Sat.May 01, 2021

How to Build a PMO from Scratch

Brad Egeland

You have been working in your growing organization as a project manager for the past five years leading a couple dozen customized implementations for the enterprise software package your company produces.

2021 105

Traits Shared by Effective Project Professionals

Bridge the Gap Consulting

Every project manager knows they need to execute on projects within the constraints of time, cost, scope, and quality. They also know to be successful requires meeting project requirements consistently.

2021 52

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The importance of being multi-disciplinary with Sustainable Project Management

Green Project Management

There is an ongoing debate about whether it is better to be a specialist or a generalist in the marketplace. Some recruiters have provided a recommendation of playing it safe by positioning yourself as a “specialist, with breadth.”

2021 249

[VLOG] Three Things That Scrum Product Owner Must Own To Succeed

Hey hey hey. What's good this week awesome people? As for me, I facilitated back-to-back workshops for Product Owners from two different regions the whole week.

2021 53

4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?