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How effective are your agile ceremonies?

Kiron Bondale

We hope that by conducting effective ceremonies we will achieve the agile trinity of improved value delivery, better quality and more fun. But these objectives might be reached via multiple paths so we might not be able to prove causality between our ceremonies and those objectives.

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How to Sell Process Improvement to Executives

Brad Egeland

Maximize your process improvement efforts and engage teams | View Online Change starts at the top, which is why executive support is a must have if you want to maximize process improvement efforts and engage your teams. But sometimes, getting leadership buy-in is a challenge. Arm yourself with practical skills to obtain a genuine and lasting commitment to change from your leadership team.

Problem Solving: A Systematic Approach

Online PM Courses

One of the joys of Project Management is the constant need for problem-solving. The novelty and uncertainty of a project environment constantly throw up surprises. So, a Project Manager needs to be adept at solving problems.

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Four Different Ways to Say No Politely | TeamGantt


Saying no is part of being an effective leader. Here are 4 easy scripts you can use to say no politely so you and your team can stay focused on the right goals

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Task Management fundamentals


If you do any meaningful work in life, you do create and manage tasks. It is that simple! Task management is what all of us do at work and home. . Every day you have a huge list of tasks to manage.

10 Steps To Streamline Work Process And Improve Workflow


Let’s admit it. As business people, we all have the annoying habit of overcomplicating things, particularly when it comes to running a business or a project.

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Bad systems beat good people

Lynne Cazaly

A bad system will beat a good person every time' - so said W. Edwards Deming. You've got some great people in your team, on your project, in that meeting, attending the workshop. You really have. Great people. The thing is. the system - whatever system is at play in the project, meeting, workshop -often isn't working to support those great people.

Professionalism in the Office: Simple Tips to Get Ahead


The definition of professionalism is widespread and unique to whomever you may ask about it. A software expert named Eric Lippert once said, “Professionalism is not about adherence to the policies of a bureaucracy. [It]

Match the work to the meaning and the meaning to the work

Lynne Cazaly

Match the work to the meaning and the meaning to the work. A leader presented the team with a 'roadmap' of what was ahead. It was a spreadsheet table full of words. A manager discussed the need for a team member to 'step up' and showed them a page with specific details. It was boxes of text going across the page. A sales team leader presented at the annual conference and inspired the team to 'lift' their performance. They showed a list of dot points going down the screen.

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Enabling Effective Resource Management for Creative Teams | Case Study


Anyone that works in marketing or advertising knows that there’s always something happening and there’s never enough time. You have multiple projects on the go and a team to manage, often including freelancers working remotely around the country.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.