Fri.May 29, 2020

A Quick Guide to Scrum Artifacts

Scrum is a flexible framework that’s designed to help self-organized teams execute projects quickly in an agile environment. Clients or customers often change ideas mid-stream.

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How Savvy PMOs Drive Actionable Insights with Portfolio Dashboards


Does your PMO generate portfolio dashboards for stakeholders and executives? If so, do those portfolio dashboards offer the right insights and data to help inform and empower your business leaders to make quick decisions? Does it help your PMO be seen as a value driver?

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Agile PM2: a new tree in my agile forest

Henny Portman

It looks like my forest is changing into a jungle. This time I added Agile PM 2. Agile PM 2 is an extension of PM 2 (initiative of the European Union, see: [link] ). To be honest I have some problems with this initiative.

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Top 10 Free Project Management Tools


Project management tools are extremely useful. They help to plan work, organize workflow, and manage. Comparisons project management project management software project management tools task management

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Digital Adoption: Models, Examples, Challenges & Tips

The Digital Project Manager

The post Digital Adoption: Models, Examples, Challenges & Tips appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Topics

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Report improvements, API tweaks, and much more

Resource Guru

We’ve mentioned previously in a blog post that as a remote-first company it’s business as usual for all of our Gurus. That means that our product owners are continuing to product own. Our designers are still designing. Our engineers are definitely engineering and everyone else is doing what they always do! Business as usual means continuing to serve our amazing customers. Continuing to develop our product and continuing to build new features.

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