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The Best Timeline Makers for Every Type of Project


“Are we on track to meet our deadline?”. Not too long ago, project managers dreaded getting that question from a stakeholder for one of two reasons: The project was so far behind you’d need a Concorde jet to bring it up to speed OR.

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Overcoming Stress as a Project Manager

Arras People

The Project Management Conference, PM Summit (which takes place in Dublin) have recently carried out some research which stated that 40% of project managers (52,000 sample size) suffered from prolonged stress.

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Managing the change to Agile

Musings on Project Management

I once asked my Agile class what they would do vis a vis change management to prepare the organization to take on Agile methods, if only a pilot to start. One student replied this way. I thought it was pretty decent list, so I present it unabridged: "In order to gain acceptance I would use the following change management techniques: - Vision–Clearly articulate the vision and needs. -. agile change

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Major Milestones for Unicorn Startups


Share this image on your site: Infographic Major Milestones for Unicorn Startups. Infographic by Have you ever wondered how a startup becomes a unicorn? We were wondering the same thing.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Advancing Your Project Management Career - Is Now the Best Time?

Brad Egeland

When is the best time to start your move up the corporate ladder in PM? Can you make it happen on your own, or do you wait for lots of experience and hope someone notices you at the right time? The aggressive answer is ‘you go for it’ and we know that senior leadership usually wants to see aggressive pursuit. But what if you’re very new to the organization? Or what if you don’t feel ready?

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Clever Home Improvement Ideas and Earn 60 PDUs for Your Home Improvement Project

Brad Egeland

Do you find you know the layout of your local hardware store better than the summer hires? ​ If so, we have a way for our PMP students to earn their 60 PDUs from their own home improvement projects. ​ Register today and get even more value for your summer home improvement project. Use promotion code cleverdiy to get this program for half price (this is good for the first 50 students). Use code BRADCCPM for 10% off training and certification More

How A Few Offhand Remarks Can Cause Your Biggest Problems At Work


"As usual, you didn't turn off the light when you left the conference room.". Productivity

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Who Should Use Time Tracking?


Who Is Time Tracking for? People like to have control over things that happen in. Time Tracking Tips time management time tracking

EEF vs OPA Drag n Drop Game

Deep Fried Brain

Learn the difference between Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs) and Organizational Process Assets for the PMP exam using this simple and fun drag and drop game based on the PMBOK Guide, 6th ed. Project Environment PMP Games

Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Benefits of Breeze Time Tracking With TimeCamp!


Are you still struggling with how to organize work time and individual tasks correctly? Don’t. Integrations

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Schedule improvements and a change to webhooks

Resource Guru

Friday the 13th, it’s my lucky day! Since our last update we’ve been hard at work polishing some of the edges on the Schedule beta, as well as bringing some improvements to security of webhooks. Thank you all for the incredible feedback we’ve had on the schedule beta. Since our last update we’ve squashed some bugs, improved the interface and started building the next set of features that will bring the schedule closer to graduating from beta.

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