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Backlog Review (Nulab – 2019)

Girl's Guide to PM

Backlog (from Nulab) is a project management tool for prioritising and tracking work. This is a review of the product using my laptop and Chrome browser, and my iPad with Safari, in June 2019. General Information. Name: Backlog. Vendor: Nulab.

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The Power of If-Then Risk Statements

Project Risk Coach

Have you thought about the use of this two-letter conjunction in risk management lately? Let's look at how to use the power of If-Then risk statements. IF is a simple word that can open up new doors to writing clear risk statements. And it can be used to write opportunities as well as threats.

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Can Project Duration Estimation be done without Assumptions?


One of the most frequently asked questions when someone is about to start a new task is likely, “how much time will it take?”. Time is limited. Our lives are limited, and unfortunately, we just cannot wish away time limitations.

Top 10 Variables of a Simple Project Management Software


A project manager (male or female) cannot expect to make his project a skyrocketing success without investing in a simple project management software. There are innumerable advantages associated with using a project management software for project delivery — one of them is the provision of a streamlined way to collaborate on project goals and objectives. Each project management software comes with its own features that may not be perfect.

Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Debunking Six Misconceptions About Agile

Stepping Into Project Management

This articles was first published in For those of us in the project management community, agile is a familiar term. But despite its prominence, it’s often misunderstood. All too often, teams and organizations focus on the wrong things or are misinformed.

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A historical perspective

Musings on Project Management

The future may not repeat history, but it rhymes Anonymous No linearity Another way to understand the opening witticism is that activities guided by people aren't amenable to linear -- that is, straight line -- projections and forecasts. But they are often close Fair enough. most would agree. Experience keeps us between the lines, as it were. The upshot is that using the facts of. Project Management

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PM Minimalism: Why You Need to Declutter Your Tech Environment

Epicflow Blog

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Meet the New TimeCamp: Introducing the Redesigned Web App!


TimeCamp is now redesigned! As many of you probably know, TimeCamp wasn’t pretty. Like one. Product Updates

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