How To Close A Project In PRINCE2

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If you aren’t using PRINCE, or if you want some general guidance as well about project closure documents and so on, read this next: How to close a project. A project has a start, a middle and an end, so closing a project is an important part of the project management lifecycle.

PRINCE2 and PMBOK: How They Compare

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We were talking about PRINCE2®, what it means to get qualified and how it compares to the PMBOK Guide. She first took her PRINCE2 Practitioner exam in 2004. Elizabeth, what’s the story behind the PRINCE2 methodology? In brief, how does PRINCE2 work?


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12 Tips for PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam Success

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PRINCE2 Foundation was the first project management certification that I took. PRINCE2 is one of the most popular project management frameworks around the world, with thousands of certified professionals globally. Foundation is a closed book exam so you have to work from memory only.

PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner


What is PRINCE2 Agile? PRINCE2 Agile is a project management process that focuses on delivering projects with high levels of customer satisfaction. PRINCE2 Agile has been designed across all industries; it is not limited to construction or IT-type industries like other processes are.


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Here’s the common type of thought we get: I have also considered investing in the PRINCE2 set of qualifications to make me more PM ready and confident but fear investing in the course with no definite sight of returns. I always like to find the answer that says No to PRINCE2 – not an indefinite No – just a hold off a minute until we explore what experience you already have and what it is you’re trying to achieve. PRINCE2

The Best PRINCE2 Exam Simulators

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I remember studying for my PRINCE2 exam and taking plenty of sample papers and mock tests. These days, the best exam prep I can suggest for PRINCE2 certification is to use online exam simulators. Important Features of a PRINCE2 Exam Simulator. PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator.

PRINCE2: An Introduction to the Project Management Methodology

Project managers who aren’t based in the United Kingdom might not be intimate with the PRINCE2 method of managing a project, which is primarily used by the British government. Although foreign to some, there’s still much to be gained from the PRINCE2 method, even if it isn’t adopted in its entirety. What Is PRINCE2? PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments. History of PRINCE2. The PRINCE2 Methodology. PRINCE2 Roles.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner: Everything you need to know to get this Certification!


What is PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner? PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner. The aim of the first qualification is to provide a background on the concepts, process, terminology, and techniques needed to be able to successfully manage projects using Prince2.

Project Closure: Your Complete Guide to How to Close-down Your Project

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And it’s only fair to acknowledge that some of the things I have been saying in training sessions fo the last 20+ years track back to Paul’s advice closing a project well. It is the stage where you carry out all the formal and informal tasks that will close your project down in an orderly manner. The formal standard for the ‘Closing Process Group’ is very thin. Axelos’s PRINCE2®. There are five activities in the Closing a Project process.

PRINCE2: What You Need to Know


PRINCE2 is one of the most popular process-based project management methodologies today. PRINCE2 emphasises organisation and control, beginning every project with a comprehensive plan, using structured phases, and tying up every loose end before the project is complete.

Review Official PRINCE2 Foundation App

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A companion learning tool to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. The App contains a case study to bring PRINCE2 to life and offers links to continue your PRINCE2 journey. The case study contains 5 topics: Introduction to PRINCE2: introducing the company, it’s vision, the project and the key employees. In the case there is a reference to PRINCE2 role: Sponsor (incorrect, see glossary). App English Post Prince2 review

What is the Difference Between PRINCE2 Agile and APMG Agile Project Management?

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What is the difference between PRINCE2 Agile and APMG Agile Project Management? A counterpoint would be that Agile Project Management (Agile PM) is based on DSDM Atern while PRINCE2 Agile “integrates any agile development approach you want”. Agile-PM’s inspiration traces roots from the 90’s while PRINCE2 Agile blends the 80’s and the noughties and 20-teen’s. PRINCE2 Agile gives us the “Agil-o-meter” to allow us to ‘calculate’ the answer.

Project Closure: How to Miss Nothing when You Shut-down Your Project

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Project closure is often an afterthought for Project Managers: 'we're done, let's run'. Finishing well is a vital project discipline. But how? The post Project Closure: How to Miss Nothing when You Shut-down Your Project appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Managing a Football Team Like a PRINCE2 Project


We’ve looked closely at football, and can assure you – its fans, players and coaches all closely reflect elements of project management. PRINCE2 is a controlled, consistent approach to projects that allows you to logically plan your tasks and objectives. We guarantee** the winning team this weekend will be using PRINCE2 processes – so if you haven’t implemented them in your organisation, click here to see why you should!

PRINCE2: The Reigning Project Management Methodology


Projects in Controlled Environments (more commonly known as PRINCE2) is the most widely practiced project management methodology worldwide, used by teams in over 150 countries. But what is PRINCE2 and why is it so popular? These are tricky questions to answer without sifting through endless articles and vague definitions, so we’ve saved you some Googling by collecting the essentials of PRINCE2 in one convenient place. The fundamentals of PRINCE2.

Die 7 Prinzipien, Themen und Prozesse von PRINCE2


PRINCE2 is now available in German, and so has launched a German-language version of our website and is now delivering courses in Germany. PRINCE2 ist eher ein Vertreter der klassischen Projektplanung – doch es gibt auch Stimmen, die der hybriden Systematik folgen: PRINCE2 für die klare Struktur und den notwendigen Rahmen, Scrum für Sprints innerhalb der Projektabschnitte. Die sieben Grundprinzipien von PRINCE2 sind so etwas wie das Rückgrat eines Projekts.

How can PRINCE2 help you during different stages in your career?


PRINCE2 isn’t just the world’s most popular Project Management methodology, it can also help you boost the power of your CV. Here are our 5 top ways how PRINCE2 can help you out at different stages of your career. As the qualification itself has no entry requirements, by taking the PRINCE2 Foundation course, you’ll show potential employers that you’re interested and committed to learning about this field. It may be time for you to get PRINCE2 qualified.


Brad Egeland

​BOOK REVIEW: ALEXEI KUVSHINNIKOV’S “THE DEEP-SPACE ODDITY PROJECT” (PRINCE2® FICTION) It’s easy to get excited and enthusiastic about something so new and unique. The author called it “PRINCE2 Fiction” and at least I am not aware of anything remotely similar existing on the market. At the same time, it aims to stay very close to the real-life struggles and frustrations of project managers.

Managing Project Christmas

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Here’s SPOCE with the PRINCE2 approach to managing the project that is Christmas. 25 th December – closing a project process begins with a post mortem of how well it went. This is usually a big NO NO for PRINCE2 due to their conflicting objectives. Each household will have its own internal processes in place for this for which PRINCE2 can support. Our PM will be keeping a close eye on the issues and risks, taking corrective action where necessary.

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Best 12 Project Management Certifications (2022)

From the triple constraint of time, cost and scope, to every phase of the project from initiating, planning and executing to monitoring, controlling and closing, it shows you’re a qualified project manager. PRINCE2 Certification.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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Gateway (PRINCE2). And of course, it isn’t just you who will be studying this evidence closely. ’ PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 0 – Strategic Assessment. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 1 – Business Justification. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 2 – Delivery Strategy. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 3 – Investment Decision.

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ITIL for Project Managers – Should you?

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It was the CCTA that, late in the 1980s also adapted the PROMPT project management methodology into what we now know as PRINCE2. In 2011, the then UK Government decided to privatise the work of the OGC, and transferred ownership of OGC methodologies including PRINCE2 and ITIL to Axelos , a joint venture company, between the Cabinet Office and Capita plc. Close. PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management ITIL Ivor Macfarlane PRINCE2

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Q & A with "The Deep-Space Oddity Project” Author Alexei Kuvshinnikov

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One, that learning PRINCE2 can be fun. Though while it’s true that a PRINCE2 course is hardly stand-up comedy, I’ve got some tricks up my instructor’s sleeve to make it a bit more lively. Two, that while learning PRINCE2 involves studying the concepts it equally involves learning the interaction between different project team roles when applying those concepts. PRINCE2 is all about team work, but PRINCE2 training has a strong focus on individual learning.

Artificial Intelligence And Transformation Team Implications

International Institute for Learning

Firstly, there needs to be close connectivity between the strategisers of the organisation’s future and designers/builders of the AI technology (Farrow, 2021). PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile, MSP®, P3O®, MoP®, Managing Benefits, Change Management, AgileSHIFT, Certified Coach.

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Artificial Intelligence And Transformation Team Implications

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Firstly, there needs to be close connectivity between the strategisers of the organisation’s future and designers/builders of the AI technology (Farrow, 2021). PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile, MSP®, P3O®, MoP®, Managing Benefits, Change Management, AgileSHIFT, Certified Coach.

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The Top Five Project Management Certifications in the UK

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PRINCE2 Certification. What is PRINCE2? PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is one of the world’s most practiced methods for project management. Started by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office, along with the privately-held Capita LLC (The joint venture is now called AXELOS ), PRINCE2 is widely popular in the UK and other Commonwealth nations. PRINCE2 provides a framework and guidelines that enable effective project management for delivering projects successfully.

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Gate Reviews: What Project Managers Need To Know

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Gate reviews, or stage reviews are part of the PRINCE2® process, and also part of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s Project Roadmap in the Governance module. The phases of a typical predictive lifecycle are: Idea or concept phase Initiate Plan Execute Close.

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Product Manager vs Project Manager – What’s the Difference?

Project managers are in charge of managing teams during the initiating, planning, scheduling, monitoring and closing phases of a project. Project management process groups : Project initiation, planning, scheduling, tracking and closing. Product Manager vs Project Manager.

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Top 5 Project Management Certifications To Become A Great Project Manager!

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PRINCE2. This includes planning, initiating, controlling, monitoring and closing the project. PRINCE2. The PRINCE2 certification course is another important project management credential project managers can take. PRINCE2 is accredited by AXELOS and focuses on managing, directing and delivering projects throughout all phases from pre-project to initiation, delivery, and the final delivery. About the PRINCE2 Certification exam structure.

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10 Places to Get Free Project Management Templates

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And yet… somehow the organisation doesn’t have the documentation you need to get it started, keep it on track and close it down successfully. PRINCE2 Templates from Axelos. If you work in a PRINCE2 environment, you’ll be aware that it’s quite document heavy! The latest version of PRINCE2 has a focus on tailoring, so you should be picking and choosing the documentation that you need, instead of creating everything. You’ve got responsibility for a project.

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)

There are two major certifying bodies, PRINCE2 and the Project Management Institute (PMI). Program managers specialize in managing a group of closely related projects that are part of a program.

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Top 10 Books on Change Management (2023 edition)

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Once that window in your brain has been opened, it will never close. If you are looking for some other suggestions for project management books to read, you can check these out: Best PRINCE2® books Books by Elizabeth Harrin (that’s me!)

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Is Hybrid Really a Popular Project Approach?

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However, we’ve used iterative approaches for development and delivery, plus close working relationships with customers (or customer reps) embedded in the team, and constant refection and lessons learned throughout the project. What is hybrid project management?

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The Definitive Guide to Project Management Methodologies


Collaboration-heavy: The lack of a fixed plan means all involved departments - including stakeholders and sponsors - will have to work closely to deliver results. You will need close collaboration, especially past the planning stage. PRINCE2. PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is the official project management methodology of the UK government (which means that most UK government projects use it). PRINCE2 is based on 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes.

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What Does Agile Mean in the Job Market?

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In some organisations the project manager is not involved in delivery but in a small organisation or for a small project, the project manager may be managing and closely involved in delivery. When used in a Project context you can benefit from merging the Agile delivery methods with the structure that PRINCE2 Agile or Agile PM bring with them. What does Agile mean? And how on earth do we distinguish this in the job market?

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Which Project Management Methodology is Right for Your Team?


Prince2. Prince2 – otherwise known as “projects in controlled environments” – is a project management methodology beneficial to teams that value organization above everything else.

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How to List Projects on Your Resume: A No Stress Guide

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You don’t have a lot of space on your resume, so pick a few projects that help you demonstrate the skill set and experience that most closely match the requirements for the job. Listing projects on your resume helps make your job application stand out.

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The project customer role

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Close working relationships with the project customer and the end users they represent are important. It could also include those who will be the customer of the end product, for example, the Senior User in PRINCE2® terminology.

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Which Project Management Methodology is Right for Your Team?


Prince2. Prince2 – otherwise known as “projects in controlled environments” – is a project management methodology beneficial to teams that value organization above everything else.

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12 Ways to Create A Positive Work Culture

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The team will treat this kind of project manager as close-minded and someone who doesn’t understand the business at all. Anna is a Professional Scrum Master, PRINCE2 Practitioner and she is currently working on a PhD in Finance Management. Anna Erdmanska, PMP.

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