Mon.Dec 04, 2017

7 Things You Ought to Know About Identifying Risks

Project Risk Coach

Increase Your Risk Management IQ Every project manager deals with risks. We all face significant uncertainty. Allow me to share seven things you ought to know about identifying risks.

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Fostering Knowledge Sharing in Project Management Communities [Video]

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, Fostering Knowledge Sharing in Project Management Communities [Video] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management.

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5 Ways to Track and Measure Employee Performance

The Digital Project Manager

Productive workers are the best assets of any company. In fact, they serve as the lifeblood of any business.

Cancelling Projects: How?

Project Health Check

In part 1 of this article series, we accepted that Projects sometimes need to be cancelled. In part 2, we look at how sometimes the Project being worked on is no longer the right Project, and in part 3, we looked at the other cause of cancelling: the Project isn't being done right.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

How Does Your Organisation Fare with Strategy Execution?

Arras People

There’s a webinar being held this Tuesday 5th December – 12noon UK time by Strategy Execution (a project management and strategy execution training specialist – they’re part of our training directory).

Five Tips for Improving Your Project Office

Brad Egeland

A few years ago I conducted a survey of project managers and PM team member – basically whoever would respond. What I found out was this.

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A Foolproof Guide on Promoting Your Local Business via Facebook Ads

Boost by Brightpod

Every business is in the phase of extending its digital arm, while big brands invest time and investment i

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Episode 103: The Central Question

PM for the Masses

Cesar and Traci continue this series on Self-leadership by discussing what every leader needs to learn to do… Create Value Every job you have, every relationship you hold, every process you create has one goal… to generate value. So, how do you generate the greatest value?

Office Humor – How To Keep Sanity At Work?


How To Keep Sanity At Work? Work is an inseparable part of our lives, whether we like it or not. And sometimes it is difficult to handle all situations happening in our workspace. Different circumstances and people’s behavior may put us out of patience.