Wed.Jul 08, 2020

Back to Basics (Part 12): What You Need to Create a Meaningful Project Status Report


As a project manager you are probably familiar with this situation: Your boss asks you to present the status of your current project in the form of a project status report by Monday. Keep calm now!

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Recruitment Realities in a Covid-19 World

Arras People

Last week (1st July) John Thorpe was invited to speak on PMO Flashmob’s weekly virtual networking session PMO Working From Home.

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Poor Quality can be Deadly

Brad Egeland

​Something happened to my family a couple of years ago that made me think of this topic. It had nothing to do with project management…but it had everything to do with something that was far more important to me – my son.

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Why Use Wrike for HR Project Management?


Technology can be a major transformational driver for HR teams. Not only will an HR project management software solution help you develop a more holistic approach to HR, it will also allow you to make your work more employee-centric.

US COVID-19 Counts have Now Tripled Since Easing the Lockdown

Brad Egeland

With a record 61,848 new cases today our daily new cases in the US have basically tripled since opening up about a month ago. Not heading in the right direction

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How to Negotiate: The Basics of Negotiation | Video

Online PM Courses

Negotiation is a skill that project managers use nearly every day. But, as the stakes get higher, it becomes more important to know how to negotiate. The post How to Negotiate: The Basics of Negotiation | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Find Your Place in The Future of Work


What does the future of work hold in store for companies around the world? Understanding changing trends, new workforce demands, and the constantly shifting needs of industries can help organizations stay on top of the best ways to adapt and grow for consistent, predictable success.

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The Perfect One-On-One Format: How To Manage Up


One of the first times I ran a one-on-one meeting with my old boss, she got so frustrated that she asked me to stop the meeting, prepare better, and come back later in the day. I was flustered, to say the least.

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ActiveCollab Monthly Updates: June


Happy summer, everyone. We hope this month's recap finds you well! Here's this June's shortlist: * A refurbished Column view * Stopwatch on a project * Get Paid bundle tryout COLUMN VIEW A vital part of ActiveCollab since 2015, the Column view has been significantly refurbished.

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