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PM Times

With 2 plus decades experience in the project management and organizational development world, I am incessantly amazed on how a project is so closely linked the Project Sponsor, instead of the organization and the business goals it is set to achieve or influence.

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7 Secrets to Successful Project Manager/Team Collaboration

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Elisa Cepale. As project managers, it’s important that we know how to best support our development teams (and vice versa), especially in Agile environments. At White October we continuously reflect on our process to refine the way we work.

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What Is A Gantt Chart Used For? Top 4 Use Cases & Expert Tips

The Digital Project Manager

If you’re a project manager, you’ve probably heard of Gantt charts. But what are they used for? In this blog post, I’ll outline four key use cases for Gantt charts in project management. I’ll also provide helpful tips on how to create and use Gantt charts most effectively.

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The 5 Lean Principles: Definitions & How to Use Them


Lean management originated in Japan, where it grew out of the Toyota Production System. This led to lean manufacturing, but today lean is used in more industries, such as project management, software development, construction and more.

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Cyber Security, Change Management and Enterprise Risk Management: Scaling Operations for Growth

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager


Most days for project managers can be fairly similar. But each day can also bring a new level of excitement depending on numerous factors. Constraints to your project plan often pop up, creating chaos that keeps you on your toes.

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Does Agile Really Make You Faster?

International Institute for Learning

By David Daly. If you ask an executive why they want to adopt an agile approach, the chances are they will say they want to deliver things faster. Dig a little deeper, and you might find out that their goal is to reduce lead times (from asking for something to getting it).

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Need a FT or PT Project Manager Onsite or Remote? I'm available

Brad Egeland

Named #1 in the "100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management" Named the #1 Provider of Project Management Content in the World Named #1 on the Best Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2022 Do you need long term or one-off expert project management help right now? I am a very experienced tech project manager with more than 20 years of successful project management experience. I can be available immediately and I can do remote or onsite, full-time or part-time, W2 or 1099.

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So You Think You’re Good At Multitasking

Bridge the Gap Consulting

A good friend of our family is an EMT (Emergency Medical Tech). Somehow, we got on the topic of multitasking. As she put it, if she loses focus and starts multitasking on things not directly related to a patient, someone could die. That got me thinking, do I multitask? Hell yeah I do!!

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Are Scrum Masters Sufficiently Focused On Valuable Outcomes?


We recently discussed a case on our community Discord that concerned a team without proper Sprint Reviews, stakeholders, and increments. The first intuition of many Scrum Masters?—?including including myself?—?was was to host a Sprint Retrospective.

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The Innovative PM: Cultivating Creativity in the Evolving Hybrid Workspace

Speaker: Rachel Rai Henry, Founder of the Creative Flow School

In this one-of-a-kind webinar, speaker, creativity expert, and educator Rachel Rai Henry will walk you through the evolution of hybrid work management through the lens of creative flow.

Remote Project Manager

Brad Egeland

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Cost-Benefit Analysis Template


A Cost-Benefit Analysis is a financial analysis that calculates the costs and benefits of an investment. It can determine whether it is worth investing in a particular project, product, or service.

2022 36

Slack Time in Project Management


If you manage an Agile team, your responsibilities don't only involve reaching an established goal but managing the project's timing. To plan effectively, you have to anticipate the unexpected. However, at least one thing will go astray in many cases, or something you didn't plan will happen.

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Project Action Log


A project action log is a document that lists all of the tasks that need to be done to complete a project. It can be helpful to keep this list in a central location so that everyone working on the project can easily see it and add their tasks.

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Projects Deliver Products, Products Deliver Strategy

Speaker: Peter Monkhouse, Founder, NewGenP

This webinar will introduce a strategy implementation circle, which will demonstrate the role that projects and products play in assisting an organization with strategy implementation. The webinar will emphasize the importance of using an iterative approach to product development and project execution.

Three Ways to Prepare for Remote Job Interviews

Virtual Project Consulting

The trend of doing remote interviews is on the rise. Here are three steps you can take to set yourself up for success. The post Three Ways to Prepare for Remote Job Interviews first appeared on Virtual Project Consulting.

Updated New Course: CAPM Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

Management Yogi

I am pleased to announce to completely updated new course for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®):CAPM Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass or Your Money BackThis is a complete video course and comes with a full money-back guarantee linked to you passing the PMI-CAPM exam. It also comes packaged with the mandatory 23 Contact Hours course completion certificate - one of the prerequisites. CAPM CAPM 23 Contact Hours CAPM Exam Prep CAPM Live Lessons CAPM Success Story PMI-CAPM

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Project Management Guide


Curious about project management? We have the project management guide for you. Being around for 20 years has given us a unique perspective in the market of project management software.

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