The Project Management Consultant

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What is a project management consultant? “ 65% of project management consultants do in fact carry out two things – they advise and they do, i.e., they also deliver the project or ‘solution’ too. Digital Operations, Strategy. Project Management consultant

This Set of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies will Power You up

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The standard ‘four-box’ approach to deriving stakeholder engagement strategies can easily leave newer project managers believing there are just four basic strategies they can use. In fact, there are many stakeholder engagement strategies you can choose from. Consult.

How to Manage Stakeholder Engagement: 15 Practical Strategies

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Here are a few things that will help you make correct decisions: 15 Strategies to Control Stakeholder Engagement. What if I send the information directly to the customer without consulting with John? Peter is a valuable project stakeholder. We need him more than he needs us.

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

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As a consultant, I am comfortable there will never be an organization at scale which can avoid coordination and planning. It may be that your strategy is one which is beyond the skills of your teams, in which case you need to choose a different problem to solve.

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Customer Churn and SaaS

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMere’ , a SaaS Consultant and Customer Success Evangelist tweeted yesterday about two major mistakes she frequently sees SaaS companies making. Product Management Product Strategy churn product strategy grid saas strategy

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Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

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Roadmap – “ Yes, but ” is consultant speak for “I’m answering your question, but let me tell you the question you should have asked – and the answer to that question as well.”

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Playing Whack-A-Mole With Risk

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When it comes to developing a product strategy – or even making decisions about how best to create a product, one of these assumptions is likely to be what causes us to fail. Essentially, product strategy and product ideation.

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Using the cascade model to avoid the execution trap


Leaders of any business know: without superb execution, your strategy is worthless. The problem is strategy and execution aren’t separate features of a project; execution is a key component of strategy. Without execution, your strategy isn’t grounded in reality, and, unsurprisingly, that means it’s likely to fail. Unfortunately for middle management, when strategies fail blame tends to point in their direction.

Ensure Excellent Implementation when Outsourcing a Project Manager


Many of them strive to define their vision, mission, competitive strategy, principles and values, etc., After many years as a project manager I was pleased to come across a project management methodology called “Delivering the 8” developed by a local consulting company called FGT. Finishing on time and on budget but with features that are no longer necessary to the accomplishment of the company strategy is not considered successful, either.

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Do You Have a PM or Business Idea or Article You Want Noticed?

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Do you have something to say in a PM related or business strategy article but don't know how or where? The right template, sugggestion, best practice or how to article can get you noticed too by hiring organizations, recruiters or companiesnin need of an expert consultant.

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More on technical debt

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Here's two postings worth the read on things you can do to deal with technical debt: Phillipe Krutchen Concrete things you can do about your technical debt Scott Adler 11 Strategies for Dealing With Technical Debt Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any online book retailer! I'm not shy about recommending the other guy's stuff.

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Live from Product404, in Atlanta: Agile RoadMapping

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Erik leads product strategy at Gather, and is at the forefront of bridging technology and hospitality to help venues and guests gather and connect. Scott Sehlhorst: SVP, Executive Consultant at LeadingAgile.

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2018 Budget Adds New IR35 Twist

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They have also vowed to continue to fight this proposal or at least keep up the pressure through the various consultation phases which will be required before the changes are implemented. Off-Payroll working in the Private Sector’ consultation.

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12 Innovative Examples of Project Management Software


Together, these elements help businesses execute project strategies for improved employee utilization and greater profitability. Here’s how some industry leading consulting firms are using to project management software to increase client satisfaction and optimize operations.

Understanding the Steps to Developing Your Project Management Career

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At Project Challenge in October 2018 Novare Consulting co-founders and directors Sian Ferguson and Chris Ferguson provided us with a guide to: The qualifications on offer and what you should consider when choosing them.

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Next Generation Project Management Software

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In this article we look at emerging software in the PPM space and discuss how its selection and implementation needs to be done in line with an overarching digital strategy. The implementation strategy requires having a plan with the final objectives defined.

The Lost Art of Having Conversations

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As accomplished, or at least experienced, consultants we immediately suggested a workshop. CITI are the UK consulting firm where leading organisations look for support in managing successful change through projects and programmes.

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Plotting a Course for Work and Resource Management Success

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In our new whitepaper, Charting Your Journey to Success in Today’s Technology Revolution , best-selling author, speaker, and consultant, Jerry Manas, takes a deep dive into new ways of managing and executing work to meet the expectations of today’s workforce.

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Maintain a Healthy Project Portfolio with Metrics and Reviews

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Maintaining a healthy portfolio requires organizations to align the portfolio with strategy and to select suitable metrics to track progress. Project Portfolio Management and Business Strategy. There is a circular link between strategy and project portfolios.

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Maintain a Healthy Project Portfolio with Metrics and Reviews

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Maintaining a healthy portfolio requires organizations to align the portfolio with strategy and to select suitable metrics to track progress. Project Portfolio Management and Business Strategy. There is a circular link between strategy and project portfolios.

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What Can a Project Manager Do Next? The Project Manager Career Ladder

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You’d have a more strategic role to ensure that the program aligns with the business strategy of the organization. You’d have more interaction with executives to discuss overall direction to understand the corporate strategy. Consulting.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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Mark Phillips runs a consultancy focused on high performing projects. Soma Bhattacharya is the blogger behind Stepping into PM , and an Agile consultant. Brett Harned is a digital project management consultant and project manager, author and conference convenor.

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6 Ways To Get Taken Seriously at Work

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Don’t let your social networks define you at work,” says James Lee, President of the Lee Strategy Group. My 100+ page ebook will help with the strategies you need to start owning your place at the table.

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How to Make a Contingency Plan

The contingency plan is a proactive strategy, different from a crisis management plan, which is more of a reaction to something that happened. You’ve heard the phrase, “Always have a Plan B.”

Rogue Project Sponsor: What to Do when Sponsorship goes Bad

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Consult them frequently. When you do consult them, lead with your recommendation. If it s a control issue… No amount of consultation will convince them that they can leave the project to you. Your Strategy.

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What is a Stakeholder in Project Management?


Get buy-in by consulting early and often. They direct the company’s strategy and also have a large interest in its outcome. Consultants and subcontractors: Teams and individuals outside the organization who are working on the project. Stakeholder Buy-In and Strategy.

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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

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We were musing on this because Ron has paused his blogging and is rethinking his strategy. Project Management Blogs from PM Consultants and Software Vendors. British Project Management consultant Susanne Madsen writes with real authority and focuses on leadership-related PM topics.

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How will you deliver projects with a skills shortage?

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This has had an impact on project delivery with projects being late or over budget to pay for external consultants to fill the skills gaps – when they can find them. Analyse what skills you have and what is needed to deliver your overall strategy.

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Who Approves Your Project Change Requests?

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If your organization has a Project Management Office (PMO), consult this group for standards and change control processes. The sponsor has the perspective of how the project aligns and supports the organization’s mission, goals, and strategy.

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Ellen Maynes: Inspiring Women in Project Management

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Today’s interview is with Ellen Maynes, project management consultant, 2016 Global Peace Fellow, and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever spoken to. You can see more information here: and get your tickets here.

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

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International project management consultant & speaker. Co-author of Strategies for Project Sponsorship – [link] Practical project management: Project leadership coach, trainer and consultant.

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The 7 Habits of Successful Project Managers

You need to inform, consult, cajole, persuade and so much more. Because good governance takes responsibility – on behalf of the organization – for strategy, oversight and decision-making.

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12 Project Managers To Follow on Pinterest

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Strategy Sarah. Strategy Sarah pins about project management , career planning, productivity and taking action. AK Wagner Consulting. There are a lot of people sharing project management articles, images and advice on Pinterest. Yes, really.

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Ten Ways to Win Team Commitment on Your Project

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This is a good strategy for a starting-out project manager. You are unlikely to have the capacity to focus on 10 team commitment strategies at once. This is the right strategy for an experienced project leader. Strategy 1: Meaning and Purpose.

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How to Scale Your Business

If you’ve done the due diligence after asking yourself the above questions, and you’re ready to scale the business, Jennifer suggests following these six steps: Evaluate and Plan: You need a strategy, so evaluate the situation fully and plan thoroughly. Get a strategy.

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7 Ways to Sell Agile to Project Stakeholders


Align Agile project management with your organization’s strategy. Here are some tips on proposing new metrics: Look for reporting gaps and problems including: An internal report that’s rarely consulted by project managers or a legacy of a departed executive that needs revision or replacement.

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How To Start A Project As An Accidental Project Manager

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About Simon: Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP ® , PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D, has over 25 years of consulting and contracting experience across a variety of industries. This article, How To Start A Project As An Accidental Project Manager , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Help!

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Managing Failure in Project Management

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According to Kai Krämer, Consultant at Genius Project, ”it’s important to set the objectives of a project from the start” The success of a project can also be defined by looking at the results in comparison to the expectations.

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The #1 Challenge in Project Management (According to the Experts)


Morris, PMP, is a certified Scrum Agile Master, Human Behavior Consultant, best-selling author, mentor, and evangelist for project management. Since this strategy has been employed, revenue has grown over 40% and project success criteria has grown at an astronomical rate.

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Does Size Matter?

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Small consultancies are as much about the individual as the brand where larger agencies have a significantly more turnover of staff. So whatever you require, consider the facts and adopt a strategy that fits your environment.

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Know the value of your change

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It should be the representation in projects (and programs) of the competitive strategy that will allow business executives to convert their intentions into reality.

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Top 7 Project Management Myths Debunked

Stepping Into Project Management

This is a Guest Post by Fred Wilson, who is an Agile & Software Consultant at Ntask. However, despite the evolution of project management strategies and frameworks, projects often get overshadowed by practices and methodologies that may not contribute as efficiently as assumed.

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A View from the Top

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The vision was to hand-pick and work with the very best consultants, trainers and coaches worldwide so that Tailwind could make a difference to their clients, to sit down with them, understand their pain points, what makes them tick, and what is driving their need for support.

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