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Focus on Delivering Value – PMBOK 3.4

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“Continually evaluate and adjust project alignment to business objectives and intended benefits and value.” ” PMBOK pg. This is my favorite principle out of the 12. When I first started my career, the focus was on scope. I would be handed a project and told to get it done.

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Por qué Scrum es maravilloso para los gerentes de proyectos

Soy gerente de proyectos. Cuál es mi papel ahora que nos mudamos a Scrum? «. Ahí están los gerentes de proyectos y su mentalidad de proyecto y no de producto. Esta es una pregunta común en mis clases de Professional Scrum Master.

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Virtual collaboration: a comment

Musings on Project Management

".virtual collaboration is like evaporated milk with 60% of the water removed; safer; mostly up to the job, but a sterile version of face-to-face that leaves an unsatisfying aftertaste""Bartelby" columnist in the "Economist"Our columnist goes on:"There are downsides to being a clinically efficient worker. They include relinquishing the daily banter and complicity among colleagues. Hyper. human factors

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