Sat.Jul 13, 2019

Managing Compliance in Project Management

Brad Egeland

Business projects are an excellent way of implementing new ideas while improving current processes. However, every project you carry out should meet relevant compliance guidelines. Compliance refers to the process of conforming to various standards, rules, and requirements. Because companies operate within a legal and highly regulated environment, they must ensure that they remain compliant with relevant regulations that have been put in place.

Turn Your Retrospective Into a Celebration

Bridge the Gap Consulting

A peer of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been a Scrum Master for a number of years and previously worked at a company that valued organizational agility and agile methods. Unfortunately, her role ended but was able to find another position with a company that has been wanting to be “agile” for some time. This company likes the thought of Scrum, but putting it into practice has been hindered by slow adapting managers, stakeholders and a few team members.

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