SCRUM Project Management Methodology Explained


One of the more popular methods used by some of the fastest growing startups as well as large corporations is the Scrum methodology. Scrum has become one of the most widely used project management methodologies in business today. A Quick Explanation of Scrum. Scrum in Action.


Project Closure: Your Complete Guide to How to Close-down Your Project

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And it’s only fair to acknowledge that some of the things I have been saying in training sessions fo the last 20+ years track back to Paul’s advice closing a project well. The formal standard for the ‘Closing Process Group’ is very thin. Scrum.

The Origins of Scrum and Empirical Closed Loop Control

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Scrum is) more defined rather than empirical process. scrum, not agile. not as it was prior to scrum. Scrum is prescriptive and defined rather than empirical. No need to explain why OODA is the basis of Scrum, here's a much better post - OODA: The Mindset of Scrum. .

Scrum Master Responsibilities: What Does a Scrum Master Do?

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Are you thinking of taking on a Scrum Master role? Do you know what the Scrum Master responsibilities are? To make sure you’re ready to carry out Scrum Master responsibilities, ensure that you have a good understanding of what’s involved. The Scrum Master can help.


Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

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You’ve also heard that teams are going Agile and that Scrum Master might be a good option. Or maybe you’re already a Project Manager, and you’re wondering if a Scrum Master job might be a good move. Difference between a Project Manager and Scrum Master.


Closed Loop Control and Granularity of the Estimating Process

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For any closed loop control system ‒ let’s assume we want to manage our project with such a system ‒ has a signal representing the current state of the system. To control this process using feedback and corrective actions ‒ in the same way, your closed loop controller for your air conditioner or heater does - a sampling rate is determined based on the rate of change of the underlying processes. Managing software development projects is a Closed Loop control system.

The Myth of the Scrum Master and Actual Life Experiences

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Just listened to Tony Richards "The Capital Role of Scrum" in Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast (yes I know, this is Vasco's podcast and it does have value when he sticks to Scrum topics). Vasco describes the scrum Master as the Scrum Mom. . In the Scrum paradigm.


Scrum Project Management


Scrum is a project management framework that helps small, close-knit teams develop complex products incrementally. Scrum focuses on how people work instead of what they do. Scrum relies on agile principles and is the most popular agile methodology out there. What is Scrum.


How to Train a High Performing Team Using Scrum


The fact of SCRUM: It’s lightweight, easy to learn, but tough to master. To increase the efficiency of the process, and get the most out of the team, every Scrum Master has to inspect and adapt their approach constantly. Highly performing Scrum teams do not happen overnight.


Three Popular Ways to Run a Productive Retrospective


Continuous improvement is one of the biggest benefits of working in an Agile work environment , and in the Scrum framework, the driver of improvement is the Retrospective. They’re usually facilitated by a Scrum Master and include only the team (not managers or other stakeholders, since their presence can deter teams from bringing up mistakes.). Close the Retrospective. Finally, it’s time to close the Retrospective on a high note.

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The Intrigue – and the Universality – of Kanban


Kanban/ Scrumban is the new Scrum. Amongst the Agile folks looking at Kanban – and evaluating it for their purposes, Kanban is the solution to a range of what might be termed as limitations or constraints of the ways in which teams have adopted Scrum.

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What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


An early form of this methodology was Scrum , developed in 1986, which presented the concept of requirements volatility. Developers work in close collaboration with other stakeholders.

A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

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Scrum. Scrum is the most widely used lightweight Agile framework. Scrum provides high-level visibility to the work being done, as well as ongoing progress. You’ve likely heard of scrum activities that help provide visibility and ongoing improvement.

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The Top Five Project Management Certifications in the UK

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Closing – 7%. Agile Scrum is a project management method used best in the software and IT industries. The Agile scrum methodology works on the principle of seamless efficiency while minimizing red tape. Familiarity with Scrum and its basic concepts.

Comparing agile project management frameworks

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SCRUM LEAN KANBAN. Roles Three roles are key to success (scrum master, product owner and scrum team). Teams align based on common goals and work closely together. Uses scrum as the method do the actual work, yet uses kanban as the method to seek and gain in the way of continuous improvements. Uses lean as the way to combine the best components of kanban and scrum practices to deliver the most sustainable value as fast as possible.

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The Best 53 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

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What to expect: Mike’s blog helps software development teams improve their work through Agile and Scrum. These will give you the incentive and knowledge to implement Agile and Scrum in your own organization. Ux Runway – How To Incorporate Ux With Agile/Scrum Teams. What is Scrum?

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The Basics of Agile and Project Management

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In this guest article from Germain Paris, a consultant at Genius Project , we get back to basics to see perhaps where the drive is coming from, what that means, and how the practical aspects of Agile, things like SCRUM artifacts are managed.

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Top 13 Project Management Methodologies and Styles


By closely analyzing and estimating the amount of time it should take for each event to be completed, the manager can then easily create realistic timelines and budgets for those aspects of the project. 10 – Scrum. Scrum is a derivative of agile project management.

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Human Resources needs to be part of your company’s agile transformation!

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For large companies which have defined job families and roles, agile might introduce new roles such as Scrum Masters, product owners or agile coaches. Agile delivery flourishes when you have long lived teams of generalizing specialists who collaborate closely.

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What Does Agile Mean in the Job Market?

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There are many flavours of Agile, you may have heard of SCRUM, Kanban, Lean, Lean Startup, Extreme Programming to name but a few! This can often be just SCRUM, just Kanban or even a combination of them both, often termed SCRUMBAN or one of a host of other Agile methods.

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Risk management for agile projects

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Influencing stakeholders to ensure that risk gets effectively managed is a critical skill for both a project manager and a Scrum Master. What are the implications to project risk management when you choose to deliver a project using an agile approach?

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Agile vs Waterfall Methodology: What’s the Difference?

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A project manager leads the effort and works closely with the team to plan and execute the project. When following the agile scrum approach, there are three typical roles (these are not job titles)*: *these descriptions are simplified for this article. Scrum Master.

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Agile Team Transitions Are Not Always Textbook


Isn’t the Scrum Master the project manager? Manages the project management processes to successfully deliver the project – initiation, planning, execution, monitor, control and close. Scrum Master.


The 3 Steps to Take When Failure is Not an Option: Getting to Impeccable Business Execution

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Agile and Scrum serves exactly that. Joel “Thor” Neeb will be speaking at the Agile and Scrum Virtual Conference, going live on May 4 th. Find out more here: This is a guest article by Joel “Thor” Neeb from Afterburner.

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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By working close to their side, you’ll master project management methods, processes, and best practices. This could be an option if you don’t live close to the college you’d like to attend or if you just don’t have enough time to attend university. Scrum certifications. Closing.

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Definition of Done

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The common definition of the Definition of Done in agile software development is (mostly from the Scrum Alliance and other official Scrum sites): A simple list of activities (coding, comments, unit testing, integration, release notes, design documents, etc.) Close Loop Thinking.

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Amy Hamilton

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Often as a woman in a career field surrounded by men, it is easy to close yourself off and feel isolated. Inspiring Women in Project Management: Natalie Warnert An interview with Scrum Master and Women In Agile supporter Natalie Warnert, an Inspiring Woman in Project Management.

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Agile project management: A beginner's guide

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Stakeholders and developers closely collaborate on a daily basis. Within agile here are some frequently used methods, with scrum, kanban, and lean being the most popular. Scrum. If you're new to project management and the agile methodology, the answers to these 10 questions will arm you with the information you need to get started. And if you're a project management veteran, these frequently asked agile questions are a good refresher. What is agile?

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2017 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss

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If you are looking to attend a project management conference this year, chances are there is something close by that will appeal to you. Global Scrum Gathering: San Diego, CA, 10-12 April 2017.

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A Super-Quick Guide to PERT, Critical Path, and All the Other Ways to Manage a Project


Most project managers are familiar with Agile and the Scrum Board. Agile draws its strength from short tasks, daily stand-up meetings, and a free-form Scrum or Kanban board. Agile works for fast-moving startup teams that need to deliver new products constantly.

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The Classic Misunderstanding between Principles, Practices, and Process

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Is this early work the same in form as Scrum, XP, or other Agile development methods? Yes, pretty close. A recent Twitter post make the false claim that. I won't embarrass the OP, since he seems to delight in making such unsubstituted claims.

Value and the Needed Units of Measure to Make Decisions

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We produce Value at the end of every Sprint Value is the most important aspect of Scrum based development. For some reason the notion if value is a big mystery in the agile community. Many blogs, tweets, books are spent of speaking about Value as the priority in agile software development.

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The Fallacy of Shu-Ha-Ri

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Here’s Scrum, Kanban or whatever. This sounds dangerously close to stating that we can assume that a chosen method would definitely solve our problems. Are there teams that can say that Scrum (or whatever else) is their thing before they really understand the deeper context?

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The Trouble with Charts

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The Performance Index of #Noestimates in the chart above shows differences from Scrum and Lightweight Scrum. The chart (top chart) shows a number for predictability for No Estimates and a similar number for predictability for Light Weight Scrum. They look pretty close.


Extreme Programming (XP)


It’s similair to Scrum , only XP is a lot more prescriptive and opinionated. Unlike Scrum, which is primarily concerned with team organization, XP is primarily concerned with code: its simplicity, how it’s written and deployed, how developers work, etc.


Agile project management- A tutorial


Today the majority of projects in IT industry use variants of the Agile method like Scrum, Kanban or Extreme programming to manage projects. More and more, the Agile project management method is associated with scrum, since scrum has become the de facto standard for the Agile method.

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Advice for Project Managers: Good Questions to Ask in a Job Interview


Do you love Scrum but don’t get on so well with Kanban? A closed question like this (where they can really only answer yes or no) is a good way to get the information you need. Dear Elizabeth: I have an interview coming up.


Modeling the Future Using Empirical Data from the Past

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This, of course, would mean that climate models, compressible fluid flows, stock markets, automatic landing systems, fracture mechanics, any closed loop process with stationary or non-stationary stochastic behaviors would NOT be possible. This is a quote from Twitter today that says.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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And of course, it isn’t just you who will be studying this evidence closely. And let’s not forget that this is where the idea of Scrum has its origins too. The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers.

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80+ Awesome Online Resources for Project Managers


Choose from exam prep in several areas of project management, including Agile and Scrum certification. A collection of free templates developed by certified PMPs, organized according to PMB O K process group, from initiation to closing. .