Sun.Sep 25, 2022

Engaging Stakeholders with Gamification [video]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In this video Elizabeth Harrin discusses how merging engagement and gamification creates engagification, a methodology to help people take action on projects. Watch the video to listen (about 30 minutes).

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10 Tips for a Knockout Presentation at your Creative Agency

Function Point

When it comes to putting together an effective agency presentation, less is definitely more. And by less, I don’t mean less practice, prep, structure and thought.

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[Podcast] Do we really need a Scrum Master or even an Agile Coach

Hi folks. In the past six months I have met several senior leaders from well known companies who asked me, "do they even need a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach to make their company agile?".

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A Masterclass in Leadership: Understanding Leadership Growth Levels and Its Application

Management Yogi

Recently, I wrote an article on leadership and what leaders do. It informs on the following:Who is a Leader?Leadership

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Los mejores product owners tienen habilidades diversas

Cualquier persona que ejerza bajo las responsabilidades del Product Owner sabe que está muy ocupado y para ser de los mejores product owners debe desarrollar habilidades diversas. La Guía Scrum establece que las responsabilidades del Product Owner recaen en la gestión eficaz del Product Backlog.

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