Wed.May 27, 2020

There's a new tension in town.

Musings on Project Management

There's a new tension in town. Remote v Local 30M+ Americans have jobs and are working from home (the Remotes) 60M+ Americans can't work from home (the Locals), and 50% of them may not have jobs. If that's not enough to amp the tension between the haves and have-nots, then consider the risk management regime of each: The Remotes have a much lower risk environment from Covid-19, but also. human factors Project Management

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Tips to Organize a Project Efficiently for Success

ProProfs Project Management

‘Let’s stamp this year with success,’ thoughts my business friend shared with me recently. I kept thinking about a few things, and the thought that kept hammering my brain was, ‘how can he manage business projects amid COVID-19 pandemic?’. So I shared my concerns with him openly.

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How to be a Good Project Manager: 11 Practical Tips [from real projects]

PM Basics

I’m so glad to see you here because I want to discuss how to be a good project manager. Or how to become a better project manager. So I’ll share some tips and my observation from my nine years of practical experience as a PM in the software industry. .

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5 Steps to Find Your Definition of Done (With Examples and Workflows)


There’s a saying in the music industry that the easiest way to ruin a song is to keep working on it. Add enough effects, extra guitar parts, or more cowbell, and you’ll turn Woody Guthrie into Guns N’ Roses. Knowing when a piece of art is “done” is subjective and often difficult to define.

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My Top 10 Project Management Concepts | Video

Online PM Courses

What are top 10 Project Management concepts? I guess every project manager will have their own ideas. So, here is my list. The post My Top 10 Project Management Concepts | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Best of. Thoughts for Project Managers video

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80% for Cancer - Buy These Project Management Books and Support the Fight

Brad Egeland

In March of this year - just 2 months ago - we learned that our 10 yr old son has Leukemia so our family's "normal" has dramatically changed. Thankfully he's being treated by great doctors and nurses at a foundation here in Las Vegas - Cure 4 the Kids. They are phenomenal.

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