Fri.Nov 26, 2021

Testing Hard Skills in Candidates: A Guide for Hiring Managers


Hard skills are one of the most difficult things to accurately assess during the hiring process. While a resume gives a good insight into a candidate’s past, it doesn’t objectively test how well they perform in the workplace. In this article, we’ll be diving deep into hard skills.

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The Triangle

During trainings about Agile and Scrum I often use this image with the two triangles to compare two different mindsets with which projects can be approached; the Project Mindset and the Product Mindset.

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What’s Next for Hub Planner?

Hub Planner

What’s Next for Hub Planner? As Hub Planner is the leading Resource Management software on the market, we need to stay on top. Our constant goal is to make it better and better for our current users and attract new teams.

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