chapter, about his thoughts for Synergy. He shares some amazing tips for change management towards the end of the video. Is there other things that you wish project managers knew about PMI?

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? I’m sure you take away tips and ideas for making this your best year yet managing projects at work. You'll also have the option on the next screen to opt into my awesome newsletter - weekly project management tips. The extension of self-care is caring for others, also crucial for project management and change management.

2019 239

Celebrating Women in Project Management

For the last four years, I’ve published my annual women in project management blog for Even after all that time, women in project management are still a hidden key to our global and economic sustainability. Stevens is a podcaster, author, speaker and works with women in project management to reinforce within themselves their true value to their team, company and industry. It’s Time to Change the Ratio.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2018 to make 2018 their most successful year ever? I’m sure you take away tips and ideas for making this your best year yet managing projects at work. The extension of self-care is caring for others, also crucial for project management and change management.

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How good is your ability to build trust?

Susanne Madsen

For project and change managers a high-trust environment is particularly important, as the very nature of our job is to lead people through a period of high uncertainty and change. As we can’t rely on hierarchical reporting lines to move things forward, we have to make use of our interpersonal skills and our ability to influence people in more subtle ways. In my experience, lack of competence isn't the main reason why project and change managers struggle.

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Part II: A Simplified Approach to Determine IT Project Complexity

PM Times

It will discuss why the Core IT Complexity model is a good approach for most IT organizations and why it is important to determine project complexity as an ongoing and integral part of the Change Management and Risk Management process. Changes in Scope.

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Project Charter Example and a Comprehensive Guide (+Template)

PM Basics

In addition, you can get a simple template I developed and used throughout 10 years as a software development project manager. Project Manager and Authority Level. Nizhebetskiy Dmitriy is assigned as the project manager. No changes to the database are required.

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Management Training Programs to Consider in 2019


Management Training Programs to Accelerate Professional Success. Whether you are fresh off the single contributor track and into management role or simply want to learn how to become better at your job and rise through the hierarchy, there are many great opportunities to develop your management skills. A management training program can be a great option because it is like taking a short elevator ride to get yourself higher up the ladder of success.

Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners


1) Force Field Analysis: This technique was originally used in a change management context (and also in risk management), but it can be adapted for retrospectives. Then, identifies the following: Driving forces (“forces of change”), which affects the desired state positively. Restraining forces (“forces against change”), which affect the desired state negatively. 3] Agile Practice Guide, by Project Management Institute (PMI).

2019 70

 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

How do I adapt the organization’s ability to deliver value dynamically to a changing like market? What you can do is you can keep the executives attention longer long enough to actually make measurable change within organizations. Now, PMI, right?

Webinar Recap: Winning Presentation Skills


Today’s session is eligible for one PMI PDU in the leadership category. Carl is the author of seven project management books and co-produced The Audio PMP Prep: Conversations on Passing the PMP Exam. How do you do all of risk management in one hour or less?

2020 52

Agile Unplugged: EP 02 | Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens

Leading Agile

In this week’s episode, LeadingAgile Chief Methodologist, Dennis Stevens, sits down with Mike Cottmeyer to discuss Capability-based organizations, Systems of Delivery vs Systems of Transformation, managing dependencies, and more. – Talk about project management and things like that.

2020 68

Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 1 – Understanding & Incorporating Agile Project Management


Kyle: Hello everyone and welcome to today’s MPUG training series, part one, Understanding and Incorporating Agile Project Management. Today’s session is eligible for one PMI PDU in the technical category and the code for claiming today’s session is on the screen now. He’s an accomplished speaker, consultant and educator supporting the project management community for over 25 years. It’s okay for those things to change.