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7 Ways to Sell Agile to Project Stakeholders


Here are some tips for selling Agile project management methodology to stakeholders: 1. Align Agile project management with your organization’s strategy. In certain cases, it’s possible to cling to legacy or home-rolled project management practices even when development teams have moved into some form of Agile development.

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Change Management: What do Project Managers Need to Know?

Online PM Courses

They either leave it to a ‘change manager’, or worse: they ignore it. So, in this feature article, we’re offering a primer in Change Management. We’ll tell you what it is, how people respond to change, and the main pointers you’ll need to manage change effectively.


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5 Ways to Lead a Change Management Initiative: Project Manager As Change Manager


I’ve observed quite a few change management initiatives fail, and some of them have failed spectacularly. While these are not all necessary for every change initiative you may be managing or leading, think of them as best practices to follow. Here are five ways to lead a successful change management initiative: 1.

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5 Steps Every Organization Can Take to Beat the Transformation Odds (Part 2) 


In this post, you’ll jump back into the story of a large biotech company undergoing transformation the intelligent way – by leveraging the principles of organizational change management. Put another way, it means they attended, with clear intention, to “the people side of change.” You’ll see why change doesn’t happen overnight.

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What are the tipping points for your agile transformation?

Kiron Bondale

While there is no single model for how a company will progress through its agile transformation, it is a good idea for transformation teams to proactively identify tipping points where previously unique outcomes or behaviors have become commonplace. Delivery frequency matches stakeholders’ change appetite. Zero defects.

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Overcoming Resistance to Change with Change Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Change management is one of the most challenging components of a project’s success, but having acceptance for the changes a project brings will help realise the benefits of the project. Resistance to Change. If there is still resistance, alternative ways of approaching the change initiative are needed.

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Change Management – The Ultimate 10 Commandments


We bring you a full guide and the top 10 key points to master Change Management in your organization. We live in an age where change is constant. Change Management is the way organizations best adapt to this reality. What is change management? Information travels faster than ever.