What Is Strategy?

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But what exactly is strategy? Wikipedia defines strategy as a “high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty” Yet strategy is different from vision, mission, goals, priorities, and plans.

What is Strategy?

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Strategy is a much overused, misused, and abused word. It's tossed around by those who are unfamiliar with Strategy Making roles in businesses. . Strategy is creating fit among a company's activities. The success of a strategy depends on doing many things well - not just a few. If there is no fit among the activities, there is no distinctive strategy and little to sustain the strategic deployment process. The Framework for IT Strategy . Strategy

5 Strategies for an Effective Teamwork


To make your team work more effective follow the tips and strategies which are going to be discussed here. Strategies for an effective Teamwork . A team has to work to achieve goals which you will define.

Connecting Project Benefits to Business Strategy for Success

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The answer is they come from the Strategy of the IT function. Where is the strategy defined? What are the measures of the outcomes connected to each other and connected to the top level strategy to the strategic needs of the firm. NoEstimates Balanced Scorecard Strategy

Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

Data analytics has transformed the way many product managers approach product enhancements, creating strong demand for product managers with skills and expertise in defining and analyzing product metrics to make more valuable product decisions.

Elements Of A Successful Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

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Optimizing Your Digital Presence For The Web When you’re considering any data-driven marketing strategy, you can’t exclude SEO , or Search Engine Optimization. Considering Possible Numbers There are many different things which define successful marketing campaigns today.

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6 strategies for choosing the right project management tool


Define your needs The first step to finding a project management tool is identifying the current problems in the way your team works. You can also use this list as a starting point to define what features you do want in a project management tool.

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How to connect business strategy with project management

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Think of the strategy and PM connection in construction terms, where the step of pouring footings and foundations needs to adequately support all other work that follows and ultimately the final structure -- in this analogy the final structure are the end goals. Suresh Srinivasan, CTO at NYU Langone Medical Center , tells CIO, within the NYU IT department there are two key components that link the business strategy and project management.

How to Connect Emerging Risks, Strategies, and Project Management [Snippet]

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How to Connect Emerging Risks, Strategies, and Project Management. Once senior management has clearly defined their long-term and short-term goals, projects may be initiated to support the operational strategies. Is your organization identifying and managing emerging risks?

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

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At the end of the day, it depends on how you define agility, or more precisely how you define “self-directed.” It may be that your strategy is one which is beyond the skills of your teams, in which case you need to choose a different problem to solve.

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Cut, Cut, Cut: Elimination Strategies To Boost Productivity

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Elimination is an underrated productivity strategy we all need to practice. If elimination is such a great strategy, why isn’t it more popular? It’s one of the best ways to eliminate that “crazy busy” feeling that make the week feel like a long slog.

You Won’t Believe What These Five Lenses Can Show You About Your Product

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The Product Strategy Grid. Steven Haines wrote The Product Manager’s Desk Reference , and from ( the first edition of ) his book I learned about the product strategy grid. I believe the product strategy grid is a fantastic tool for.

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The Potential of Agile

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The agile process gives you frequent opportunities to validate the hypotheses on which your product strategy is built. Quality should be defined from the outside in, just like your product. When you define quality as “how many bugs there are” you are thinking too small.

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How to Analyze Business Strategy to Improve Your Projects


Connecting projects to organizational strategy can improve projects in several areas including preparation of business cases, request management, planning and resource allocation, risk management, budget control, and collaboration. What is a Business Strategy? Before starting the analysis, I want to define what exactly Strategy is. Johnson & Scholes (2005) define strategy as “the direction and scope of an organization over the long term”.

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Good Enough

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Many people mis-define product in MVP to mean experiment. There are three perspectives on how we approach defining good enough when making decisions about investment in our products. But no one provides us with any tools for articulating how to define “good enough.”

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Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

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Together, the product people need to take an organization’s strategy, figure out the appropriate product strategy, and convert that into actionable work for the delivery teams to create the right product. How will we manifest our organization’s strategy through product?

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Classifying Market Problems

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As a quick review, Mr. Levitt defined the following model: Which works in that the center of the bullseye is the heart of the product, and as it grows, it reaches the potential of an imagined marvelous product. Think “ blue ocean strategy ” here.

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Managing Your First Strategic Initiative

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More than ever the need to have a defined and clear communication plan is paramount with a strategic initiative. Project Management barvas strategic strategy

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

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Other themes could be “improve our positioning relative to competitor X” or “fill in a missing component in our portfolio strategy.” Agile Prioritization Product Management Product Strategy Requirements Software development

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Agile Through a Matrix Lens

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Our first step is to define our two axes. Requirements and expectations are immutable – this is the typical expectation within a large bureaucracy; someone built a business case, got funding, and allocated a team to deliver the product as-defined.

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Cargo Cult Requirements

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Building solutions for users in markets that aren’t aligned with their company’s strategy. Specifically, is there a user persona defined? The features may be explicitly defined (e.g.

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Whole Product Game

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How can Theodore Levitt’s classic Whole Product approach help with defining a product roadmap? Theodore Levitt’s model is one for developing marketing strategies around a product, but we were using it to develop a roadmap.

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Definition of Done

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The Technical Performance Measures assess design progress, define compliance to performance requirements, identify risk, are limited to the critical thresholds, and include projects performance.


Fallacy of the Day

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1] This is the foundation of Capabilities Based Planning, The Capabilities must be defines before the Requirements are elicited. 2] " Aligning IT to Organizational Strategy ," . [3] NoEstimates Agile Architecture Business Capabilities Debunking Decision Making Fallacy of the Day Logical Fallacy Root Cause Analysis Strategy Systems TheoryRequirements, as traditionally used, are a separation tool. To separate the "thinkers" from the "doers". In software this is a HUGE mistake!

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Maintain a Healthy Project Portfolio with Metrics and Reviews

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Maintaining a healthy portfolio requires organizations to align the portfolio with strategy and to select suitable metrics to track progress. Project Portfolio Management and Business Strategy. There is a circular link between strategy and project portfolios.

Maintain a Healthy Project Portfolio with Metrics and Reviews

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Maintaining a healthy portfolio requires organizations to align the portfolio with strategy and to select suitable metrics to track progress. Project Portfolio Management and Business Strategy. There is a circular link between strategy and project portfolios.

Product Owner Survival Camp

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There’s always a gap between strategy and execution – and product owners are ideally positioned to help fill that gap. You will learn ways to close the gaps between strategy and tactics. productowners can help close the gap between strategy and execution bit.ly/poscusa.

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5 Tips for an Effective Agile Product Roadmap


Think product strategy first. Strategy always comes first; you should never have to work backward from a roadmap to discover your own strategy. Do your homework first, then figure out how to best implement your strategy via your roadmap.

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Process Groups and the 5 Steps of Traditional Project Management


Process groups help you bring together and clearly define all of the individual tasks, steps, and processes you need to accomplish along the way. We’ll talk about these five steps and how process groups fit into your overall project management strategy.

Progressively Elaborated Users

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Firstly, as Rich defines, you assist in the “you are not your user” pattern. Understanding your users is critical to developing good products. A “complete” understanding is sometimes required, and always comes at a cost.

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Do Start-Ups Need Project Management?

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Because start-ups need strategy and clear plans to establish sound business practices, as well as trying to obtain and retain customers. I have always firmly believed in the benefit of mapping a strategy and then developing an operational plan to deliver.

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The PMO is Dead… Long Live the PMO!

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Managers in the PMO become concerned about the quality and timeliness of the data, standards are defined, processes are introduced, and more activities are included in their sphere of influence.

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4 Tips for Avoiding Bad Project Management Habits


Without a detailed plan, it is impossible to reliably predict delivery dates, foresee upcoming issues, or adjust strategy quickly when necessary. Define what your deliverables will be and what the finished project should look like by the end.

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Managing Failure in Project Management

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The first step when talking about failure would be to define success. The success of a project can only be defined if there are clear goals to be achieved by the project team and the project. Take a step back as not to confuse strategy errors with personal ones.

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The Best Free Project Management Resources


How to define effective project management. Since the process of setting specific tasks and initiating the appropriate call to action involves a sequence of events, your strategy to arrive at the end objective should also include a sequence of events.

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How to Use Project Portfolio Metrics to Deliver Business Value


Maintaining a healthy portfolio requires organizations to align the portfolio with strategy and to select suitable metrics to track progress. Project Portfolio Management and Business Strategy As defined by Porter, strategy is “a process of analysis which is designed to achieve the competitive advantage of an organization over another in the long term”. Strategy should reflect the organization’s purpose, informing company structure and ways of working.

Agile Project Management Methodology Explained


In this article, we will explain what agile project management is, define its process, tell you why agile might be right for your next project, and finally a few downfalls of this methodology.

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The PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition: How to Escalate Risks

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Discover how to ensure risk ownership at the right level of your organization The Project Management Institute added a new risk strategy in the Sixth Edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

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Keyword research is not enough


One of the biggest changes was the new content strategy that we set in motion. The defining segment of our content strategy was a set of criteria all our future content needs to fulfill. We defined clear goals, KPIs, format, style, everything.

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Product Management 101: How to Become a Product Manager


Product managers are responsible for product strategy, developing the product roadmap, and defining features. . Boil it down, and a product manager defines the why, what, when, and how of the product. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: .