Thu.Oct 18, 2018

#NoEstimates in Six Boxes

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. Here's a picture from a Tweeter post (without attribution) that is suggested to represent what it means to apply #NoEstimates. Let's look at the detail of each of the boxes in the context of the uncertainties encountered on all projects. Prioritize features and stories by Value.

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Why You Should Be Using Time Blocking in Your Company


What Is Time Blocking? Time blocking is used by such productivity experts like Elon Musk, Time Management time blocking time management time map

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online task management software is enabler


Do you have tasks that you need to do every day? Managing tasks should not be a pain. With the advent of online task management software , managing work just got easier. Let’s start by defining what is a task? Task simply means any work that needs to be undertaken to achieve the desired result.

Interested in PMP Certification - Contact Me to Get More Info About that Next Step

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If any of your team or contacts or clients aren't PMPs but want to go that route, I can get them a great discount with Cheetah Learning for individuals or a bigger discount for team signups of 3 or more. Let me know. they are PMP exam prepped and then certified within a 5 day period and it's a 100% pass guarantee. Contact me for the code to the PMP training discount or any other specialized training Cheetah offers.

Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

What is a PMO? | Video

Online PM Courses

PMO stands for Project Management Office. …or Program Management Office. …or Portfolio Management Office. So, what is a PMO? Dr Mike Clayton is founder of Online PM Here, he answers this question, in under 5 minutes. Project Management in Under 5. What is a PMO?

PMP Exam Review: How To Pass The Exam Under Testing Circumstances?

PM by PM

Sometime ago Asad posted his PMP exam review on Reddit. He passed the certification test with flying colors with ‘above target’ in four domains and ‘target’ Monitoring & Controlling domain. I contacted him and requested him to publish his opinion on my blog.

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SoundNotes Live: Q&A Session w/ Mike Cottmeyer vol.2

Leading Agile

?. Once again, Mike Cottmeyer and Dave Prior sat down to discuss some of Mike’s latest thoughts on Agile Transformation and answer questions that we received from the audience. Some of the topics discussed were: Agile PMO, velocity, and governance just to name a few.


Michael Myers—Performance Review


In the workforce, everyone receives an annual performance review—even horror icons like Michael Myers. Since 1978, Michael Myers has demonstrated his perseverance in pursuing his sister, Laurie Strode, nearly a dozen times!

Quote of the Day

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“A great systems engineer completely understands and applies the art of leadership and has the experience and scar tissue from trying to earn the badge of leader from his or her team.” - Harold Bell, NASA Headquarters. Quotes

ActiveCollab at the nStarter Meetup


The phrase “Bootstrapped, profitable and proud” was coined by 37Signals (now Basecamp) to feature and explore successful companies that developed their own profitable products without taking venture capital.


Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Bist du ein Agilista?


PRINCE2 oder Methoden wie Scrum und Kanban kommen alle ursprünglich aus dem IT-Umfeld. Trotzdem: Wenn Du ein Agilista bist, dann lächelst Du nur müde über die „Wasserfall“-Methode PRINCE2. Nieder mit den Hierarchien und sturen Prozessen! Was kümmern uns Dokumentationen?

Get Featured on The Stay On Top Of Your Work Podcast!


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How to Stop Forgetting Things: Tips for Overwhelmed Managers


Where did I put my keys? Who is my next meeting with again? What was I supposed to do before I left for the office today? Do you ever find yourself asking questions like these throughout the day?