How to Close a Surprise TKO Project

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Your project sponsor called you to her office and told you that the party is over — close the project. How to Close the Project. Second, be clear about the steps you will take to close the project. Review the Risk Register. 5=Closing

The Origins of Scrum and Empirical Closed Loop Control

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This took me back since Scrum is derived from an empirical closed loop control system developed in the USAF by Col. And of course: Assessing the outcomes of the feedforward and feedback loops is the basis of all Closed Loop control system. See link below on Closed Loop Control).

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Risk management for agile projects

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What are the implications to project risk management when you choose to deliver a project using an agile approach? Here are a few similarities: Risk needs to be managed through the project’s lifetime, not just at the very beginning.

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Playing Whack-A-Mole With Risk

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Before your window of opportunity closes? My assertion in that workshop was that assumptions and hypotheses, practically speaking, are risks. The risk is that those beliefs are wrong. It represents an implicit risk. Remember – hypotheses and assumptions are risks.

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Risk Management is How Adults Manage Projects

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These uncertainties create the risk to the success of all projects. Without managing in the presence of risk, the probability of project success is significantly reduced, most likely reduced to zero. Management in the presence of risk has the following steps: [1].

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Are You Making These Mistakes When Responding to Risks

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Some project managers make timely responses to risks, resulting in positive progress toward their project goals; others act haphazardly, resulting in undesirable consequences. Chuck Swindoll told a funny story that illustrates the dangers of costly mistakes when responding to risks.

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Four Practical Ways to Improve Project Procurements

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Close the Procurements. Lastly, close the procurements. It is easy to overlook the final procurement activities when a project comes to a close. 2=Planning 4=Control 5=Closing Project Procurement Management

Closed Loop Control and Granularity of the Estimating Process

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For any closed loop control system ‒ let’s assume we want to manage our project with such a system ‒ has a signal representing the current state of the system. To control this process using feedback and corrective actions ‒ in the same way, your closed loop controller for your air conditioner or heater does - a sampling rate is determined based on the rate of change of the underlying processes. What is the value at risk you are willing to right off if you lose control?

How to Develop a Successful Buyer-Seller Relationship

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What are our greatest risks and what are we doing to manage those risks? 2=Planning 4=Control 5=Closing Project Procurement ManagementProject Procurement Management For most of my career, I have served in financial service organizations.

7 Reasons Why Excel Is Putting Your Project At Risk

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Risk #1: No Specialized Features. Risk #2: No Single View Of All Work. Risk #3: No Professional Communication With Clients. Risk #4: Adding More Time To Projects. If you want to work out whether a task is open, closed or overdue you need a formula. Risk #5: Inaccurate Calculations. Risk #6: Losing Data. Excel project management puts data at risk. Risk #7: Making Bad Decisions.

Probability plays a powerful role in project management

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From foreign dignitaries to the stock markets, the prevailing opinion leading up to June 23 was that while the final results would be close, the majority of voters would choose to keep Britain within the European Union. Lethal impact, very low probability risks often get dealt with.

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Increasing the Probability of Project Success

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and the connections between each Process are made to form a Closed Loop control systems needed to manage any project. Increasing the Probability of Project Success Simple in Theory, Complex in Practice.

Don’t forget n*(n-1)/2 when scaling agile!

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But on agile projects we expect that core team members will collaborate closely on a daily basis. Tagged: agile project management , communications , project decision making , Risk management , team building.

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Principles of Cost and Schedule Estimating

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One of the 4 summary root causes of project performance failures is Unrealistic Cost and Schedule Estimates based on inadequate risk-adjusted growth models. Risk Management is how adults manage projects - Tim Lister. A longer bibliography of Risk Management on Agile Projects. .

Horseshoes and hand grenades? Don’t forget about projects!

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But on more critical projects or those possessing a higher level of complexity, there might be some value while high severity risks are being analyzed to add the dimension of a threshold that should trigger some degree of investigation and corrective action.

4 Tips for an Effective Project Management Plan


Include any difficulties the team may encounter and risks involved in the project. A sound risk management plan limits the impact of these issues and may warn workers to avoid them altogether. Leaders always have to be ready to adapt to changing circumstances and meet fresh challenges.

Little Book of Bad Excuses

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Let's start with formal risk management. There was a twitter post yesterday asking about the connection between Agile development and Risk Management. Agile is a participant in risk management but it is not risk management in and of itself. How are these risks identified?

Definition of Done

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Do those capabilities meet the Measures of Effectiveness needed to accomplish the mission of the system in operational units of success closely related to the achievements of the mission or operational objectives evaluated in the operational environment, under a specific set of conditions?


From Mission Capabilities to Done

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These measures are: Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) – are the operational measures of success that are closely related to the achievements of the mission or operational objectives evaluated in the operational environment, under a specific set of conditions.

Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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The risk is created when we have not accounted for this natural variances in our management plan for the project. Dealing with Aleatory (irreducible) uncertainty and the resulting risk requires we have margin. An aleatory risk is expressed as a relation to a value. Embrace Risk!

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Top 13 Project Management Methodologies and Styles


By closely analyzing and estimating the amount of time it should take for each event to be completed, the manager can then easily create realistic timelines and budgets for those aspects of the project. Ability to take risks.

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Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities: What does a PM Really Do?

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You’ll w ork closely with the team and those who’ll be doing the work. This prevents information from being missed by some and reduces risk. Managing risk. Work closely with the customer and stakeholders. Closing the project.

Five Immutable Principles of Project Success and Estimating

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Risk Management is How Adults Manage Projects - Tim Lister. All risk comes from Uncertainty - reducible uncertainty and irreducible uncertainty. [1] 1] No uncertainty No Risk. . If you're not managing risks You're not managing the project.

Epic List of Project Manager Behavioral Interview Questions to Prove You’re the Ideal Candidate for the Job

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Our project schedules were at risk of slipping due to resource constraints and conflicts. How do you close your projects? How do you manage project risk? When you’re interviewing for that perfect project manager position, you need to be ready.

The Causes of Conflict On Project Teams

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We challenge leaders, we talk about risk and what might go wrong and we call people out on poor performance through project monitoring and control. There’s a risk of conflict between: The sponsor and users. Handover and Close Phase. Projects can be a hotbed of conflict.

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Nothing Happens Without A Reason

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Leibniz said it simply nothing happens without a reason which is close to everything happens for a reason. IT Risk Management. NoEstimates Business Capabilities Decision Making Principles Risk Root Cause AnalysisWhen we see things happen, we attribute them to a reason.

10 Free Project Management Templates

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This month's free template is a project risk log. Closing down your project well is important if you want to make sure that. I know you love free project management templates.

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Managing Project Christmas

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The Christmas dinner – Quality and Risk Approach. 25 th December – closing a project process begins with a post mortem of how well it went. This way our issues and risks are kept better under control and the business case is continually reviewed. Risk number 1. –

Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq

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Aleatory and Epistemic uncertainties, which create the risk to the success of the project. Other uncertainties that create risk include: Unrealistic performance expectation with missing Measures of Effectiveness and Measures of Performance. This is the basis of a risk tolerant plan.

The Best Free Project Management Resources


Become an expert with Project Management: Quality, Risk, Procurement and Project Closeout. Step 5: Close. The numbers don’t lie: Managing complicated projects is a tough task.

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Integrated Master Plan - Revisited

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Designing, building, testing, and deploying complex systems is fraught with risk. And as always risk comes from uncertainty. The close tie between the IMP and IMS has been discussed throughout this document. IT Risk Management.

How to Connect Emerging Risks, Strategies, and Project Management [Snippet]

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How to Connect Emerging Risks, Strategies, and Project Management. Is your organization identifying and managing emerging risks? How have researchers and farmers responded to this risk? Poor recognition of emerging risks.

Project Manager vs. Program Manager: A Side-by-Side Comparison


Here, I’ve categorized some of these differences across the initiation, planning, execution and close lifecycle steps. Both projects and programs have a lot of details to manage, including the deliverables, schedules, and issues and risks. Manage issues and risks.

Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

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Manage risk. Close the project. The Scrum Master works closely with the team and ensures that they adhere to the ceremonies. Are you considering a career move? . Perhaps you’re considering Project Management because it uses many skills you already have. But wait.


Scrum Master Responsibilities: What Does a Scrum Master Do?

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They work together to identify dependencies, risks, and other relevant information. This will often include working closely with the Product Owner to remove roadblocks. This is closely related to removing roadblocks, and could overlap. Managing risks and dependencies.


Overcoming Annual Planning with Adaptability

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When the PMO designs roles that allow their teams to get as close as possible to where the problems are, they will see more conversations that ultimately resolve more customer problems. Empowering the PMO to Be the Change-Maker. Is your PMO cultivating a blame-free culture?

What Can a Project Manager Do Next? The Project Manager Career Ladder

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You need to understand risk and finances, and evaluate projects based on ROI. You’d work closely with the product development team by laying out the roadmap and developing a plan, and then ensuring that the team stays on target.

Three things you should do whenever someone leaves your project

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We start our projects with a small core team but as we proceed further down the rabbit hole we add team members to support planning and delivery activities. Then as work streams get completed, team size shrinks until we reach project closure where we are back to the original core team.

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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Pam Shergill

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I didn’t believe the model was successful and provided some figures to my boss, recommending that we close down the operation. I closed down the operation and my boss offered me a job as a project manager based in Ireland.

Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq (Updated)

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Aleatory and Epistemic uncertainties, which create the risk to the success of the project. Other uncertainties that create risk include: Unrealistic performance expectation with missing Measures of Effectiveness and Measures of Performance.