Sun.May 21, 2023

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5 Reasons to Study the Standard for Risk Management

Project Risk Coach

Project management standards matter because they provide consistency and predictability. They help us avoid confusion, mistakes, and chaos. In this article, we will explore five benefits of studying PMI's Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects. 1. Improve project success rates Effective risk management is critical to the success of any project, program, or portfolio.

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Schwierigkeiten bei der Einführung von Sprint-Zielen? 5 Methoden, die den Einstieg erleichtern

Jeder Scrum Master weiß um die Vorteile von Sprint-Zielen: Mit Sprint-Zielen wird der Zweck der Scrum Events viel klarer. Sprint-Ziele geben dem Team eine Richtung vor, aber erlauben gleichzeitig Flexibilität, wenn Hindernisse auftreten. Sie motivieren zur Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Teammitgliedern. Erst ein gemeinsames Ziel macht aus einer Gruppe von Experten ein wirkliches Team.


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Great Project Collaboration: Want to Know How to Assure it?

Online PM Courses

As a Project Manager, you want the best collaborative behavior from your team. The key is not tools or software. So, how? The post Great Project Collaboration: Want to Know How to Assure it? appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Collaboration in Your IT PMO


As an IT Project Management Office (PMO) leader, you understand how critical collaboration is to the success of your organization. When different teams work together effectively, the PMO can deliver high-quality projects faster and more efficiently. Let’s examine the many ways to maximize collaboration in your IT PMO. Try Wrike for free Understanding the Importance of Collaboration in IT PMO Before we dive into the benefits of collaboration in IT PMO, let’s first define what we mean by c

PMO 36
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Project Team Engagement in the Context of Human/AI Hybrid Teams

The leadership style that the leaders adopt during engagement is critical in gaining team member support for building a positive thinking team. The challenge is in deciding whether to adopt an engagement focused leadership style that emphasizes human behavior characteristics such as personalities, or to a task-oriented leadership style that focuses on the work needed to be performed and the tools to be used.

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Operations vs. Strategy: Balancing Execution and Planning in Business


In today’s business world, there are two key drivers of success: operations and strategy. In this short guide, we will explore the key components of each and offer strategies for integrating them for optimal business performance. Try Wrike for free Understanding Operations and Strategy Before delving into the importance of balancing operations and strategy, it’s important to define both terms clearly.