Sat.Oct 05, 2019

Percent complete -- Boo!

Musings on Project Management

Perhaps I've said this before. I certainly intended to. But, percent complete is a worthless metric Not a value measurement: Percent complete is a ratio. The ratio is dimensionless, whereas value has a dimension; it can be measured. Percent complete is not only not a measure of value completed; it’s really not even a measure of completeness, even if some things are "completed" at less. agile Project Management Project Value

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5 Project Management Excel Templates for Project Managers

Tactical Project Management

Project plans, timelines, and Gantt charts are but few of the many tracking and planning records that the project management team needs to oversee a project successfully. But imagine if you have to create these documents – and many others – from scratch. What a dull way to waste time, huh?

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6 Steps to Hire Remote Workers in your Team

Stepping Into Project Management

If you have read my last post on ways to communicate with remote co-workers or peers you will know that everything is doable even if you are not sitting across the person in a physical space. If you are starting on your own idea/business or working for a small start up, this could be helpful.

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