Sun.Sep 18, 2022

Clarifying Misconceptions of the Big Launch

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Do you think that your project should have a ‘launch’ event? In this extract from The Science of Growth, Sean Ammirati shows that a single, formal big launch isn’t always what kickstarts a company (or a project) into the big league.

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How should I study for the PMP exam and how long should that take?

Kiron Bondale

After “ What certification should I get after the PMP? “, the next most common certification-related question I see on LinkedIn and discussion groups is asking how to get ready to write the PMP exam and how much elapsed time should be allowed for this effort.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A SAFe® Product Owner


As the technology is growing and evolving, the demand for SAFe® Product Owners is also increasing. Organizations are also transforming, initially, companies transitioned from waterfall to agile now they are implementing SAFe®-.

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Liderar personas y equipos hacia los objetivos acordados

Esta semana anunció un nuevo curso basado en habilidades que se enfoca en la facilitación. .

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Best Practices for Deploying & Scaling Embedded Analytics

Today, sophisticated capabilities such as adaptive security, predictive analytics, workflow, and writeback are taking analytics far beyond basic dashboards and reports. With cutting-edge capabilities like these, application teams are able to differentiate their products from the competition.

LEAD Your Team: How to Use Your Top 4 Project Leadership Skills

Online PM Courses

When you have a Project Leadership role, there's a lot to do. So, we'll focus on my top 4 project leadership skills, that set you up to LEAD. The post LEAD Your Team: How to Use Your Top 4 Project Leadership Skills appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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