Wed.Aug 10, 2022

“Scrum solves everything” and other Scrum myths

Since 2020, the adoption of Scrum has increased rapidly. The following graph compares Scrum adoption in 2020 with 2021. In every industry, agile adoption has doubled. .

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Project Estimation Techniques: A Quick Guide

A successful project starts with a successful estimate. To properly schedule the work to execute your project, you need to know the timeline, costs, scope, risk and more. All of these considerations are part of project estimation techniques.


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How Do I Choose The Right Tool For Project Management? 6 Expert Steps

The Digital Project Manager

Being organized is hard. Even as a project manager, you’ll run into challenges when trying to stay on top of everything.

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IWAS PCH WC 2022 Entry 0: Introduction

Gunther Verheyen

Entry 1 of an assistant’s web-log of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Cup 2022 Sursee.

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Best Practices for Deploying & Scaling Embedded Analytics

Today, sophisticated capabilities such as adaptive security, predictive analytics, workflow, and writeback are taking analytics far beyond basic dashboards and reports. With cutting-edge capabilities like these, application teams are able to differentiate their products from the competition.

Risk Management Myths and Misconceptions Demystified: Insights and Tips for Project Managers

International Institute for Learning

Exclusive Q&A with Ruchi Gupta on. Risk Management. Thought Leadership News : What is risk management? What are some common myths or misconceptions that new and aspiring project managers should know about, and can you demystify them for us?

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7 Key Tips to Turn Your Enemy into Your Advocate: Working with ‘Difficult’ People

International Institute for Learning

By Susan Croft. Most managers and administrators in today’s multicultural and diverse workplace must work with a variety of stakeholders: team members, colleagues, bosses, trustees, boards of directors, clients, customers, investors, partners, and others.

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IWAS PCH WC 2022, Entry 1 (Sunday 7 August): Gotta go

Gunther Verheyen

Entry 1 of an assistant’s web-log of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Cup 2022 Sursee. The day started early for my son and me.

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Commitments and their meaning in SG 2020

Commitments: a little new and a little old. In 2020, the Scrum Guide 2020 introduced the concept of commitments, one for each artifact (physical things). They are: the Definition of Done. the Sprint Goal. the Product Goal.

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From beach to business: How PMs can get back on top of projects post-holiday

Resource Guru

If the thought of diving back into work after a relaxing holiday makes you want to immediately book another trip, we feel you. 87% of employees in a study from Zapier and Harris Poll admitted they “dread” aspects of returning to work after taking time off.

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Enhance Employee Wellness to Retain High-Performing Teams

Speaker: Eric Torigian - Managing Director, Advisory Services, CHRO Solutions

During this informative webinar, Eric Torigian, Managing Director at CHRO Solutions, will explore how organizations are emphasizing employee wellness, how that has helped workers attain a healthy "life balance", and how, as a result, this has contributed to corporate success.

Podcast Episode 6: Moving Past Band-Aid Solutions: The Importance of Scaling Processes


In today’s episode, John speaks with Kai Fahrion , Co-CEO at Zeno. Kai has been managing renewable energy projects for many years and is ready to share his secrets of building processes in the business. You’ll learn all about what to do and how to measure the results in this episode!

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Available for 1099 PT or FT Project Manager Gig - Remote or Onsite

Brad Egeland

Looking for PT or FT 1099 Project Manager gig. Remote or onsite. Please share or contact me if you have a need. Can be available now. Contact me or email me. Resume is available here

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What is MOST and What is GOSPA? | Video

Online PM Courses

I find simple frameworks to be good mental models to help understand and describe a situation. So, what is MOST and what is GOSPA? The post What is MOST and What is GOSPA? Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Important ideas Project Management: What is. MOST video

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Contact me to post your guest content. Right now just $25 per article.

Brad Egeland

Have some great guest content to post? Contact me or email me and I will format, post and promote it for just $25 per post or discount on multiple submissions

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Unlocking Your Supply Chains True Potential in The Midst of Disruptions

Speaker: David Food - Head Of Supply Chain at Board International

In this webinar, Supply Chain Futurologist David Food will discuss how to manage risks and build customer loyalty in the midst of disruption. Don't miss out!

Fostering a Company Culture for Project Success

PM Times

As a business leader, it’s important to recognize that improving the success rate of your projects means investing in the holistic strength of your company. One of the areas you should be focusing on in this regard is fostering a positive company culture.

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Ways You Can Improve Teamwork & Collaboration

International Institute for Learning

Presented by: International Institute for Learning, Inc. Intelligence. Integrity. Innovation. Thought Leadership News Insight and Expertise for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.

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