Sun.Jan 19, 2020

Handling complexity requires psychological safety

Kiron Bondale

I wrote two weeks back about Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and the benefit of models such as Cynefin and the Theory of Constraints for being able to understand them. What I didn’t focus on in that article was how important the people element is when dealing with CAS.

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Implementing Automation on Projects

Virtual Project Consulting

Some of the best performing companies today have automated up to 75% of their management processes. While this trend is showing no signs of slowing down, it’s important to take a look at how automation fits into project management in order to fully understand their relationship.

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A Retrospective After Writing 100 Blog Posts

Bridge the Gap Consulting

This is blog post #101. I didn’t have much of a goal when I started blogging. The idea of sharing ideas, frustrations, losses and wins seemed like a good idea. In many ways, it’s been therapeutic!

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PMBOK 7 is on its way. What we Know…

Online PM Courses

Work on PMBOK 7 is underway & information is seeping out. There's only a handful of people who know the facts but some have published their thoughts. The post PMBOK 7 is on its way. What we Know… appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. PMBOK Guide & PMP Project Trends and Changes PMBoK PMBOK Guide PMI PMP

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Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

Speaker: Nir Eyal

Ever get the feeling the world is full of too many distractions? Research shows the ability to stay focused is a competitive advantage, in work and in life. However, in an age of ever-increasing demands on our attention how do we stay productive and stay sane? In this webinar, Nir provides research-backed, practical advice, and memorable strategies for managing distraction and our time. Nir Eyal shares findings of his five years of research into how to master what he calls, "the skill of the century," the power to be "Indistractable."

Brief Project Management History


While today most of us are familiar with the term ‘Project Management’, only a little over a century ago the situation was quite different. Humanity has been working, and finishing projects since the very beginning, but ever since the industrial revolution, the way we work has significantly changed. And that brought a new need for [.]. The post Brief Project Management History appeared first on Eylean Blog. Project Management projectmanagement

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